One Piece: Is Captain Morgan Dead? What Happened to Him?

One Piece: Is Captain Morgan Dead? What Happened to Him?

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Thanks to the success of the live-action series, One Piece‘s earlier arcs have once again entered the spotlight, and fans are now, once again, interested in these stories. One of the more important characters from these arcs was the dreaded former Marine, Morgan, Helmeppo’s father. In this article, we will tell you what happened to Morgan and where he is now, i.e., whether he is alive or dead in the series.

As of the time of writing, Captain “Axe-Hand” Morgan is alive in One Piece, but since he has not appeared or been mentioned since the Arabasta Arc, we don’t really know what state he is now. He was a former Marine officer and the officer in charge of the Marine base in Shells Town. But, after his shameful defeat to Luffy and his friends, he was stripped of his rank, as it was discovered that he was a tyrant who abused his power. Although he was tried and sentenced for his misdeeds, he escaped the Marines and set out to the open sea, never to be heard from or seen again later in the story.

The rest of this article will focus on the character of Captain “Axe-Head” Morgan and his ultimate fate in One Piece. “Axe-Head” Morgan is, in many ways, a special character. While a lot of the fans have forgotten him because he appeared early on in the story, there is renewed interest in him and his story, and that actually motivated us to write up this article, in which we will reveal everything that is known about his fate, which is revealed later in the manga. This article might contain a significant number of spoilers, so be careful while you’re reading.

“Axe-Head” Morgan survived his trial and is now alive, but his current state is unknown, as he has not been seen or heard of since Arabasta

Those fans present from the beginning will surely remember “Axe-Head” Morgan, the first proper Marine officer introduced in the series and the first proper antagonist of One Piece (no, we’re not counting Alvida). Now, because he has not been seen or heard of for a long time, a lot of fans have forgotten about this villain, but the live-action series has renewed the fans’ interest in him, and that is why we will tell you what exactly happened to him in the series.

Morgan was born in Shells Town. He later joined the Navy and rose through the ranks until he reached the rank of sergeant. Three years before the beginning of the narrative, Morgan and his crew decided to bomb the Black Cat Pirates’ ship; however, Kuro approached in a longboat and defeated them all.

Morgan lost part of his right forearm but was the only survivor, so the enemy put their foot over his mouth while he was lying on the deck, breaking his jaw, which explains his physical appearance later in the series.

Later, due to his skill, he became captain of a vessel and was entrusted with command of the Shells Town base. Thus, he became the leader of the 153rd Division, where no one dared challenge his authority, and Morgan had no qualms about eliminating those who disobeyed him. The citizens were also intimidated to the point of making offers of money to him.


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Before Luffy and his friends arrived, he had a brutal episode where he wanted to kill a small girl for simply entering a place she was not supposed to; it is true that by the time Luffy, Zoro, and Nami arrived in Shells Town, Morgan had become an outright tyrant who openly abused his power; his son, Helmeppo, often abused that fact for his own benefit, although the two of them never had a proper relationship either.

When he found out about his son being beaten, Morgan agreed to meet with Zoro, and he tried to get him to join him, but when Zoro refused, Morgan tied him to the cross, hoping that he would starve and exhaust him there. Later, he sees a boy trying to free Zoro, who, however, is hit by a bullet from one of his subordinates.

He soon orders his subordinates to shoot him, but Luffy suddenly arrives, acting as a shield with his body, sending the bullets back to the sender, which leaves him stunned. Morgan states that the boy is not just any boy, and remembering that the Navy once told him about Devil Fruits, he guesses that he must surely have eaten one.

Seeing him intent on freeing Zoro, he orders his subordinates to stop him by cutting him into slices since the bullets have no effect. He then shouts that those who oppose him sign their own death warrant, but then he is stunned to see that the swordsman has been freed and has parried all the attacks with the swords of the marines, who have remained petrified with fear.

Morgan then yells at them not to stand by and watch the two, urging them to attack their enemies, only to be left speechless when Luffy knocks them down with a single blow.

Some of his subordinates claim that they can’t beat them, so he tells them to shoot themselves in the head right away, as he can’t have cowardly subordinates. Luffy then attacks him, even telling him to try to sentence him to death, so Morgan replies that stupid people without a title have no right to oppose him. He then attacks him with the intent to kill him and remind him who he is, but the boy avoids the swing of his axe, which cleanly cuts through a fence and the adjoining wall, which falls to pieces.

The pirate gives him a double kick to the face, which makes him fall to the ground, which makes him irritated and immediately returns to the attack, shouting at Luffy that he is doomed, but once again, the latter avoids his ax and tells him who isn’t dead, and then kicks him in the face again.

The pirate then grabs him and punches him again. While Helmeppo threatens Luffy to stop; otherwise, he would shoot Kobi, Morgan gets up and prepares to use his axe on the pirate. However, Zoro intervenes, defeating him and knocking him unconscious. Morgan is then imprisoned and later sentenced for abusing power by the Marines.

So, how did this story actually end? After his trial, Morgan is handed over to Garp’s ship for custody. However, the vice admiral suddenly falls asleep in front of him, so he takes the opportunity to wound him, free himself from the handcuffs, and take his own son hostage.


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He then gets on a boat, which is not attacked by cannon fire, only thanks to the intervention of Kobi. However, this allows Helmeppo to rebel against his father, who throws him into the sea. Morgan then manages to escape aboard that lifeboat. He later takes a nap on his boat as he passes Jango’s boat while sailing away somewhere. He is alive but has not been seen or heard of since then.

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