My Hero: Ultra Impact Tier List & Reroll Guide

My Hero: Ultra Impact Tier List & Reroll Guide (2022 Update)

My Hero: Ultra Impact is a fighting RPG game based on the popular manga and anime series My Hero Academia. It was developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. for mobile platforms and released in February 2022. In the game, the players can develop the characters they like and build a team to have a 3v3 battle with the enemies. In this article, we are going to give you a list of the game’s tiers and explain how you can reroll your team.

The article is going to be divided into two major sections, the first one dealing with the tier levels of all the game’s characters. We’ll bring you a complete list of all the characters and their tier levels so you know what to expect from each of them as you play the game. The second section will be a quick guide for you if you want to do a reroll of your characters, i.e. if you want to change your initial roster.

My Hero: Ultra Impact tier list

Now, what you have to know is that there is no official tier list for the characters of My Hero: Ultra Impact. The game’s developers have not given us any precise ranking of the characters so this list is actually our own list based on our gameplay experience with My Hero: Ultra Impact. This means that you might disagree with our picks and that your initial gaming experience might be a tad different.

So, what we have done here is composed a list of all the playable characters in the game and we have, also, done a complete list of their tiers. As we’ve said, this is our own personal experience with these characters and since the characters can be evolved and developed in the game, you might have some different experiences with some particular characters. Still, we don’t think we’re that much off, seeing how we’ve tried to be as objective as possible with our evaluations and our rankings, so don’t expect our S-Tier to actually be a D-Tier or vice versa. Now, let us see the list:

All Might (Symbol Of Peace)S-Tier
All For One (Evil Ruler)S-Tier
Izuku Midoriya (Living Up To Expectations)S-Tier
Shoto Todoroki (End of Conflict)S-Tier
Endeavor (Rising Heat)S-Tier
Hawks (Strong Gales)S-Tier
All Might (Inherited Power)A-Tier
Katsuki Bakugo (Relentless Assault)A-Tier
Ochaco Uraraka (In My Field)A-Tier
Momo Yaoyorozu (Always Looking Ahead)A-Tier
Izuku Midoriya (Blow of Luck)A-Tier
Tomura Shigaraki (Endless Malice)A-Tier
Shoto Todoroki (Built Up Flames)A-Tier
Ejiro (Strength to Never Fail)A-Tier
Shota Aizawa (Living in the Moment)A-Tier
Izuku Midoriya (What Makes A Hero)A-Tier
Hawks (High-Speed Man)B-Tier
Fumikage Tokoyami (Reaching Into the Abyss)B-Tier
Gran Torino (Old Speedster)B-Tier
Dabi (Tainted Flams)B-Tier
Kyoka Jiro (Wave of Total Sound)B-Tier
Katsuki Bakugo (I’m the Best)B-Tier
Endeavor (Burning Fighting Spirit)B-Tier
Katsuki Bakugo (Assured Victory)B-Tier
Izuku Midoriya (Cooking with Everyone)B-Tier
Momo Yaoyorozu (Open Tactics)B-Tier
Denki Kaminari (When the Game is Right Now)B-Tier
Katsuki Bakugo (Cooking Together)B-Tier
Kurogiri (Masked in Darkness)B-Tier
Shoto Todoroki (Cooking Together)C-Tier
Tetsutetsu (Iron Will)C-Tier
Izuku Midoriya (My Own Skill)C-Tier
Eijiro Kirishima (Rigid Fighter)C-Tier
Stain (Fixing Society)C-Tier
Tsuyu Asui (Froppy)C-Tier
Minoru Mineta (Power-Up in a Pinch)C-Tier
Momo Yaoyorozu (Cooking Together)C-Tier
Tenya Iida (Fastest Man)C-Tier
Present Mic (Strongest Speaker)C-Tier
Shoto Todoroki (Clear Skill)C-Tier
Eijiro Kirishima (Overwhelming Push)C-Tier
Muscular (Enhanced Criminal)C-Tier
Ochaco Uraraka (Cooking Together)C-Tier
Himiko Toga (Tip of the Blade)C-Tier
Tenya Iida (Cooking Together)D-Tier
Ochaco Uraraka (Strong Softie)D-Tier
Eikiro Kirishima (Cooking with Everyone)D-Tier
Denki Kaminari (Cooking with Everyone)D-Tier
Minoru Mineta (Cooking Together)D-Tier
Kyoka Jiro (Cooking Together)D-Tier

And this is our approach to the characters of My Hero: Ultra Impact. As you can see, the list itself is quite extensive, as we have tried to encompass all the characters and create a list that will both help you in terms of selecting your characters and knowing what you can expect from them. Developing your characters in My Hero: Ultra Impact might not be the easiest thing to do, but if you know what you can expect from them, you’ll also know whether it is actually worth it for each individual character.

My Hero: Ultra Impact – Reroll guide

My Hero: Ultra Impact is a very dynamic mobile game that starts of with the creation of your account. Once you have done that, you will be prompted take on the game’s tutorial, which will give you a more in-depth overview of the game, its mechanisms, and its goals. It’s not that difficult so you can get it over with quite quickly.


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The next thing you need to do after you’ve completed the tutorial is to open the main menu, which will automatically give you 10 free summons. You need to click on that button to get the ten free summons, after which you can check the ten cards that you have received. Now, the process is completely randomized so you can get any of the characters involved in your set.

If you’re not satisfied with your initial roster, you can – luckily for you – change it. If you observe your screen carefully, you’ll see the redo button and if you click it, you will get a new set of ten cards. This is what you call a reroll. So, a reroll is simply executed when you press the redo button on the main menu, after you’ve completed your tutorial. There’s no limit on how many rerolls you can do.

Once you’re actually satisfied with your group, you simply press the OK button and you can start playing your game. This is the whole process summarized in seven simple steps:

  1. Launch My Hero Ultra Impact and create your account.
  2. Complete the tutorial.
  3. On the main menu, you will get 10 free summonsPress on this button to start getting your cards.
  4. Check the cards you get.
  5. If you aren’t happy with the cards you can simply press the redo button to reroll.
  6. Once you are happy with the cards press the OK button. It will give you a warning as you won’t be able to reroll after this point.
  7. Confirm it to start playing with the cards you got.

We have to warn you that once you confirm your initial set of ten cards, you won’t be able to do a reroll. So, until you confirm it, there’s no limit on the number of rerolls you can do, but once you’ve confirmed your set, you cannot change it anymore as the reroll option becomes unavailable.

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