One Piece: What Is Sanji’s Raid Suit & Why Did He Destroy It?

One Piece: What Is Sanji's Raid Suit and Why Did He Destroy It?

Vinsmoke Sanji is best known as the cook of the Straw Hat Pirates in Oda’s One Piece manga. He is the fifth member of the crew and the fourth to join, doing so at the end of the Baratie Arc. Now, Sanji is an indispensable part of Luffy’s crew, and throughout the decades, he has shown some amazing powers and abilities. But, being a descendant of the Vinsmoke family, Sanji also had the ability to rely on his father’s technology and the Raid Suit was one such example, especially since it played an important role in Wano Country. In this article, we are going to tell you what the Raid Suit was and why Sanji destroyed it.

The Raid Suit is a technologically-enhanced suit designed in the Germa Kingdom to be used by members of the Vinsmoke family. The suit not only enhances the wearer’s natural abilities but also gives them additional powers and abilities, making them much stronger. Sanji ultimately destroys his suit because he wants to stay true to himself and not lose himself to Germa.

In the rest of this article, we are going to talk about Sanji and his Raid Suit. You’re going to find out about the Raid Suit and how it is connected to Sanji’s family, as well as Sanji’s relationship with his family. The article is going to explain how and why Sanji used the Raid Suit, but also why he ultimately destroyed it in Wano Country, but it is also going to contain some spoilers, so we needed to warn you beforehand.

The Raid Suit is a powerful tool

Raid Suits are special, technologically-designed combat outfits. They are developed and used exclusively by the Vinsmoke family and their army, the Germa 66. They are familiar to all North Blue residents, especially those who read the Sora the Sea Warrior comic. When they are not active, the outfits are contained in black-colored cylindrical boxes marked with light-colored symbols:

  • A gray cylinder marked “J” for Judge.
  • A pink cylinder marked “0” for Reiju.
  • A red cylinder marked “1” for Ichiji.
  • A blue cylinder marked “2” for Niji.
  • A black cylinder marked “3” for Sanji.
  • A green cylinder marked “4” for Yonji.

To put on the costume, the wearer clicks a button on the box, which allows them to rotate it and release the garment. The outfit takes on the shape of its wearer, allowing it to quickly wrap around the wearer’s body and form the costume around them. For male users, the costumes usually include a top and pants, a pair of gloves, and power boots. For Reiju, the only difference is that a short dress replaces pants and a top. All members of Germa 66 are equipped with a Raid Suit.

However, the outfits are color matched to commanders, making them more stylized and individualized than those worn by soldiers. In particular, each Vinsmoke Commander wears a long cape over their costume, with the number corresponding to their name on it and the color corresponding to their unique abilities.


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Raid Suits allow their wearer to move in mid-air, leap great distances, and amplify the power of their blows. The gloves worn by Germa 66 soldiers also contain some sort of mechanism for firing powerful shots. These outfits enhance the power of those who wear them. The Vinsmokes thus regretted not having their outfits on when Perospero’s candy trapped them. When released and put on, the threads were able to destroy the Candy Wall that Perospero had created with no problem.

The outfits are also fireproof, allowing the wearer to withstand incendiary attacks without difficulty. Reiju thus resisted Big Mom throwing Prometheus at her, even though she took damage. These outfits, like the steel skin of the Vinsmokes, are also bulletproof, having stopped the shots of the Walkers of the Big Mom Pirates, even if the latter could reach them with special bullets that Charlotte had Brûlée recovered. Sanji easily withstood Page One’s attack on him thanks to the resistance of his new outfit. The outfits also have an ability allowing them to create an energy shield that can block powerful blows. The outfits seem to have a system for recognizing who owns them, with Sanji being the only one who can use his Raid Suit.

Sanji destroyed his Raid Suit because he did not want to be like his family

Although Sanji has used the Raid Suit in the past, in Wano Country, the Raid Suit became a significant issue for him. Namely, after being accused by the geisha that he had hit Some, Sanji had a brief crisis; namely, he actually thought that he had become a heartless monster like his brothers, because he actually came to believe that he had hit Some, breaking his vow. At the time, Sanji did not know that Queen, who had been chasing after Sanji, used his invisibility technique and hit Some, framing Sanji for the deed.

Sanji then had a flashback remembering his family and the relationship he had with them. Sanji’s family history was a complex one – his father was a maniac obsessed with creating the perfect soldiers, which is why he genetically modified his children; his mother tried to save them, but she saved only Sanji, dying later; as the “black sheep” of the family (i.e., the only normal child), Sanji was shunned by his father and his siblings, which is why he ran away, vowing to never become like the other members of his family.

Vinsmoke Sanji Raid Suit

During the flashbacks, Sanji wondered whether he had really become a cold, heartless monster like his brothers, still pondering how he could have hit Some, a woman. Then he stopped and thought about what his captain, Luffy, would want him to do – be true to himself or be like his family. He then decided and take out the Raid Suit, an important symbol of his ties to his family. As we’ve said, the Raid Suit helped Sanji and made him much stronger; it even awakened his latent abilities, which would come in handy against Queen and the Straw Hats’ other enemies. But the Raid Suit would also make him less himself and more like his family.


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As Queen approached Sanji, ready for their clash, he observed Sanji take out the Raid Suit. Queen wanted Sanji to use it because it would have made the fight more interesting, and when he saw it, he was quite hopeful that he would fight Sanji using the Raid Suit. But, to Queen’s surprise, Sanji dropped the Raid Suit on the floor and destroyed it, opting to stay true to himself and never to become like his father and his brothers.

Nevertheless, he engaged Queen in a direct fight, and Sanji ultimately defeated Kaidou’s powerful crew member using his regular skills and techniques. Sanji was ultimately able to use his Ifrit Jambe, a more powerful variation of his Diable Jambe technique, Sanji was able to knock down Queen, and then he used his Bœuf Burst technique to finish him off and send him flying off Onigashima. The Marines later apprehended Queen and that is how the fight ended.