‘Percy Jackson’: What Are Lotus Flowers & Why Were They in a Hotel?


Episode 6 of ‘Percy Jackson’ was just released, and we’ve seen Annabeth, Percy, and Grover one step closer to figuring out who stole Zeus’ master bolt and the plan involving it. One of the final stops in their journey was Hermes’ Lotus Hotel, but as soon as they came inside, the trio noticed something strange. People were forgetting things, and time passed differently within the hotel; Percy figured out that it had to have something to do with the Lotus Flower, which was the symbol of the hotel as well. So, what’s the significance of these flowers & why were they a part of the hotel anyway?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Lotus Flower is being pumped in the Hotel Air so the visitors forget things important to them and stay forever.
  • Lotus Flower messes with the memories and perception of time, but the effect is relatively short-term.
  • Annabeth and Percy managed to keep a relatively clear head because they were together, but Grover wasn’t as lucky.

The Lotus Flower was taken from Greek mythology

In Greek mythology, the lotus-eaters were a people residing on an island abundant with lotus trees, consuming the plant’s fruits and flowers. The lotus possessed narcotic properties, inducing a state of tranquil apathy in those who consumed it. This resulted in forgetfulness of one’s home and loved ones, causing a desire to remain with other lotus-eaters. Those under its influence neglected to report or return. In a figurative sense, “lotus-eater” refers to a person who takes part in pleasure and luxury, avoiding practical concerns.

This is a perfect metaphor for a Casino, right? Annabeth, Percy, and Grover were tasked with finding Hermes, the messenger of gods, and to do that, they had to make their way toward the Lotus Casino. Once there, Percy became suspicious and reminded Annabeth and Grover about the Oddisey and about the powers that these kinds of flowers have on other people, both mortal and immortal.

Keeping that in mind, the trio avoided consuming anything within the casino and separated to locate Hermes. Annabeth and Percy located Hermes, while Grover located a lost Satyr, one who fell under the influence of the Lotus Flower.

Lotus Flower can make you forget even the most important things

Grover met Augustus, and naturally, Augustus couldn’t recall who or what Grover was. Augustus revealed to Grover that he had found Pan, but as it turns out, it was just a video game. The effect of the Lotus Flower was strong enough that Augustus abandoned the most vital and purposeful thing in his life, finding Pan.

Even though Grover was wary about the effects of the flower, he, too, started to forget things. Even though he avoided consuming the flower, as it turns out, the flower was distributed within the hotel in a different way. Grover forgot about the time and the place, and he even forgot about his best friends and that they were on a quest. Luckily, the effect is not permanent.


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Why is Lotus Flower being pumped into the hotel?

Annabeth and Percy figured out that something was off when Percy noticed that they were within the hotel for days, meaning that they were in real danger of failing the quest. He and Annabeth were wondering how it was possible for the flower to mess with their perception of time in such a way when they didn’t consume any, and this is when they arrived at the conclusion that the flower itself was being pumped into the air, leaving guests in a permanent state of confusion, forgetfulness, and apathy.

But why would anybody want to do that? Well, this is actually inspiration from real-world casinos, you’ve probably heard about the fact that casions have no windows, and they have different type of air within them so you could lose track of time and feel euphoric? Well, this is correct for the most part.

The Lotus Flower was being pumped in the air so the people would stay at the hotel forever, losing track of time and their loved ones who would miss them. Percy discovered the time-distortion effect after he noticed that some guests, many guests, had clothes that belonged to different time periods.

In any case, this was a clever nod and reference to the power of narcotics and how they can easily muddle your mind. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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