What Does Outdated Client Mean in Minecraft? (& How to Fix It)

minecraft outdated client

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We’ve all been there – you’re ready to jump into a well-needed Minecraft session, but instead, you get hit with an error message. Minecraft features quite a few errors that can prevent players from getting into their own or their friends’ worlds, and the ‘Outdated Client’ error is one of the most infamous.

Players will need to update their Minecraft version in order to fix the “Outdated Client” error message. However, the specific steps involved will differ between Minecraft platforms, as well as depending on whether players are using the Java or Bedrock Edition.

Although being faced with the ‘Outdated Client’ error message may feel incredibly frustrating, this error is pretty straightforward to resolve. Stick around to find out what causes the ‘Outdated Client’ error and how to fix it, so you can get back into the gaming session you’d hoped for as soon as possible.

Minecraft ‘Outdated Client’ Error (Explained)

Players launching Minecraft may be met with a message that reads “Could not connect: Outdated Client!” – which can really put a damper on the overall mood. The error itself is not limited to specific realms or worlds, and will likely affect every realm players try to join.

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In some cases, the error will prevent the player from launching the game itself. While, in other cases, the error may allow players to launch Minecraft but will prevent them from joining any Minecraft worlds or realms.

The ‘Outdated Client’ error is generally caused by instances where players are running an outdated Minecraft client – essentially, it occurs when there is a difference in versions between the server and the player. The error itself is somewhat sensitive since all it takes is for the server’s version to be higher than a client attempting to connect – or, possibly vice versa.

minecraft outdated client

This means that classic tricks like reinstalling Minecraft will not necessarily work. This is especially common in cases where players are using Minecraft servers that require players to join on different client versions.

Reinstalling Minecraft can help resolve issues like Minecraft not responding, but it will most likely be useless in cases such as this error. Players will need to update the version of Minecraft being used, which may not necessarily be automatic when reinstalling the game.


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In most cases, Minecraft will automatically update – especially if you play the game quite often. But, in quite a few cases (particularly if you have taken a break or if there’s been a patch recently), you may need to manually force the updating process.

Since every Minecraft platform will need varying steps, the process can be a bit tricky for many users. We’ve covered everything you need to know to get rid of the ‘Outdated Client’ error message, with images thanks to Game Skinny.

How To Fix Outdated Client In Minecraft Java Edition

Generally speaking, most players using the Minecraft Java Edition can simply update their game by selecting the ‘Latest Release’ option in the version selector within the main menu. But, updating the version on the Minecraft Java Edition can be somewhat complex in some cases.

minecraft outdated client java 1
minecraft outdated client java 2

The Minecraft Java Edition can install multiple versions of Minecraft simultaneously in some cases. Players will need to make sure that the version that they are using is compatible with the server that they’re attempting to connect with.

How To Fix Outdated Client In Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Resolving the ‘Outdated Client’ error message in Bedrock can be pretty simple in most cases. But, considering that the Minecraft Bedrock Edition is played on numerous platforms, players will need to take a close look at the steps and requirements for the platform that they are playing on.

Minecraft PlayStation

Those playing Minecraft Bedrock Edition on PlayStation, whether it be PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, can update their Minecraft version by navigating to the options for Minecraft on the PlayStation Media Bar. After you’ve located the options, select “Check for Update” and allow the game to update automatically.

minecraft outdated client ps

Minecraft Nintendo Switch

Players on the Nintendo Switch Minecraft Bedrock Edition can start the process by pressing the “+” key. After this point, navigate to the “Software Update” option and select the “Via the Internet” option.

minecraft outdated client switch

Minecraft iOS & Android

Those playing Minecraft bedrock on mobile, whether it be on iOS or Android, will need to start off by navigating to their App Store (either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store). Find the Minecraft page within the App Store and select the “Update” option.

minecraft outdated client mobile

If the same button simply says “Open” instead of “Update”, it means that Minecraft is already updated to the latest version. There may still be a reason for their error in such cases, where the server may be using a different version – but, more on that a little bit later.

Mobile App Stores often send notifications or prompts to update apps on the device, but this may not always occur – they can even go unseen in many cases. It’s best to double-check every so often on mobile to see if there is an update available for Minecraft.

Minecraft Xbox

The process for resolving the error in Minecraft Bedrock on Xbox is quite similar to the process used for other consoles, such as PlayStation. Players will need to navigate to Minecraft from their library – on Xbox, this would be within the “My Apps & Games” section.


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From this point, navigate to the “More Options” tab and select “Manage Games & Add-Ons”. Select the “Updates” option, and all available updates will be displayed – ready for you to install.

Minecraft Windows 10

Players with the Windows 10 Minecraft Bedrock Edition may simply update the game by navigating to Minecraft within the Windows 10 Store and selecting the “Update” option. There is an extra possibility when it comes to Windows, however.

Players may have made use of the ability to play the beta version of Minecraft using the Insider program. There is a range of cool and exciting motives to do this, but it can be quite problematic when it comes to client and server version compatibility.

minecraft outdated client beta

If you had previously opted to make use of this possibility, you’ll need to go back into the App’s “Insider Content” and select “Minecraft”. Select “Manage”, and click “Unenroll” to leave the beta preview version. Review and accept the Terms & Conditions, and the game will be forced to install the standard, updated version of the game.

Can’t Fix “Outdated Client” Error

One of the other possibilities is that the issue may not lie on your end – this may be proven accurate if there are no available updates for the Minecraft version you are playing. Players can check the version of Minecraft that the server is running by adding the server to a section called ‘Server List’, and pressing the ‘Refresh’ button.

Upon doing this, a screen will appear that will display the supported game version at the top right corner. If the server version is outdated, players can try to contact the server’s owner to make sure that the server is updated to the latest version. In some cases, you may be able to temporarily switch to the older version being used by the server.

If none of these methods seem to work for you, the issue may be due to system corruption – although, these cases are rather rare compared to the classic cause of the ‘Outdated Client’ error message. In such instances, the last resort would be to use a Repair Tool that will scan the game’s repositories in order to replace corrupt and missing files.

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