Peacemaker Vs. Judomaster: Who Would Win and Why?

Peacemaker vs Judomaster: Who Would Win?

The Peacemaker television series, which has finally premiered in January, expands the lore of the DCEU and introduces some new characters, some of which have been completely remade, while others were taken from the pages of the comic books. One of those characters is Judomaster. If the two ever fought, who would win in a fight, Peacemaker or Judomaster?

Peacemaker would defeat the Judomaster in a fight. The Judomaster might have some formal martial arts training, but he cannot really match Peacemaker’s fighting experience and his vigilante work. Also, Peacemaker is a significantly more skilled marksman than Judomaster, which certainly gives him the edge in this category.

The rest of this article will further elaborate on the above-given answer, as we are going to compare Peacemaker and Judomaster in more detail. Through several categories, you are going to see who the stronger of the two is and why our answer is like it is.

Fighting Sklls

As we know, Peacemaker has pretty decent hand-to-hand combat skills. He is not like Batman, Deathstroke, or Bane – he’s not even close to that level, actually, – but you wouldn’t really want to face him in a one-on-one fight. He does lack the formal training to be called a martial arts expert, but what he lacks in that category, he has inexperience and that makes him a formidable foe.


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As for Ripley Jagger, the version of Judomaster we’re using for our comparison, he is a great martial artist, as the name itself suggests. He has formal training and is an expert in judo, but he also has some other martial arts skills that would definitely come in hand. He is not near the level of Deathstroke or Bronze Tiger, but he knows his way around the fighting arena.

This was a very tough category to award, but we ultimately went for Judomaster, simply because he has the formal training to be called a martial arts expert. Judomaster is a skilled judoka and we think that he would be able to defeat Peacemaker in a simple hand-to-hand fight.

Points: Peacemaker 0, Judomaster 1


Peacemaker might not be Deadshot, but he is a very skilled and well-trained marksman with a lot of experience. His vigilante work has provided him with valuable experience that has made him a formidable marksman. Although his mind can be a bit chaotic from time to time, the Peacemaker is a solid marksman and that is definitely his forte in a fight.

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Although it has been said that Rip Jagger has some shooting skills, thanks to his military training, we don’t think that they’re on the same level as Peacemaker’s. Why? Well, Judomaster’s forte are his fighting skills and he has done more to improve his fighting skills than his shooting skills, which cannot be said about the Peacemaker. He is a solid marksman, but still below the average when DC’s non-civilian characters are concerned.

This category goes, without a doubt, to Peacemaker. Christopher Smith has more experience with firearms, they are his forte in a fight and he is simply the better marksman among these two characters.

Points: Peacemaker 1, Judomaster 1


We know that Peacemaker served as an agent of the United States government who hunts down terrorists and that he has a lot of experience from working with the Suicide Squad. This has made Peacemaker a respectable and experienced tactician. He’s not Batman, but you definitely shouldn’t underestimate him.


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Ripley Jagger was an officer of the US Army and as such, he has gained the necessary training to be a great tactician. He wasn’t a general, which means that he wasn’t the best one around, but he has demonstrated enough skills to earn respect when tactics are concerned. We don’t really know how far these skills go, as he hasn’t been around much, but we assume that he is good enough.

Although Judomaster does have the formal military training to be a formidable tactician, we decided to award Peacemaker with this point simply because he has more experience. They’re both great tacticians, but Peacemaker has more experience, which is important for this category.

Points: Peacemaker 2, Judomaster 1

Other skills

When special powers are concerned, Peacemaker is, pretty much, useless, as he has no special powers (unless you count his schizophrenic episodes as a superpower). He is a character at the peak of his abilities, but that’s about it. He is very strong, very durable, and has an array of different weapons at his disposal but that’s about it.

He also uses body armor, a flight pack, a communications helmet, and a variety of different, yet advanced military weapons, but none of these are actually considered to be superpowers of any kind.


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The Judomaster fares identically in this category. Although some later iterations of the character had some additional powers, the Jagger version of the character was a completely normal guy at the peak of his abilities. He has some fighting skills and he uses some weapons and gadgets, but just like Peacemaker – that’s about it.

Seeing how both are pretty “useless” in this category, we decided to not give anyone this category by giving points to both of them, and we think that it was the best way to go.

Points: Peacemaker 3, Judomaster 2

Peacemaker Vs. Judomaster: Who Wins?

The numbers are in and it was a very close call, as you can see. Now, we don’t really know how close of a fight this would be in real life, but based on what we know about these two characters from the comics, Peacemaker would take this win. Judomaster is, sadly, a pretty obscure comic book characters so we don’t know much about him to give a truly proper assessment, but we have done our best with that we have.


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Now, we’ve seen that the Judomaster would beat Peacemaker in a fight, but Peacemaker has much more to offer than just his fists. He is a skilled marksman and he has the tactical experience to surpass Judomaster’s military training. We think that these skills would be enough for Christopher Smith to actually find a way to defeat the Judomaster, and that is why we have written this article as we have.

Peacemaker ultimately does win this one and we’re pretty certain that the comics would reflect our arguments. Also, in case you were wondering, we picked the original iteration of the Judomaster because we thought it was the most relevant one. We couldn’t really rely on the Peacemaker TV series because the Judomaster from the show seems to be a completely original character unrelated to any known iteration of the comic book character.

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