One Piece: Who Does Nami End Up With?

One Piece: Who Does Nami End Up With?

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Nami is one of the most popular, best-known, and most beloved characters from Oda’s One Piece manga. This brilliantly written female lead made us laugh and cheer for her, but she also showed a soft side to her character. Now, romance was never the focus of Oda’s manga and although there have been hints of different emotions over the course of the story, it was rarely, if ever, in the focus. Still, in this article, we are going to talk about Nami’s romantic life as we are going to reveal you who Nami ends up with in One Piece.

As of the time of writing this article, Nami doesn’t have a boyfriend nor any romantic interest. As thigs stand at this moment, the situation is not going to change in the near future, as Oda’s manga never really focused on romance per se. Now, Nami has most often been shipped with Luffy and Sanji, but Oda never really leaned in this direction, nor any other when romance is concerned.

The rest of this article is going to focus on Nami and her romantic interests. Now, we don’t really have a lot of information on this topic since Oda never really bothered to explore this side of his characters, but regardless of that, we have collected what we know and we’re going to present it to you so that you have all the information in one place.

Who does Nami end up with in One Piece?

Nami is the central female character of the whole franchise and seeing how popular she is among the fandom, it should not come as a surprise that people are interested in her romantic life. Now, Nami is not the romance type, that much is obvious, but she was shown to have a soft side and is definitely capable of feeling something towards someone.


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Now, the main issue here is that Oda never really focused on romance in his manga. In that aspect, Nami doesn’t end up with anyone as far as we know, and as it seems now – Nami won’t be ending up with anyone in the future (if Oda opts for a timeskip-epilogue ending, then we might see Nami married to someone, but unless that happens, we doubt that she will end up with anyone).

Still, there are some characters she is usually shipped with and in the rest of this article, we are going to explain Nami’s relationship with her three most common ships – Monkey D. Luffy, Sanji and Zoro.

Nami and Monkey D. Luffy

Nami respects Luffy’s leadership qualities, but often gets angry at his irrational thinking and poor concentration. In such situations, she has a tendency to burst into rage, which often affects other members of the team. Despite this, she cares for Luffy and trusts him as her captain, and he often acts as an emotional anchor for her during times of crisis.

Nami and Luffy

She actually cried for Luffy when she found out that he lost his older brother in the Whitebeard War. Through his selfless actions prior to her official entry into the team, Luffy was the most influential in changing her mind about the pirates. He and his crew constantly put themselves in harm’s way to help others, including her, showing that not all pirates act solely for their own selfish ends.

Nami is one of the people Luffy trusts the most, as he often lets her wear or hold his straw hat during fights, a very expensive item for him. This was seen during the Arlong Park, Drum Island, and Skypiea arcs.

Nami and Sanji

Nami often takes advantage of Sanji due to his devotion to her, ordering him to do his errands, although she is often annoyed by his womanizing in serious moments. For example, when Sanji left a note for Nami before riding the Puffing Tom in Water 7, she was annoyed that most of the note was a meaningless love letter and the key information was only in the postscript.

Sanji Meets Nami

In Enies Lobby, when Kalifa defeated Sanji, Nami was struck by his ethics of refusing to hit women and decided to repay her for what she did to him, and also seemed to respect his code of gentlemen. She was disgusted by his perverted behavior when he was temporarily in her body during the Punk Hazard arc, and tried to control him so that he didn’t go too far in his perversions.

Sanji is also the only member of the Straw Hats whom Nami calls with a suffix, i.e. “Sanji-kun” (by the way, Nami is the only girl Sanji adds “-san” to her name). In the Zou arc, Nami was hurt by Sanji’s departure and went with Luffy to Whole Cake Island to rescue him.

Nami and Zoro

Nami trusts Zoro’s fighting skills and often counts on him, however, she is often annoyed by his lazy antics, such as sleeping too much. Zoro, like all the other members of the team, unconditionally trusts her navigational skills and always obediently follows her commands. Nami’s cunning allows her to manipulate the ever-abandoned swordsman into constantly indebtedness, and due to this, they often argue with each other, usually resulting in Sanji’s intercession.

Nami Pats Zoro27s Head

Despite this, they are both the top drinkers among the Straw Hats.

Zoro cares about her safety, often coming to her aid (in Skypiea, he constantly worried that Nami was swallowed; in Thriller Bark, he thought about whether Sanji could save Nami, although he himself was in danger, which Franky stressed out; he saved her from an attack by Monet on Punk Hazard; on Dressrosa, he ran to save the ship where Nami stayed from Doflamingo; he was the only one who stayed with the sick Nami when the others ran away to watch the island and, in addition, took over her navigator functions so that she could rest).

Nami also takes care of him; this is clearly seen after the events of the Thriller Bark arc, when she stayed by his bed with Chopper while the rest of the crew celebrated.

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