One Piece: How & When Did Sanji Get His Diable Jambe Ability?

How & When Did Sanji Get His Diable Jambe Ability?

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Vinsmoke Sanji is best known as the cook of the Straw Hat Pirates in Oda’s One Piece manga. He is the fifth member of the crew and the fourth to join, doing so at the end of the Baratie Arc. Now, Sanji is an indispensable part of Luffy’s crew, and throughout the decades, he has shown some amazing powers and abilities. His kicks are known throughout the pirate world of Oda’s One Piece, and he has developed numerous powerful techniques with his kicks. One of them is the Diable Jambe, and in this article, we are going to tell you how and when Sanji unlocked this technique, as well as what it is.

The Diable Jambe is Sanji’s most powerful fighting style. In this style, Sanji heats up his leg through friction and adds heat to his kicks, creating a small flame with which he is able to attack his opponents. In this form, Sanji has the ability to burn and even ignite his opponents. Sanji is able to use the Diable Jambe on one of his legs or both at the same time. Sanji first unlocked Diable Jambe before the time skip, and it had its premiere in Chapter 415, i.e., in Episode 298 of the anime.

In the rest of this article, we will talk about Sanji and his technique. You’ll learn about the Diable Jambe and how Sanji can use it in battle. The article is going to explain how and why Sanji can use the Diable Jambe and how he can use fire in the series, but it is also going to contain some spoilers, so we needed to warn you beforehand.

Sanji activated Diable Jambe even before the time skip

Over the years, Sanji has shown that he is capable of using some truly amazing techniques, most of which are tied to his kicks. And while his Black Leg Style is special per se, the techniques he has been able to develop using it are also amazing.

One of Sanji’s first special techniques is the Diamble Jambe, which enabled him to fire up his legs; he said he could do it because of his “burning passion,” but this might have been a gimmick explanation. Queen was so surprised by this ability that he potentially speculated that Sanji might be a Lunarian, but that was proven wrong later on.

Be that as it may, the Diamble Jambe technique debuted in Chapter 415 of the manga, “Heat Up,” which was published on June 19, 2006. As for the anime, the debut took place in Episode 298 of the anime, “The Scorching Kick! Sanji’s Full Course of Footwork”, which premiered on February 25, 2007. Sanji has improved his technique after the time skip, adding some additional elements to it.


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The Diable Jambe is one of Sanji’s strongest techniques in the series, despite being one of his earliest as well

Sanji has learned a martial art known as the Black Leg Style that the pirate Zeff apparently taught him, and all of his special kick techniques, including the Diable Jambe, stem from this style, so we wanted to introduce it to you.

All his maneuvers come from his legs and feet, except when he uses knives to fight Wanze. This unusual martial art apparently has some inspiration from the Brazilian martial art, Capoeira, Korean martial art, and Taekwondo, and may have some from the Chinese art, Tan Tui.

Inspiration may also point to a French fighting style now known as Savate. Originally developed by French sailors, Savate consists of similar techniques that use the hands to support the body and give kicks greater power and is especially useful on a rocking ship.

Perhaps, for this reason, most of Sanji’s main opponents throughout the series so far were all martial artists with their own style (such as Kuroobi from “Fish-man Karate,” Bentham from “Okama Kenpo,” Wanze from “Ramen Kenpo” and Jabra from Tekkai Kenpo).

As for his current attacks, Sanji has a large repertoire of kicks and specific techniques that he uses to fight. He doesn’t call out the name of an attack every time he fights someone, except for important events and fights.

Most of his attacks are spoken in French and are usually food/cooking terms that are related in some way to the specific part of the opponent’s body he is attacking or the nature of the attack itself.

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The most common attacks are the Mutton Shoot (Sanji jumps and flips and kicks with all his might in the middle area or the enemy’s head) and the Anti-Manner Kick Course (one of Sanji’s most powerful kicks with which he attacks vertically or horizontally in a straight line to a usually giant enemy, a typical finishing move).

Apart from the Black Leg Style, during the incident in Enies Lobby, Sanji demonstrated a new technique called Diable Jambe (French for “Devil’s Leg,” although it can also be interpreted as Devil’s Wind), which consists of spinning his right or left leg at high speed, to the degree that it turns red due to friction and becomes firey. In this mode, whatever he hits with his leg will instantly receive an intense burn, apart from the force of the kick.

Sanji used this ability in his fight against Jabra, in which his attacks were not as effective due to Tekkai (a defensive technique that consists of turning the body as hard as steel).

With the heat of this new ability, Sanji overcame his inability to break the Tekkai by burning Jabra in addition to the powerful kick. According to Oda, Sanji can use this technique due to his fiery passion, which is hotter than even his own attacks. After the time skip, Sanji is able to heat his legs without the apparent need for rotation and can set them on fire even in the depths of the ocean. Likewise, he can set his entire body on fire to power up his attacks even more.


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Prior to the time skip, Sanji would spin rapidly to activate the Diable Jambe, which caused friction to heat up his leg. This method has been proven to have negative effects, and Sanji risks suffering major physical harm if he employs it too frequently or for an extended period of time. The following is a list of the methods that Sanji has employed:

  • Premier Hachis
  • Flambage Shot
  • Extra Hachis
  • Frites Assorties
  • Diable Mouton Shot

Thanks to his training and the activation of his enhancements, Sanji further improved his Diable Jambe after the time skip. Sanji can now use his technique to launch brand-new, more potent assaults. They are:

  • Bien Cuit: Grill Shot
  • Poêle à Frire: Spectre
  • Collier Strike
  • Flanchet Strike
  • Joue Shoot
  • Concassé
  • Crosse Strike
  • Party Table Kick Course
  • Rotisserie Strike 
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