One Piece: Did Sanji Ever Hit a Woman?

One Piece: Did Sanji Ever Hit a Woman?

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Vinsmoke Sanji is best known as the cook of the Straw Hat Pirates in Oda’s One Piece manga. He is the fifth member of the crew and the fourth to join, doing so at the end of the Baratie Arc. Now, Sanji is an indispensable part of Luffy’s crew, and throughout the decades, he has shown some amazing powers and abilities. But, he is also known as the most simp-prone character in the series, as he simps basically every good-looking female he comes across. At the same time, Sanji is very respectful towards women and would never even fight one, regardless of the circumstances. Or, would he? In this article, we are going to explain whether Sanji would ever hit a woman, all in light of the supposed incident that happened in Wano Country.

When Sanji entered Black Maria’s brothel, he was attacked by the geisha for supposedly hitting Some. Confused, Sanji remembered what had happened and at one point honestly thought that he might have hit Some, despite vowing never to hit a woman. Still, it turned out that Queen used his invisibility technique to hit Some, which means that Sanji never hit any woman, according to his personal beliefs.

In the rest of this article, we are going to talk about Sanji and his relationship with women. You’re going to find out about the incident involving Some as it happened in Wano Country, as well as all the details surrounding it. The article is going to explain whether Sanji would ever, really, hit a woman in light of the incident with Some, but it is also going to contain some spoilers so we needed to warn you beforehand.

Sanji did not hit Some, it was actually Queen

Now, before we actually give you the proper answer to this question, let us quickly reveal what happened to Some in Wano Country. Some, also known as O-Some, is a geisha from the Flower Capital of Wano Kuni. She has a mouse named Chuji. Some live as geisha in the flower capital, and after the apparent death of number one Oiran, Komurasaki, Some has become Queen’s new sweetheart. However, some have rejected his advances dozens of times. On the day of the Fire Festival, she was then taken to Onigashima by the Beasts Pirates to entertain herself during Kaidou and Kurozumi Orochi’s celebrations.

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But even there, she rejected Queen and said she was in bed with a headache. When the fight started, she was with other geishas in the left tower on the 2nd floor. Sanji, deep in thought, ran away from Queen and fled to a room with Some. The next thing he saw was Some lying on the floor, bleeding. Sanji believed he did, but Queen soon after revealed that he had learned the techniques of Germa controlled, can turn invisible, and was the one who attacked Some.

But Some was able to get up and look for his mouse Chuji. When Some finally saw her and wanted to take her off the battlefield, Queen, unseen, was also present and wanted to punish her more because, contrary to what she told Queen, she was healthy. However, Sanji didn’t allow this and attacked Queen instead.

After defeating Queen, Sanji offered his mouse to the geisha, but he soon passed out from tiredness. Some requested assistance. After that, she attended to Sanji and bandaged him. Some people became alarmed as Sanji abruptly stood up after hearing Luffy’s presence again. Following Sanji, she and the other geisha tried to flee the Skull Dome’s flames but were unsuccessful because the island had crumbled. When Raizo inundated the dome using water, they were protected from the flames. Some, however, found it difficult to fend off the flow’s force and were forced to cling to Sanji in order to stay afloat.

Sanji would never hit a woman, and that is a fact

Sanji vowed, at one point in his life, that he would never hit a woman, and from what we could gather in the previous section, he has not done so up until now; this is, as we are going to explain, a result of Zeff’s influence. This has a lot to do with Sanji’s personality and his relationship to women in general. Namely, Sanji is an unrecoverable heartthrob and a very great romantic. He tends to do anything to find himself with a pretty young lady and forgets his own priorities (like on the Island of Kedetrav, on which he temporarily sacrifices the search for his friends to go find a “beautiful young lady” who was actually a transvestite).

He is unable to hit on a woman even if she is an enemy (Kalifa, Miss Wednesday, Porch). He even sometimes has the annoying habit of falling under the spell of his enemies and even wanting to help them (Tashigi, Violette…). This habit comes to him from Zeff, who taught him not to hit a woman for any reason.


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Sanji’s main flaw in battle is his gallantry: although he is very powerful, he very often puts himself in mortal danger when his opponent is a woman since he refuses to hit them. It only remains for him to try to parry the blows. Sanji is very chivalrous towards women, sometimes even too chivalrous, as he is able to hear a woman in danger from miles away, opting to rush to her aid immediately. For example, he could hear Nami screaming at the sight of Brogy or even Tashigi crying because of Vergo at Punk Hazard. This chivalrous spirit, however, prevents him from attacking a woman, which can serve him, as against Kalifa or Viola, who cannot retaliate and is easily defeated.

Sanji knows the female spirit very well, having directly guessed that Robin was hiding things when she told him and Chopper that she was leaving the crew. He also knew that Viola was forced to be under Doflamingo’s orders by reading her eyes. Although he was fooled by Pudding at first, he was able to see the true personality she was hiding beneath her cruel nature and makes her change to the point where she develops an unstable love-hate relationship with him.

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