‘Paper Girls’ Season 1 Ending, Explained: Do The Girls Come Back To Their Own Time?

Paper Girls

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Paper Girls is the newest comic book adaptation that isn’t really about superheroes. The series is adapted from the comic book of the same name written by Brian K. Vaughan, and it arrives with an entire season of eight episodes this weekend on Amazon. The show tells the story of a group of Paper Girls from 1988 that get trapped in the middle of a war between several factions of time travelers. The series is a good mixture of both Sci-Fi and mystery. The result is a show that is easy to watch and engage with.

Paper Girls is a very good show. One that is faced by a middle-sized budget, which doesn’t really allow for very impressive visual effects. Nevertheless, the story and the characters are strong enough to propel the story forward through the entire season. Maybe if they had a bit more budget and time, the look of the show would have been more curated, but as it is, it works well as something to watch over the weekend.


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Season 1 of Paper Girls has tons of twists and turns, and the following paragraphs are filled with spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Who Dies At The End Of Paper Girls Season 1?

After so many problems and tribulations, the team prepares to travel through time to 1988 and finally have this nightmare over. However, the Old Watch has other things in mind, and they attack the team as they prepare themselves to go through folding in space. The girls discover that they are actually trapped in a time loop. This has happened before. They have tried to go back home, and yet, they keep returning and keep traveling through time.

Mac is upset. She knows that in just four years, she is going to die of cancer, and now as the possibility of coming back home seems impossible, she runs to be alone and face the disappointment by herself. KJ follows her. During the season, Mac and KJ have been the most different from each other. Mac is tough, she curses at every second, and she is rude. KJ is quiet, smart, and has a lot of empathy for others.

Paper Girls

The two of them might be very different, but it is clear that they have been developing feelings for each other that go beyond friendship. Mac tries to come out to KJ, but KJ freaks out for a moment. Later, Prioress captures them both and leads them to meet The Grand Father, the leader of the Old Watch. KJ begs Grand Father to send Mac to the future, so they can cure her cancer. However, Grand Father says that is impossible and explains how fixing the timeline only deteriorates reality.

What the Grand Father offers is for them to return to their timelines, and have their memories erased, so they don’t remember anything about the ordeal. Mac accepts; she is just tired of running away. Meanwhile, Tiffany and Erin try to escape, but the Watch has brought a dinosaur that kills Larry. All the girls managed to escape, and Mac confesses her situation to Tiffany and Erin. In the end, they are all captured by the Old Watch and transported to their mothership.

Do The Girls In Paper Girls Go Back To Their Own Timeline?

The girls are trapped and transported to the Old Watch HQ. At that time, they discuss what to do, and they fear that their memories are going to be erased, and they won’t recognize each other on the streets. Their friendship has become the best thing to come out of this adventure, and they don’t want to lose it. After a while, Prioress arrives and wants to see Tiffany privately, but the girls won’t allow it. Instead of arguing, Prioress decides to take all the girls with her.

Prioress explains that, just like them, she was trapped in this war by pure misfortune. The Underground appeared once in her timeline and destroyed everything. This is what made her become part of the war effort and fight the Underground with all she got. However, Prioress sees that the war cannot be won by the methods the Watch is currently using. If they keep doing the same thing, the war will just extend to the infinite.

Paper Girls

Prioress is ready to send the girls to the past, so they can warn Dr. Braunstein, the inventor of time travel, to never invent the process in the first place, so the war can definitely stop. In the future, Tiffany will work with the doctor on the invention of the process. Prioress prepares to send the girls, but she is attacked by her own people. While trying to help Prioress, Erin, and Tiffany get separated from Mac and KJ. Before dying, Prioress sends Erin and Tiffany through time on another ship.

Tiffany and Erin arrive at the new timeline, and they are confused. The place doesn’t look like the future at all. They also don’t see the ship where Mac and KJ were supposed to be. To their shock, it seems that they were not sent to the future, but to the 1960s. Meanwhile, the fate of Mac and KJ is unknown.

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