How Strong Is Red Hulk? Compared to Other Hulk Versions

Red Hulk

While we all know that the Hulk is one of the biggest powerhouses of the Marvel Comics universe, we also know that there are other Hulks in Marvel. One of the Hulks that have been able to showcase his power is Red Hulk, who is actually Thunderbolt Ross. Red Hulk’s source of power is different compared to the original Hulk, but the fact is that the transformation also allows him to gain strength that is quite immeasurable. So, how strong is Red Hulk?

Red Hulk’s base form is similar to Hulk in the sense that he is already incredibly strong. However, he becomes stronger the more radiation he absorbs, and this allows him to actually defeat an Odinforce-powered Thor in a fight. However, Red Hulk can overheat due to anger, and that’s an apparent weakness.

The thing about Red Hulk is that he has a clear weakness that the Hulk doesn’t have, and we are talking about the fact that he overheats with anger. Essentially, he is stronger than the Hulk under normal circumstances. But the problem is that the Hulk has strength that is unlimited due to his growing anger. That said, let’s look at how strong Red Hulk is and how he compares to the other versions of the Hulk.

How Strong Is Red Hulk?

There is no doubt that one of the foundational heroes and characters in Marvel Comics is the Hulk, as this was one of the characters that helped the entire Marvel universe grow. Of course, the Hulk himself is known to be very strong, and that was the reason why some of the other characters in his storyline sought to become just as strong. One of the more prominent members of the Hulk storyline is Red Hulk.

red hulk

Red Hulk is actually Thunderbolt Ross, who we all know is the very same person who chased after Bruce Banner’s Hulk throughout his entire storyline. However, in the comics, Ross lost his daughter, Betty Ross, because of the Abomination. On top of that, the Hulk had been exiled from Earth by the other superheroes of the planet.

As such, he didn’t have a purpose in life, and that was when he met MODOK and the Leader, who told him that Hulk would return to the planet to exact his revenge for his exile. Ross helped in the defeat of Hulk, as Bruce Banner was transported to a secret baser. That was when they siphoned energy from his body to turn Thunderbolt Ross into the Red Hulk. But just how strong is Red Hulk?

Similar to the original Hulk, Thunderbolt Ross has the ability to transform into a Red Hulk that has the same size that Bruce Banner’s transformation. However, the difference here is that Ross can trigger the transformation at any given moment, as he has complete control over it. That means that he can transform in and out of Red Hulk only through his will, as not even knocking him unconscious would undo his transformation.


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Red Hulk’s power, while similar to the Hulk, is quite unique in the sense that he was created using gamma radiation and cosmic energy. In that regard, Red Hulk has a unique ability that allows him to absorb radiation to become even stronger. As such, Red Hulk’s strength is nearly unlimited in terms of what its upper limits are.

As such, Red Hulk has all of the different strength feats of the Hulk in the sense that he is capable of lifting objects that are much heavier than 100 tons. He also has a strong body that is resistant to almost any kind of damage. Red Hulk’s stamina is also comparable to any other Hulk in the sense that he doesn’t get tired.

That means that Red Hulk seemingly has all of the standard abilities of any other Hulk. But there is a catch, as he can absorb gamma radiation and emit it in a way that makes him even more dangerous. There were even times when this gamma radiation allowed his body to become incredibly hot that Red Hulk was able to melt things with his hands.

Another advantage that Red Hulk has is the fact that he isn’t a mindless beast. Instead, he retains the same kind of consciousness that Thunderbolt Ross in his regular form has, and that means that he is actually quite smart.

The fact that Red Hulk is so strong was shown in his battle with Thor, who was empowered by the Odinforce. In that battle, Red Hulk was able to get the upper hand on the God of Thunder and brought the fight all the way to the moon, where he was able to knock Thor unconscious. Nevertheless, Thor did get his revenge when he returned to Earth more prepared than he was, as he defeated Red Hulk quickly. Still, this doesn’t take away the fact that Red Hulk was strong enough to get a win on one of the strongest characters in Marvel Comics history.

Of course, Red Hulk also showcased his strength when he actually punched out the Watcher, who we know is an incredibly powerful cosmic entity. This suggests that his strength is quite unimaginable as well.

How Does Red Hulk Compare To The Other Hulks?

To truly see just how strong Red Hulk is, it is important to compare him to the other Hulks that we’ve seen in Marvel Comics.


hulk vs red hulk

Of course, Red Hulk’s greatest rival is the standard green version of the Hulk, who is also the original. At their respective base forms, Thunderbolt’s Red Hulk is stronger than Bruce’s Hulk as he was able to actually defeat Thor in their battle. On top of that, Red Hulk gets stronger by absorbing radiation.

But the biggest weakness that Red Hulk has is the fact that he doesn’t get stronger when he gets angrier. Instead, he gets hotter and hotter until he gets dizzy due to overheating. On the other hand, the Hulk has no apparent weaknesses when he gets angrier. In that regard, the Hulk’s upper limit is higher than Red Hulk, although Red Hulk is stronger at his base form compared to the original Hulk.


red hulk vs abomination

Red Hulk is like the Abomination in the sense that he is already strong in his base form and is stronger than Hulk at the beginning. But Red Hulk is actually a lot stronger than the Abomination, as this was seen in the fact that he was able to defeat the hideous beast in a fight in the comics.


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In fact, Red Hulk was the one responsible for killing the Abomination when he sought revenge for the death of Betty Ross. As such, there is no doubt that Red Hulk is stronger than the Abomination.


red hulk vs she hulk

She-Hulk is an incredibly strong character that has almost all of the Hulk’s standard abilities without Bruce Banner’s inability to control his transformation. In that regard, She-Hulk is similar to Red Hulk because she can trigger her transformation at will and retains her intelligence while transformed.

But the difference here is that Red Hulk is simply a lot stronger than She-Hulk, who isn’t the same physical beast that Bruce’s Hulk is whenever he is angry. In fact, in the comics, She-Hulk needed the help of other characters to try to apprehend Red Hulk. Otherwise, Red Hulk would have easily defeated She-Hulk.

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