Namor vs. Hulk: Who Would Win in a Fight?

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The MCU showcases Namor as a powerhouse that the Wakandans have trouble against as he is an antagonist in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. That means that he is a strong character both in the MCU and in the comics. But when it comes to powerhouses, it is hard to count the Hulk out, as he has always been the standard when it comes to strength in Marvel. So, who would win in a fight between Namor and Hulk?

There is no doubt that the Hulk would win in a fight against Namor. That’s because he is a lot stronger and more durable than Namor when he is at his peak. While Namor may be smarter and more skilled as a fighter, he can’t do anything about the fact that the Hulk is simply a physical beast.

Not a lot of characters can stand toe-to-toe with the Hulk in a straight fight, and Namor was able to do so a few times in the comics. But when it comes to his upper limits, Hulk is nearly unstoppable, and that’s why Namor won’t stand a chance against that version of him. So, with that said, let’s look at who between the Hulk and Namor is stronger.


We know for a fact that Namor’s unique mutant human and Atlantean physiology makes him the most physically impressive Atlantean in Marvel. After all, he has a strength level of 6 and has shown his capabilities in a straight-up fight against the likes of She-Hulk, Red Hulk, and Sentry. In that regard, he is a physical beast that can stand up to the best of them, even though he may not be the strongest.

There is no doubt that the usual standard in Marvel when it comes to pure strength is the Hulk. That’s because he is already strong at his base strength level. But the angrier the Hulk gets, the stronger he gets. That is the very reason why Hulk has always been listed to have near-unlimited strength levels that, at certain points, allowed him to actually level entire cities with his unbelievable strength.


It is safe to say that the Hulk gets this round, as there are hardly any characters that are capable of standing up to his power. Namor may be strong and has been able to showcase his ability to hold his own against the green giant. But Hulk is on another level.

Namor 0, Hulk 1


Namor, due to his impressive physiology, has the capability to outrun regular human athletes at their peak. His reflexes are also quite impressive, as he is capable of reacting quickly to incoming attacks. But his true speed can be seen whenever he is underwater, as he is capable of reaching max speeds of up to 345 miles per hour whenever he is swimming. In that regard, he is probably faster whenever he is underwater.


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Despite his imposing size, the Hulk is actually very fast and is capable of traveling at incredible speeds because of his superhuman leaping ability. He can also react really well to incoming attacks because of his deceptive quickness. There were also times wherein he could match Namor’s underwater speed due to his incredible physique. As such, he is also a pretty fast character despite his imposing size.


It is due to his incredibly strong muscles that the Hulk is capable of moving at incredible speeds. As such, because he is much stronger than Namor, he also has the edge when it comes to speed, even though the gap isn’t as wide as some would think.

Namor 0, Hulk 2


Namor isn’t necessarily the most intelligent character out there, but his intelligence is actually quite respectable because of the fact that Atlanteans are naturally superior to humans in terms of their intelligence. On top of that, he is a leader that knows how to think of strategies when it comes to fights. And there is a reason why he is a member of the Illuminati, as Namor isn’t exactly just a physical beast.

namor illuminati

It might be true that Bruce Banner is one of the smartest human beings on Earth. But as the Incredible Hulk, his intelligence was never impressive due to the fact that the Hulk is often a mindless beast that has the intelligence level of a child. While there are incarnations of the Hulk that are pretty smart, the usual Hulk has always been the dumb one. And it was always his lack of intelligence that held him back.

Of course, the Hulk was never known for being a smart character, and that holds true in this fight. Namor was never the most intelligent character as well, but he is a lot smarter than regular humans, and that means that he is intellectually superior to the Hulk.

Namor 1, Hulk 2


Due to his incredible physiology, Namor is also very durable, as he can take some of the strongest attacks imaginable without getting too injured. He was shown to be able to take on a blast from the Silver Surfer without getting hurt that much. On top of that, he held his own against a much stronger character like Hercules. Namor is also capable of rapid healing due to his Atlantean physiology, and that means that he is one of the most durable characters on Earth.


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The Hulk is just as durable as he is strong, and that’s why it has always been very difficult to stop him whenever he is at his angriest. A lot of different characters have dished out their strongest attacks, only to see the Hulk surviving them without getting too hurt. In that regard, the Hulk’s durability is listed at 7 by Marvel, and that means that it is incredibly difficult to hurt him, much less kill him.

hulk rage smash

Namor is very durable, as he survived a point-blank attack from Silver Surfer. But the Hulk is simply on another level when it comes to his overall durability. As such, it is hard not to give this round to the green giant.

Namor 1, Hulk 3

Fighting Abilities

Even though he isn’t the most skilled fighter, Namor is still a well-trained combatant that knows a thing or two about fighting close-range battles and going toe-to-toe with superior fighters like Black Panther and Captain America. He was trained in the art of combat during his time in Atlantis and has lived long enough to earn experience against some of the strongest fighters in all of Marvel Comics.

namor vs cap

The Hulk is often seen as a brute that has no fighting skills, but he has actually improved a lot as a fighter. He often brutalizes his opponents to submission, but he can perform well in close-combat situations whenever he is up against an opponent that is just as strong. As such, while he isn’t the most graceful fighter, he can still hold his own against a pretty good combatant, despite the fact that he prefers to brawl.


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Both Namor nor the Hulk aren’t the best fighters, but we know for a fact that Namor is superior in this category because he can actually go toe-to-toe with an incredibly skilled combatant like Black Panther.

Namor 2, Hulk 3

Namor vs. Hulk: Who Would Win In A Fight?

Even though Namor has the edge in terms of his intelligence and fighting skills, there is not much he can do against the Hulk when the green giant is at his angriest. When the Hulk is at his peak, the entire planet is in danger because he is simply that strong. In World War Hulk, it took the strongest heroes of Earth to subdue him, and that means that not even Namor can do anything against him when he is extremely angry. As such, the Hulk is likely to win every battle against Namor.

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