‘Ms. Marvel’ Ending, Explained: Is Kamala Khan A Mutant In The MCU?

Ms. Marvel

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Ms. Marvel is finally over and for the first time in this Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it has brought some relevant and cool stuff to talk about. Most of the revelations that occur at the end of this episode don’t make much sense so far. But let’s have faith that the writers at Marvel can come up with something cool and exciting to bring all these threads under one banner. So far, this Phase 4 has been long and aimless. The MCU needs a concrete destination, and it needs it now.

The last episode of the show couldn’t also bring a satisfying conclusion to most of the storylines in place. The ending is all over the place, as it tries to serve as a conclusion to the show but also to serve as a point of connection to The Marvel, the next Captain Marvel film. And also as the point of entry to one of the most important characters in the entire Marvel Universe, the mutants. The episode tries to do a lot and doesn’t always do it right.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Ms. Marvel and the rest of the MCU. Read at your own risk.

What Happens At The End of Ms. Marvel, Episode 6?

The episode follows the events of last week’s episodes. The Clandestines are dead, and Kamran has received powers after his mother died trying to pierce through the veil between dimensions. It is all pretty messy. Kamran cannot really control his powers, and when he goes to Bruno looking for help, he ends up exploding the place where Bruno lives. Now, both of them are running from Damage Control, which has sent agents to capture Kamran.

Meanwhile, Kamala comes out to her family. She confesses that she is Night Light and that she is now a superhero. However, the revelation falls short when they all knew about it. Kamala’s mom could resist telling them before her. Kamala’s family is worried about her. They don’t want her looking for trouble, but they trust that she will make a good decision regarding the use of her powers. At that moment, Nakia calls Kamala and informs her that Bruno is on the run.

Ms. Marvel

Kamala receives her new suit from her Mother and goes to help Bruno. The whole gang, Kamala, Nakia, Bruno, and Kamran decide to go to the school, as it is empty. There they decide to make one last stand against Damage Control. The government agency has proven to be quite incompetent, and as they go inside the school, they fall victims to basically a Home Alone set of traps that leave them looking like fools.


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Kamala, and Kamran almost kiss, but their romantic feelings are cut out after Kamran discovers that his mother is dead. Kamala explains how she died and that she chose Kamran to have the powers after her death. How Kamran gets the powers is a mystery. The show doesn’t stop explaining. Both Kamala and an angry Kamran fight as the entire neighborhood witnesses Damage Control’s poor handling of the situation.

In the end, Kamala forces Kamran to step down, and even when Damage Control opens fire on them, and also tries to capture them, the neighborhood pulls off a true Spider-Man 2 moment and defends her from the government agency. Damage Control is then forced to leave as they cannot hurt civilians. In a montage, we see how Kamala is acknowledged as the superhero of their community.

Is Kamala Khan A Mutant In The MCU?

The episode is forced to wrap up several storylines rather quickly. Nakia apparently won the elections and is now part of the Mosque Council, while Bruno is leaving for California, as he sees Kamala will be fine without him, and he also has no romantic chance with her. However, before leaving, Bruno explains that her powers come from more than just the Bangle. Kamala is special, her genes are different from the rest of her family. Bruno explains she is a mutant, as the classic X-Men theme is heard in the background.

Kamala doesn’t understand the ramifications of this, but she is the first MCU mutant, and that is a big thing. The door to the X-Men has been opened. Sadly, it wasn’t done by presenting one of the classic mutant characters. So, could this mean that all mutants have their origins traced back to ancestors from the Noor Dimension? Or is Kamala’s mutation something that is just happening spontaneously on Earth? We will have to wait and see.

Ms. Marvel

The show also offers one post-credit scene. Kamala prepared herself to do her science homework, but her bangle begins to shine. It is shining in a way that has never been done before, and we see how Kamala is warped and pushed inside her closet. However, the person that comes out isn’t Kamala, but Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel. Danvers looks around the room and exclaims, “Oh no!” as she is confused about where she is. A mystic purple glow can be seen on her fingers.

How does Carol end up in Kamala’s room? In a previous episode, it is mentioned that Kamala’s bangle is part of a set of two. We never see where the second bangle is, but as we just saw that Kamala basically exchanged places with Carol, it might mean that Carol touched the other bangle and a connection was made between the two. Carol probably was even visiting the Noor dimension, and now that they have exchanged places, Kamala might know the place from where her family came from.

We have to wait for The Marvels to be released in July of next year.

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