Paul Walter Hauser Discusses the Challenging Development of the ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot: ”Film Has an Insane Amount of Pressure on It”

Paul walter hauser talks fantastic four

The upcoming reboot of ‘The Fantastic Four’ is generating significant buzz as one of the most discussed projects in development. Intended to revitalize the previous ‘Fantastic Four’ franchise, which received mixed reviews at best, the film faces a challenging release amidst criticism of Marvel Studios’ recent underwhelming projects. This cycle has resulted in waning fan interest and Disney earning the unenviable title of the biggest box-office disappointment of 2023.

Paul Walter Hauser, recently cast in an undisclosed role for the film, spoke with Screen Rant about the ongoing development of the movie. He emphasized the meticulous attention being given to ensure its success, noting that there’s a lot at stake for the studio, as they can’t afford another major failure.

I think it’s the folks who are involved. The writers and the director, Matt Shakman, his department heads and the cast alone. I just looked at it and I went, I have a guttural instinct that this will be a special movie with or without me, and I want to be a part of this. And I think this is all before Bob Iger made his announcement of, hey, we’re only doing two or three movies a year, two or three TV shows a year. I signed on to this before that announcement was made. So now the directive and connotation that I’m getting from that announcement is that they are putting extra effort and concerted care into what they put out into the world and how they service their audience.

Paul also emphasized the significant pressure they face to deliver a stellar movie, as it’s always the expectation.

So this Fantastic Four film has an insane amount of pressure on it between the films that underperformed from the same characters and then from the perspective of Iger and the family there, and Kevin Feige not wanting to overexpose their IP. And so I look at it like batter up. Whatever small piece of the puzzle I’m playing in that film, I’m going to give it my entire heart and soul, and try to enjoy the process, because it is very special to be a kid who grew up enjoying comic books, and animated shows and movies, and now getting to be some part of that. It’s really special.

As previously discussed, the earlier ‘Fantastic Four’ series received mixed reviews, depending on who you ask, and this upcoming installment must surpass it. I trust Marvel Studios to deliver a film that exceeds past attempts, but I’d be dishonest not to acknowledge fan apprehension. There’s been significant criticism, particularly concerning the announcement of a female iteration of Silver Surfer, Shalla-Bal, portrayed by Julia Garner. Additionally, many fans have expressed dissatisfaction with Pedro Pascal as Reed Richards and are skeptical of Joseph Quinn as Human Torch.

It’s only logical not to pass judgment on the movie until it hits theaters, yet I completely empathize with the pressure Paul mentioned. Want to share your thoughts? Feel free to comment below!

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