My Dress-Up Darling: Anime & Manga Characters

My Dress-Up Darling: Anime & Manga Characters

My Dress-Up Darling is a manga series written and drawn by Shinichi Fukuda. The story follows the humorous romance between Wakana Gojo, a high school student who dreams of becoming a hina doll maker, and Marine Kitagawa, a cosplay-loving gyaru. The manga has been published since 2018 and in 2022, it has received an anime adaptation. My Dress-Up Darling became an unexpected hit and in this article, we are going to introduce you to the character that have appeared in the anime and the manga.

We’re going to give you some basic information on each of the character, as well as their main biographical information. The characters are going to be divided into two groups – characters that have appeared in both the anime and the manga (first section) and those that have only appeared in the manga so far (second section).

My Dress-Up Darling: Anime Characters

Wakana Gojo


Short-haired and185 centimeters tall, Wakana always wears a samue, a kind of general work clothes. (Originally, the samue was worn by Buddhist monks when they performed physical labor as a spiritual practice, so a girl in Chapter 42 called Wakana Mr. Monk Cosplayer.)

At the beginning of the story, he is a loner with no friends, but being with Kitagawa makes him understand that the world is full of wonderful and new things. He loves to try new things all the time. He can get too absorbed in his work because that is his greatest passion. He loves Hina dolls and enjoys making them. He gets nervous easily, especially when Kitagawa teases him.

Wakana Gojou is a fifteen-year-old high school boy who was socially traumatized in the past because of his passions. This past has shaped him and made him a social recluse.

Marin Kitagawa, a classmate who rarely spoke to her, accidentally meets Gojou one day while sewing at school when his home sewing machine was broken. Realizing that he could help her with her love of cosplay, she asks him to sew her costumes for her, which he agrees to do. At first, Gojou is nervous about his ability to sew high-quality cosplay costumes for Marin, as he has only sewn Hina dolls before.


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After the success of the first costume, his confidence in making the costumes grows and so does his love for the costumes. Gojou becomes more open with Marin as the series progresses, and her words of confidence may be the driving force for why the cosplays are successful and what initially drives him to improve.

He thinks Marin is very pretty (which he does not say without meaning to), has a positive outlook on life, and admires her confidence. He gets upset when Marin wears revealing clothing, which is often. He takes care of her when she is sick, helps her cook, supports her in her decisions, and teaches her the things she needs to know in school when she falls behind, which shows that he cares a lot about her outside of cosplay.

Although his feelings for her seem to remain platonic for most of the series, it is hinted in Chapter 62 that Gojou understands that he sees Marin the same way he once did for the Hina dolls, suggesting that he realizes he loves her.

Marin Kitagawa

Marin Kitagawa

Marin is a tall, slim young woman with waist-length blonde hair that covers her back. Her bangs cover her forehead and reach her long eyelashes. She has two strands of hair that extend past her shoulders in the front. Her hair is straight at the beginning of the manga, but it becomes curly later on. Her hair color varies between golden blonde and citrus orange.

She wears a multitude of earrings in both ears. She has a gyaru fashion sense. At school, she is often seen in her high school uniform, a shirt tied at the waist with the sleeves rolled up, a pleated skirt above the knee, and a tie, along with a choker, necklace, and chain on it. the doll. Her uniform has a chest pocket on the right. She has very long fingernails and wears a ring on her little finger. Her cosplay variants are:

Shizuku-tan: She wears a shoulder-length black wig with a purple tint, with the bangs slightly extended and covering her forehead, extending just above her false eyelashes. The lashes are moderately long, but only at the outer corners of the eye to create a droopy-eyed impression. The eye shadow is red. His eyebrows are shaved off and new eyebrows are drawn to better mimic the expression.

She wears a black mob hat with 3 artificial red roses on top, the mob hat has an embroidered rose pattern. She wears a black maiden dress with ruffles where the arm meets the torso. Her cuffs extend to cover her hand and flare towards the end like a cone, and the end if she has ruffles. She wears a brown leather choker attached to a metal ring from which a chain comes out.

She also wears a tie. Her chest pockets cover her breasts, with two laces tied in a bow that go from ruffle to ruffle. Some nubras are stacked under her breast pockets to make them appear larger. It is thinnest just below the breasts, where the dress begins. The dress has at least three layers, including a crinoline to make it look more fluffy.

The top layer has a ruffled embroidered rose design at the end, then there is a black and ruffled layer underneath. She wears black stockings embroidered with roses. She is also wearing tulle and a garter belt. The stockings are attached to her underwear with 2 strings on each leg. She is wearing black platform heels. The number 17 is written on her thighs, just below her underwear.

Black Lobelia: She wears an officer’s cap with a fleur-de-lis on the cap and an officer’s jacket with epaulettes and fringes. She also wears an imitation jewel on her chest. Her dress has layers and fringes on the edges. Her accessories also include a choker and black gloves.

Rizu-kyun: She has long pointed ears. Her bangs are rectangular and uniform. She has two strands of hair that go over her shoulder on each side of her head in the front. The top piece consists of… [I need help editing]. Her sleeves are wide and cover her entire arm. At the end, there are putties with pearl buttons. The bottom piece is a pant with a tail. There is a shovel at the end of the tail.

Kaoru Gojo

Kaoru Gojou27s Face 28229

Kaoru Gojo is Wakana’s grandfather who teaches him how to craft Hina dolls. He seems to be a caring and fun type of character, but we haven’t really seen much of him in the anime. He is a secondary character.

Nowa Sugaya

Nowa Sugaya

Nowa Sugaya is a minor character in the anime who appears as a friend of Marin. Every time Suguya appears, she is always in close proximity with Marin; the two of them, they have a playful and close relationship, close to the point where Suguya doesn’t mind calling out Marin and Wakana Gojou in the karaoke chapter if they are going out together, and Marin nonchalantly responds that it was summer.

My Dress-Up Darling: Manga Characters

Sajuna Inui


Sajuna Inui is a minor character in the series, first appearing in volume 2. After seeing Gojou’s first cosplay outfit online, she tracks him down to hire him for her next cosplay. She is a famous online cosplayer who goes by the name “Juju-san.”

Sajuna, or Juju, has a loli-like appearance, smooth pale skin, white hair and big eyes. When dealing with Marin and Gojou, Sajuna is a bit headstrong at first. She is a passionate cosplayer because it helps her realize her dream of being a “magical girl”. She likes to take care of her little sister and always blushes when Shinju compliments her. Sunja is a little bit bitchy.

She is a cosplayer named “Juju.” Because of her youthful appearance, she mainly dresses up as Magical Girls or elementary school students from anime. Gojou happened to see her naked, which leads to an awkward first encounter, even though they are friends. She is the second person for whom he designs clothes.

She greatly admires Gojou’s work on her cosplay outfit, as well as the help he gave her sister with her first outfit. It is strongly implied that Inui has developed feelings for Gojou, although she has not appeared in the manga since volume 4.

Shinju Inui

Inui Shinju

Shinju Inui is the younger sister of Inui Sajuna. She seems to be the older, but in reality she is the younger sister of Inui Sajuna. She has a rather “imposing” chest and is very tall.

Aside from her big “personality” or shy side, she is the photographer of the unique Inui Sajuna AKA, the amazing cosplayer named “juju”. She also wants to cosplay, but unlike the others who want to fit the character, she wants to cosplay as a boy, which is a problem with her imposing chest.



Miori is likewise a minor character; she is Wakana’s cousin who supports him in his bizarre behavior and relationships.

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