National Treasure: What Is on Page 47? Here Are Some Theories

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National Treasure: Book of Secrets had Ben Gates on another treasure hunt to clear his family name. Ben had to do many complicated things to prove his ancestor’s innocence, like kidnapping the President of the United States. President is in possession of a book called The President’s Secret Book, containing the nation’s greatest secrets. Ben needed the book to find the lost City of Gold, and President asked Ben to look at page 47 of the same book in return. This article provides you with some theories about what is on page 47 of the President’s Secret Book.

The content of page 47 in the President’s Secret Book remains one of the greatest mysteries of the second National Treasure movie. It holds a potential storyline for the third installment of the franchise. There are many theories about what is on page 47, like Area 51 secrets, the missing 18-and-half minutes of the Watergate Tapes, Lincoln’s manuscript of the Gettysburg Address, etc.

As the movie did not provide many details regarding the content of page 47, we can only speculate what is on it. However, we should pay closer attention to President’s and Ben’s interaction during the movie. In that case, we can pinpoint some of the theories that seem to be the least far-fetched regarding the content of page 47. So. let’s see how Ben learned about the existence of the President’s Secret Book and what might be on its page 47.


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How did Ben find out about the President’s Secret Book?

Determined to clear his ancestor’s name, Ben Gates follows the leads that ultimately lead to the discovery of Cibola, the lost city of gold.

Riley introduced Ben to the possible existence of the President’s Secret Book. He states that it is a collection of documents for presidents by presidents and presidents’ eyes only. According to Riley, the book contains information regarding the JFK assassination, 18 and a half minutes of the Watergate tapes, the truth regarding Apollo’s landing on the Moon, and Area 51.

When Ben is convinced that the symbol of the eagle and the scroll in the President’s Secret Book is the same as the symbol in the Resolute desk in President’s office, he decides to kidnap the President to get the information regarding the book’s whereabouts. So, Ben attended President’s birthday party at Mt. Vernon, where he showed the President a map with underground tunnels beneath the premises. Ben and the President went to find secret tunnels, and Ben used that time alone with the President to ask him about the book.


After negating its existence, the President admits to Ben that the book exists and that he can find it in the Library of Congress. He also asks Ben to look at page 47 of the book. When Ben found the book, he found the missing clue to Cibola and took a photo of page 47.

After Ben, alongside his family and friends, found the lost City of Gold and proved that his ancestor was a Civil War Hero, the President asked him what he thought of page 47. Ben said to the President that he believed he could help with that, which could be life-altering.

What is on page 47? Here are some theories


There are many theories about what it could be on page 47. Some say it’s Area 51 secrets, the missing 18-and-half minutes of the Watergate Tapes, Lincoln’s manuscript of the Gettysburg Address, etc. However, I don’t believe any of it is true, as it does not make sense, and it does not fit well into the National Treasure storyline. There is a reason why the President specifically asked Ben to take a look at page 47. Ben is a famous treasure hunter who finds long-lost treasures like the Templar Treasure etc. This means that the President needs Ben to help him find another long-lost treasure dating back at least a century.


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As the President is a huge fan of George Washington and he was an architectural History major at Yale, page 47 may consist of some of the important pieces of untold history that could change how the United States is perceived. However, we also could look at the number 47 as a clue. For example, 47 could be the fourth of July as a date. This would mean that the information regarding Independence Day could be on that page and that the Declaration of Independence would again be part of the franchise’s storyline.

Ben said that the content of page 47 is life-altering. Now, that could mean two things. It could be a saying to demonstrate how important the information the page 47 is. Or, whatever clue is on that page could be life-altering. Anyhow, the whole National Treasure theme is set upon finding a long-lost Treasure, and I believe that is also the case regarding the content of page 47. If the third movie of National Treasure ever happens, we will surely find out what the page contains. Until then, we can only speculate.

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