Netflix Announces New Cast Members for the Second Season of ‘Squid Game’


Squid Game was, without a doubt, the biggest show on Earth for a while. Netflix has been trying to replicate the success of the South Korean show since then, and they haven’t really achieved that goal. However, Netflix has become a true hub for South Korean content here in the West, and so it makes sense that a second season of the popular show would have come sooner or later. Netflix has now announced that the second season is a reality and that some cast members of the original show will come back along with some new challengers.

A new teaser trailer announces some of the cast for the new season. Wi Ha-jun and Gong Yoo will return for the second season. Both actors are some of the most popular drama actors in the Asian country, so it makes sense for them to return. Especially Wi Han-jun, whose character become a fan favorite during the first season. Some newcomers to this announced “Round 6” are Yim Si-Wan, Kang Ha-Neul, Park Sung-Hoon, and Yang Dong-Geun. Some of these actors are really heavy hitters in the South Korean entertainment industry. We can hope that the rest of the cast is going to be filled with equally big names.


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Something particular about the announcement is that all these are male actors. Where are the women? The female characters in the first season became some of the most memorable characters. We can expect a similar announcement in the future with more female power behind it. And yes, expect all of them to be just as famous as these male actors are.

Following the first season’s success will not be easy, but Netflix and the show’s creators will certainly try to do so. Before the second season arrives, Netflix plans to release a reality show based on the series this November.

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