‘Ms. Marvel’ Episode 3 Ending, Explained: Who Is Kamran’s Mother?

Ms. Marvel

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Episode 3 of Ms. Marvel arrives to answer some of the most important questions of the show, and also to make the Marvel Cinematic Universe a bit bigger in the process. The show has been doing fine when it comes to the reception. All the people who are watching having a great time seeing Kamala getting used to her powers and also following her around while learning a little about her community and how life is for people like that.

However, the issue is that not many people are watching the show. The first two episodes of Ms. Marvel were not precisely a must-watch event. The series doesn’t really offer impressive action sequences, masterful comedy, and not even great visual effects. Nevertheless, as a complete package, it is a very wholesome show and more people should it give a chance, although it is hard to blame the audience when there are so many other competitive options out there.

Episode 3 tries to bring the rest of the MCU closer to the show, making some really important connections to other franchises. The next paragraphs include spoilers for the episode. Read at your own risk.

Who Is Kamran’s Mother?

The episode brings in a striking fashion as we are taken to the 1940s, in India, during the time of the British Raj. There we meet Najma, Kamran’s mother, and also Aisha, Kamala’s Great grandmother. They are looking through some ancient ruins, a way to go home. To do it, they need to object, but they only find one. The object is Kamala’s bangle, and it seems to be attached to the arm of an alien, maybe a Kree or another unknown race. Something is clear, though, Kamala’s bangle and Shang-Chi’s ten rings are connected.

Aisha puts on the bangle and starts having the same visions as Kamala. However, their enemies are approaching, the ruins are collapsing. Najma and Aisha say goodbye, and they never see each other again. We jump to the present when Najam is telling the story to a confused and surprised Kamala. Namja explains they are beings from another dimension looking to go home, and the bangle, along with Kamala’s powers, is the key to it.

Ms. Marvel

Kamala can’t believe she is part of an ancient race of interdimensional being and goes and tell Bruno all about it. Bruno is concerned. He understands Kamala wants to help these people to get to their home dimension, but the consequences of helping them could be catastrophic for our dimension. A lot of people could die, or even worse. He warns Kamala not to do it. He also reveals that he will go to CalTech, but not before he can be sure that Kamala will be safe.

Meanwhile, Kamala and the rest of her family celebrate the fact that her brother, Aamir is getting married. There is a huge party and celebration. Kamala’s first outing as a superhero the other night has been trending on social media, and she learns that Damage Control is after her, Nakia also informs that they have been seen inside the mosque trying to find her. Kamala doesn’t reveal that she is Night Light to her friend.


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Kamala feels that becoming a superhero is actually bringing more problems than benefits, but she is reminded that she saves a boy’s life and that is a very big thing. She should be proud of that moment. Aamir’s wedding day comes and there is a huge after party where many families are invited. It is here that things start going south, as Kamran arrives at the party and warns Kamala that his mother and friends are here to take her, and they will kill anyone that dares stop them.

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Najma and her team of djinns crash the party. Kamala pushes the fire alarm to make everyone leave the building, and they start fighting. It is here for the first time that Kamala faces superpowered enemies, and she does really well. She manages to learn how to use her powers more and more throughout the fight and by the end of it, she becomes quite an opponent. However, she can stop Bruno from getting hurt.

While escaping, Najma grabs Kamala and touches the bangle. Both of them have the vision of an old train coming straight at them. Kamala manages to escape with Bruno, and Nakia is the witness to Kamala’s powers. Nakia feels sad that Kamala didn’t trust her. Kamala escapes back home and is faced with her family, who think she ruined the wedding on purpose. Kamala can’t say the truth to them.

Ms. Marvel

It is at that moment that Kamala receives a phone call from her grandmother in Pakistan. Her grandmother says she needs to come and visit her quickly because she also saw the vision of the train, and she needs to show Kamala something. What mysteries does Grandma Sana hold the answers to? The next episode could be another major info dumb, but one that we need right away. As Ms. Marvel is taking its time to make connections with other properties and establish that Ms. Marvel might be in the same playfield as the rest of the Marvel Universe.

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