New Visual and Cast Members Released for TV Anime ‘Chimimo’


On Monday, February 28th, Chimimo’s official website released the original TV anime’s main cast members and second key visual. You can check out the second key visual below: 

The confirmed cast members are the following (left to right based on the image below): 

  • Mamiko Noto as Mutsumi Onigami
  • Yuria Kōzuki as Mei Onigami
  • Junichi Suwabe as Jigoku-san
  • Ai Kakuma as Hazuki Onigami

The original TV anime is set to premiere this July. The character designs are the original work of illustrator Kanahei. Shinei Animation will produce the anime, the same studio that created famous series like Doraemon

At first glance, you’d think that an anime with adorable character designs would have a wholesome plot; however, Chimimo’s story is not that “wholesome.” The comedy centers on Chimimo and 12 other demons who are sent to Earth to transform it into a living hell. Chimimo is a messenger from hell and has the ability to shapeshift. 

Together with “Jigoku-san,” Chimimo become freeloaders in the home of Mutsumi, Hazuki, and Mei. 

Mutsumi’s voice actor Mamiko Noto shared a couple of words regarding her role. Mamiko says that Mutsumi is a motherly figure to her two younger sisters. She then goes on to say that Mutsumi is a cheerful older sister who knows when to be serious. Meanwhile, Yuria Kōzuki, Mei Onigami’s voice actor, said she relates to her character as she has older siblings. Yuria comments that she enjoyed recording scenes for Chimimo and can’t wait for everyone to watch the series. 


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Lastly, Ai Kakuma and Junichi Suwaba, the voice actors for Hazuki and Jigoku-san, shared that they’re both looking forward to the anime’s airing and can’t wait for everyone to watch it. Ai describes her character as an easygoing sister. 

More information will be released regarding the upcoming original TV anime. You can follow its official Twitter account to stay updated. 

Source: Comic Natalie 

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