51 Best Movie Characters That Start with A (with Images)

Movie Characters that Start with A

There are many movie characters we loved watching and don’t want to forget and many more we still need to get to know. A great way to keep track of them is to make lists with their names. This is a list of the 51 best movie characters that start with a.

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Aang (Avatar)

Ang is genuinely gentle and empathetic and greatly respects life and freedom. He is knowledgeable, charismatic and amusing and is a master of air bending. He is also very peaceful and doesn’t like fighting and often asks himself if he is up for the task of being an Avatar.

Aaron Cross (The Bourne Legacy)

Played by Jeremy Renner, Aaron is an ex-CIA operative who is involved with the CIA but has eventually become a rogue agent. He used to live in a group home for individuals with insufficient cognitive ability but after being inducted into the United State Army, the information about his IQ has been tampered with and his life has taken a completely different turn.

Aaron Green (Get Him to the Greek)

Aaron is a talent scout at Pinnacle Records and lives with his girlfriend Daphne in a small L.A. bungalow He is interested in music and possesses an encyclopaedic knowledge of rock records. He is nice and polite and doesn’t like confrontations of any sort.

Abel Turner (Lakeview Terrace)

Abel is an officer of the L.A.P.D., a cunning and very conservative individual who seeks power and authority over other people. He enjoys tormenting his neighbours and is pretty cruel to his children, as well. He is not very different from the criminals he puts into prison, being immoral and not showing any remorse or shame about it.

Abigail Chase (National Treasure)

Abigail is an archivist at the National Archives, born in Germany, but immigrated to the USA with her parents as a child. She is a beautiful woman with blonde hair and blue eyes, portrayed by Diane Kruger. She helped find two of the most famous treasures of all time, the Templar Treasure and the Lost City of God.

Abigail Salmon (The Lovely Bones)

Abigail, portrayed by Rachel Weisz is Susie’s mother who is the complete opposite of how she presents herself in front of others. She plays the role of a perfect mother and wife but this is only a disguise for her true personality. She is independent and values her freedom but has sacrificed her family after the death of her daughter, abandoning them soon after.

Ace Ventura (Ace Ventura)

Ace Ventura is a private detective from Miami who has specialised in the retrieval of missing animals. He is pretty childish and uses some of the most unusual methods to catch animals he was hired to find. This is one of Jim Carrey’s most recognizable movie roles. 

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Adam (50/50)

Adam is a public radio journalist who has to get used to living with a rare kind of cancer. He is in the middle of a personal crisis, which is pretty understandable considering the news he has recently received. He is a very sweet guy, kind and sometimes nervous and is really trying to find a positive side in everything he is about to face.

Adam Maitland (Beetlejuice)

Adam is a peaceful, quiet and polite man who wants to be accepted and loved by others and is not interested in any kind of adventure. He owns the Maitland Hardware Store in Winter River and lives with his wife Barbara. After a car accident, they end up as ghosts trapped in their house and facing an adventure they have never imagined while alive.

Admiral General Aladeen (The Dictator)

Haffaz Aladeen is the only son of Omar Aladeen and his father’s only successor. He finished school in Switzerland and attended the University of Aladeen. He leads a strong military regime with limited freedom of the press and he himself is the host of two TV shows. He is a controversial leader, played by the hilarious Sasha Baron Cohen.

Agent J (Men in Black)

Agent J is an agent of MiB, an energetic and funny man who wants to bring life to this bland organisation. He operates with his colleague, Agent K and is the more comedic member of the two. Portrayed by Will Smith, he is good-hearted, intelligent and always full of energy.

Agent K (Men in Black)

Agent K is a top agent and a founder of the Men in Black, a stoic, serious and respected man, played by Tommy Lee Jones. He is down-to-earth and takes his job very seriously and professionally.

Aibileen Clark (The Help)

Aibileen is a wise but reserved elderly Afro-American maid who works for the Leefolts where she takes care of their daughter Mae Mobley who she adores.

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Aibileen is kind, warm and good and always ready to help, compassionate towards everyone. She had a lot of misfortune in her but never lost her faith in God and hope that life can be better.

Aileen Wuornos (Monster)

Aileen is a character in the movie Monster, based on a real-life person, a dreadful serial killer, a homeless woman and a prostitute. She is a heavy drinker and smoker, swears excessively and often thinks of committing suicide. She had a very difficult childhood and grew up alone, which had a serious impact on her future actions.

Alan Garner (Hangover)

Alan is an extremely hyperactive person who takes ADHD medication and is very immature, a bit dim witted and treated like a child. He idolises his friends, especially Phil and is still obsessed with their weekend in Vegas. He is played by the hilarious Zack Galifinakis.

Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter)

Albus Dumbledore is a half-blood wizard, one of the most powerful of all time. He taught many subjects at Hogwarts and later became its Headmaster. He is tall and thin, with long silver hair and a beard. He is one of the most beloved professors, a benevolent and wise man, a bit eccentric but almost always calm and relaxed.

Aldous Snow (Forgetting Sarah Marshall/Get Him To the Greek)

Aldous is an English rock star and frontman of a rock band called Infant Sorrow. He loves singing and partying and used to drink large amounts of alcohol. He is loud, talkative, cocky and can be pretty obnoxious and was brilliantly portrayed by Russel Brand.

Alex Goran (Up In the Air)

Played by Vera Farmiga, Alex is a businesswoman who flies frequently and on one of her journeys, she meets Ryan Bingham who will develop feelings for her. She is beautiful and intelligent and has always been satisfied with casual relationships. She is extremely charming and seductive.

Alex “Hitch” Hitchens (Hitch)

Alex is a charismatic professional “date doctor” who is hired to make men noticed by the girls of their dreams. He preaches about meaningful relationships but he himself has never had anything meaningful. He is great at his job and very smooth and perceptive.

Alfred Pennyworth (Batman)

Alfred is Bruce Wayne’s valet at Wayne Manor, played by Michael Caine in one of Batman’s adaptations. He has taken on the role of Bruce’s father after the death of his parents. He is loyal, honest, calm, hardworking and caring and always has good advice for Bruce and is always supportive of him.

Alice Cullen (Twilight)

Alice is a member of the Olympic coven, a precognitive vampire who immediately accepts Bella as their new family member. She was institutionalised by her family in 1920 and turned and saved from a relentless tracker. Alice is beautiful, short and thin, with short brown hair and described as an optimistic and friendly girl who always does what she wants.

Alice Kingsleigh (Alice in Wonderland)

Alice is a curious and rebellious young woman who doesn’t want to conform to the values of the society she lives in. She is fair skinned, with blonde hair and eyes, adventurous and brave enough to go on this adventure on her own.

Alice (Resident Evil)

Alice, played by Milla Jovovich, is a security operative and an anti-umbrella resistance fighter. Being infected with a virus made her extremely strong and she gained all the positive effects. She is a great fighter with telekinetic abilities.

Alicia Nash (A Beautiful Mind)

Alicia is a mathematics student who falls in love and eventually marries her professor, John Nash. She is kind, devoted and trusting and will do anything to help John with his work. She wants to lead a happy life with her husband but will have to sacrifice a lot to manage it.

Allie Calhoun (The Notebook)

Allie is a beautiful socialite who grew up with her wealthy parents in Charleston, South Carolina. She plays the piano, speaks French and is getting ready for her upcoming wedding, until she meets Noah, falls madly in love with him and has her life changed completely. She is a good girl, but feisty and not afraid to say her opinion.

Allison Reynolds (The Breakfast Club)

Allison is one of five students who find themselves in detention for various reasons and end up having the best day of their lives. She is a goth girl who decided to go to detention by choice since she had nothing better to do. She is quiet and keeps to herself but slowly opens up to the rest of the group.

Alonzo Harris (Training Day)

Alonzo Harris is an LAPD detective portrayed by Denzel Washington. He is a corrupt narcotics detective who works for the Russian mob and tries to corrupt his new partner, rookie Jake Hoyt. He is manipulative and cunning and has gotten way too deep into his illegal business.

Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars)

Anakin is a legendary Jedi knight, called Ani when he was a child. He is tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. He is a friendly character who makes friends easily and is kind and generous. Behind all that he has a great fear of loss, especially in connection with his mother.

Andie Anderson (How To Lose a Guy In Ten Days)

Andie Anderson is one of Kate Hudson’s most memorable roles. She plays a quirky and beautiful journalist who gets an interesting task from her boss.

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She has to write about the ways to make a guy break up with a girl in 10 days which she will have to experience by herself. Andie is intelligent and stubborn and will have a pretty hard time when she meets a man who is very much like her.

Andrew Beckett (Philadelphia)

Andrew is a senior associate at a law firm who was diagnosed with AIDS and is unable to practice law from that moment on. He is in a relationship with Miguel who hasn’t taken this news optimistically. Andrew is brave, intellectual and determined and he decides to fight for his life.

Andrew Clark (The Breakfast Club)

Andrew is a high school student and one of the best wrestlers at school, being interested only in sports. He is serving all-day detention on Saturday where he bonds with some of the students. He is tough and competitive and doesn’t have problems standing up to the ones he is annoyed with.

Andy Dufresne (Shawshank Redemption)

Probably Tim Robbins’ most popular and unforgettable role is the one of Andy Dufresne, a young man who was sentenced to two life sentences for a crime he didn’t commit. He was an American banker in Portland and a vice president in the bank. He used to be very successful. Andy is a quiet man who doesn’t talk much but makes friends in the prison.

Andy Sachs (The Devil Wears Prada)

Andy is a personal assistant for Miranda Priestley and works and lives in New York for Runway Magazine. She is ambitious but modest and a bit awkward and clumsy and takes her journalism career very seriously. She will have to learn how to fight for herself, surrounded by all the vicious characters in the fashion world.

Andy Stitzer (The 40-Year-Old Virgin)

Steve Carrel is Andy, a salesman at SmartTech who likes to play video games and collect action figures. He is a grown-up man who is trapped in extended adolescence, being still a virgin and pretty immature when it comes to certain things. But he is also very sweet and innocent and his cluelessness about sex is at times even endearing.

Angela Hayes (American Beauty)

Angela is a beautiful and popular high school cheerleader who seems to have it all. She attracts all kinds of men but uses her sex life to gain respect. She is vain and cruel and hated by the majority of girls at school, while boys feel intimidated by her.

Anna Scott (Notting Hill)

Julia Roberts is Anna Scott in one of the most memorable movies, Notting Hill. She is a professional actress, tired of her international fame and simply wants to be left alone for a while.

She falls in love with a clumsy bookshop owner which might cause problems for her career. Anna is witty and mature but also cynical, which is a result of years spent in the movie business where you have to stand up for yourself.

Annette Hargrove (Cruel Intentions)

Annette is a young,  sweet and innocent girl, played by Reese Witherspoon who promotes the idea of chastity and wants to become a devout Christian. She is intelligent and virtuous and really faithful to her beliefs until her faith is shaken by the mysterious and seductive Sebastian Valmont.

Annie Hall (Annie Hall)

Played by the masterful Daien Keaton, Annie Hall is one of the most iconic female movie characters ever. She is an aspiring singer who likes to play tennis and take photographs. She lives in Manhattan where she wants to become a successful singer. She is free-spirited and quirky and a feminist who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to stand out in the crowd.

Annie Reed (Sleepless in Seattle)

Who wouldn’t love Annie, a passionate and determined reporter for the Baltimore Sun, played by then one of the queens of romantic comedies, Meg Ryan? She is researching a story about a guy who admitted on a radio talk show that he still grieves for his late wife. He will become her new obsession since she is very passionate about her work and takes it very professionally.

Annie Savoy (Bull Durham)

Annie is a mentor who selects one player from the minor league Bull Durhams and takes him each spring to her boudoir for the season. She is a beautiful and determined Southern Belle who knows what she wants, played by the excellent Susan Sarandon.

Annie Wilkes (Misery)

One of the most disturbing female characters ever is the one of Annie Wilkes, masterfully played by the outstanding Kathy Bates. She is a psychopath obsessed with the novel Misery and its writer Paul Sheldon who she entraps at her mountain house and forces to write its sequels.

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She is a control freak with numerous mental health disorders and a number of mood swings, going from sweet to completely crazy.

Anton Chigurh (No Country For Old Men)

One of the most distinguishable villains in the last two decades is Anton Chigurh, a hitman and a psychopath played by the Oscar-winner Javier Bardem. He is Llewelyn Moss’ archenemy and is after him. Anton is sadistic and cold-blooded, an incarnation of evil, without any grain of sympathy in his body.

Apollo Creed (Rocky)

Apollo Creed is Rocky’s biggest rink rival, the undefeated heavyweight champion of the world. He is confident and intelligent and wants to give Rocky a chance to make it in the boxing world but mostly to boast himself, since he has underestimated him, just like the rest of the world. 

April Wheeler (Revolutionary Road)

Played by Kate Winslet, April is a housewife who cooks and cleans and takes care of her children but dreams of becoming an actress. She is a nice and caring woman but is getting tired of her “normal life” and wants to change, which is not something her husband is satisfied with.

Aragorn (Lord of the Rings)

Aragorn is one of the main characters in this trilogy, the future King of Gondor. He is a great ranger and warrior and one of the members of the Fellowship whose mission is to return the ring where it belongs. He is described as a tall and dark haired man, often grim and sad. He is loyal and can be trusted and was brilliantly played by Viggo Mortensen.

Archie Leach (A Fish Called Wanda)

One of the most memorable comedic characters ever is John Cleese’s Archie Leach in this hilarious comedy. He is an unsatisfied man trapped in an unhappy marriage, conservative and repressed. Until he meets Wanda, a con artist who will make his life go upside down.

Ariadne (Inception)

Ariadne is an architect student who was contacted by Dom Cobb for a specific job, to design three complete dream layer mazes for the Fischer inception job. She is curious and creative and has the ability to think outside the box which makes her perfect for the assigned job.

Arthur (Inception)

Played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Arthur is Dom Cobb’s wigwam who is on the run with him at the moment. He is logical and meticulous, not really creative as other members of the team but one of the most valuable assets in their group.

Arwen (The Lord of the Rings)

Arwen is a beautiful elf, the Lady of Rivendell, interested in the world of men and the future of Middle Earth. She falls in love with Aragorn, a human and believes she is destined to be with him, despite her father’s disagreement. She is confident, stubborn and passionate and will only do what she feels to be right.

Ash Williams (The Evil Dead)

Ash is a housewares clerk at the S-Mart who is destined to slay the dangerous demonic forces threatening to destroy humanity. He is on the verge of a nervous breakdown and is dealing with this situation as any normal human being would.

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He is scared and hopes he will survive the night in front of him.

Austin Powers (Austin Powers)

Austin is a British secret agent, Dr Evil’s twin brother and Mini Me’s uncle. He is a capable agent full of different abilities, such as martial arts skills, excellent use of firearms and a few funny ones such as being able to pee longer than anyone. 

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