Netflix Releases Our First Look to the ‘3 Body Problem’ from the Creators of ‘Game of Thrones’

3 Body Problem

The Three-Body Problem became one of the most awarded science fiction series of novels when it was released overseas. Cixin Liu is one of the most ambitious works of science fiction ever created, and Netflix has taken the challenge of adapting the trilogy of novels into a blockbuster of a series. To do this, they have hired the masters of adaptions, the same team that worked in adapting the A Song of Ice and Fire series into Game of Thrones for HBO. Of course, we know how that adaptation ended up being, but maybe this is the opportunity they have been looking for to redeem themselves.

The “3 Body Problem” tells an ambitious story that moves through space and time to depict what it would be like knowing that there is alien life out there. Would they be good? Evil? Would we want to make contact with them? Or, them with us? All these questions have answers inside the universe of the show. So, expect a powerful story full of twists and turns that also dwells into some amazing scientific concepts. The series of books is what is known as hard-sci-fi, which means that the story uses real-life science and extrapolates its applications into something that could be seen as magic.


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The first season of the show seems to be adapting the first book in the series, which is actually the most grounded but also the less ambitious of the trilogy. And yet, the series manages to go into even wilder territory in the next two books. The teaser shows that Netflix is spending a lot of money on creating a good adaption. The only thing that matters is if the concepts, characters, and atmosphere can be translated into a proper dramatic TV series format. If Netflix manages to pull it off with this first season, we might witness the beginning of one of the best TV series ever created.

3 Body Problem is planned for release in January 2024.

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