Netflix Releases the First Trailer for ‘Berlin’ Money Heist’s New Spin-Off Series

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In the same vein as Squid Game was an amazing success for Netflix coming from Asia. Money Heist also became quite an incredible success story for Netflix. This time, coming from Spain and proving that the European country can make content for themselves and everyone worldwide. Squid Game and Money Heist share similarities in themes and visuals, so it becomes harder and harder to put them to rest after the story ends. Berlin, one of the most popular characters in the series, now receives his own spin-off show simply titled “Berlin,” and Netflix has released its first trailer.

The show is a prequel to the events of the main show. As we all know, Berlin dies very early on at the start of the second season, yet the character continues to appear throughout the series’ entire run. It was a decision that was met with a lot of controversy. It was true that Berlin was a popular character, but seeing him walking around after the show made such a big deal out of his death ended up cheating the moment, and the characters started to become tiresome as it was harder and harder to find a reason why we needed to keep going back to him and his story.


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This new series assumes the audience knows about Berlin’s fate and will try to create a fun and engaging heist story that will explore even more the character of Berlin and gives us an excuse to keep him around even more years. Will the series be successful in doing that? We will have to wait and see, but the series has much to prove. Money Heists ending wasn’t the best they could have probably done, so there is still the possibility that the creators will take the chance to improve on some of the main show’s shortcomings and also the possibility of seeing some of our other favorite characters again.

Berlin releases in December on Netflix

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