Roblox Opens NIKELAND Partnership with Nike


As of Novemeber 18th, Nike has partnered with Roblox to create an awesome immersive experience nicknamed NIKELAND. It’s got virtual tag. It’s got virtual dodgeball, most brutal of gym class sports. Best of all, NIKELAND boasts a killer version of the hit show The Floor is Lava. Verdict: dodgeball was the most fun.

But not only can you meet up with friends to try your hand at The Floor is Lava. You can also design your own games within the space. With the unique NIKELAND tool kit, players can make their own mini-games from what press releases call “interactive sports materials.”


We’ve played it. The Floor of Lava freaking rocks. So do the trampolines scattered throughout the park.

Moreover, you can use your mobile device to track your own movements and actually run and jump along with the game. So you’re playing Roblox… as your avatar… for real? Awesomesauce. Your long jumps and speed runs become reality. Virtual reality?

And would it be Roblox without swag? No. No it would not. You NIKELAND offers special in-game Nike outfits for your avatar, including the Air Force 1 and Nike Blazer, plus new drops like the Air Force 1 Fontanka and the Air Max 2021. There’s even classic Nike apparel. I scored some sweet camo pants and a skull crop top. You can also win Blue Ribbons and other awards, which unlock special items — building materials along with stuff for your avatar.

Ultimate ruling? Once we all got on the same server, we really, really loved NIKELAND, and we’ll probably go back. If just for dodgeball.

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