One Piece: How Long Were Sanji and Zeff Stranded?

One Piece: How Long Were Sanji and Zeff Stranded?

Sanji and Zeff in One Piece have a long history, and their backstory, their shared backstory, that is, is one of the best ones that Oda has written. We know that the two met when Zeff attacked the ship Sanji was working on. Sanji tried to kill him but ended up saving his life, and the two of them ended up stranded on a piece of rock without vegetation or animals. How long were they strander for? Keep reading to find out, as we will reveal in this article.

After Zeff’s Cook Pirates attacked the cruiser Orbit, on which Sanji had been working as an assistant cook, the two ships were destroyed in a storm, and Zeff ended up saving Sanji from drowning; the two of them ended up stranded on a nearby rock that had no food whatsoever, so they were forced to starve for a while. As Chapter 85 of the manga confirmed, Sanji was stranded on the rock for a total of 85 days before a passing ship came by and saved the two of them. Both of them nearly died of starvation, but thanks to Zeff’s sacrifice, Sanji managed to survive, and they became very close.

The rest of this article will recount the tale of Sanji’s and Zeff’s stranding on the rock, which happened soon after Zeff’s ship and the Orbit were destroyed in a storm. We will provide you with all the necessary details related to this event, so you will ultimately know how everything happened, and you will finally get a precise answer on how long that episode lasted, i.e., how long they were on that piece of rock. Of course, some spoilers from the early chapters and episodes of the series might be present, so be careful how you approach the article.

Zeff and Sanji, as the manga confirmed, were stranded for a total of 85 days

Now, we know why you’re here – you want to know how long Sanji and Zeff were on that rock. Okay, we understand. Chapter 58 of the One Piece manga, which was titled “Crap-Geezer” and published on September 28, 1998, revealed officially that Sanji’s and Zeff’s time on the piece of rock lasted for a total of 85 days; supposedly, and this is where the canon gets less clear, Sanji had food for a total of 25 days, after which he starved for another 60 before a passing ship found them and saved them. Now that you know this, allow us to simply recount what happened.

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Zeff and his gang assaulted the Orbit nine years before the start of the narration with orders to steal valuables and cash from it. He acknowledged the approaching storm when one of his subordinates pointed it out to him. When Zeff noticed a sack of food among the plundered items, the crewmember responsible acknowledged it.

Zeff then kicked him over the ship’s wall, which caved in. Then he seized him by the head and warned him that he had always advised against stealing anything edible.

Zeff responded by kicking Sanji when he attempted to attack him with kitchen knives at that time when he thought he was on the verge of death. The youngster then said that his dream was to find the All Blue while biting his leg. Zeff booted it out. Zeff gave the order to load everything onto the ship and leave when one of his employees informed him that the storm was stronger than they had anticipated.


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Sanji was however thrown overboard by a wave, and the pirate leaped into the water while breaking a mast from the Orbit to hold onto. He was stranded on an island with Sanji, and he was able to save Sanji. When the youngster awoke two days later, Zeff informed him that his ship had undoubtedly sunk because of the surrounding wreckage.

He continued by pointing out that the island had no flora and no animals and that rocks surrounded the sea. Then, he asked Sanji whether it made him weep before informing him that they would probably starve to death.

Sanji was not saddened by the fact and blamed Zeff for it; Zeff then told him to go to the other side of the island and look for a ship while giving him a smaller bag full of food. Sanji noticed that Zeff kept a larger bag for himself, believing it was filled with food, but he did not object then.

Sanji consumed all of the 25 days’ worth of supplies Zeff had provided him. After that, Sanji started to starve because the rock offered nothing to eat. It is unknown how he survived for so long throughout the 60-day hunger process, but considering that One Piece is a fantasy series, this isn’t all that surprising.

Sanji, however, had a major problem since he believed that Zeff had retained more food for himself while giving Sanji less because he had kept a larger bag for himself. He then went to steal the food from Zeff but discovered that his bag was filled with treasure, not food.


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He then discovered the sad truth. Zeff had given Sanji all the food they had on that rock while keeping absolutely nothing to himself. As a pirate, he was used to periods of starvation, so he cared more about Sanji than himself. To survive, Zeff cut off part of his own leg and ate it so he would not starve. Not long after that, a ship passed by and saved both of them, with Zeff keeping his promise to Sanji; the rest is, as you know, history.