Platinum End Anime Watch Order

Platinum End Anime Watch Order (2022 Update)

Platinum End is a shōnen manga written by Tsugumi Ōba and drawn by Takeshi Obata. It was published from November 4, 2015 to January 4, 2021 in Shūeisha’s Jump Square magazine and later compiled into 14 volumes. An anime adaptation has been airing since October 8, 2021, with 24 episodes planned for the first season of the show.

Platinum End is a very specific series. The manga is finished and with the anime still being aired, we will give you a proper watching order for the whole series, including all the episodes that have aired and will air in the future. We’re also going to give you a short introduction to the synopsis of the manga.

Platinum End episodes in order

In this section, we are going to give you an overview of the 24 episodes of Platinum End that have been broadcast as part of the show’s first season. They are:

No.Episode Title​Directors​Writers​Original Air Date​
1“Gift from an Angel”
Transcription: “Tenshi no Okurimono” (Japanese: 天使の贈り物)
Hideya TakahashiShin’ichi InozumeOctober 8, 2021
2“Hero of Justice”
Transcription: “Seigi no Hīrō” (Japanese: 正義のヒーロー)
Yūki NishihataShin’ichi InozumeOctober 15, 2021
3“Heart’s Beloved”
Transcription: “Akogare no Hito” (Japanese: 憧れの人)
Jang-hee KyuShinsuke ŌnishiOctober 21, 2021
4“Time to Assemble”
Transcription: “Shūketsu no Toki” (Japanese: 集結の瞬間とき)
Sō ToyamaKatsuya IshidaOctober 29, 2021
5“Death Sentence”
Transcription: “Shi no Senkoku” (Japanese: 死の宣告)
Oh Eun SooAtsuhiro TomiokaNovember 5, 2021
6“Two Painful Options”
Transcription: “Kujū no Nitaku” (Japanese: 苦渋の二択)
Yūki NishihataShin’ichi InozumeNovember 12, 2021
7“Tower of Nightmare”
Transcription: “Akumu no Tawā” (Japanese: 悪夢のタワー)
Yūsuke KuboKatsuya IshidaNovember 19, 2021
8“Symbol of Promise”
Transcription: “Yakusoku no Shirushi” (Japanese: 約束のしるし)
Jang-hee KyuShinsuke ŌnishiNovember 26, 2021
9“The Face of an Assassin”
Transcription: “Shikaku no Kao” (Japanese: 刺客の貌)
Kenta ŌnishiAtsuhiro TomiokaDecember 3, 2021
10“Where the Tears Go”
Transcription: “Namida no Yukue” (Japanese: 涙の行方)
Rei NakaharaShinsuke ŌnishiDecember 10, 2021
11“Your Own Worth”
Transcription: “Onore no Kachi” (Japanese: 己の価値)
Shinji NagataKatsuya IshidaDecember 17, 2021
12“A Fine Line Between Offense and Defense”
Transcription: “Kamihitoe no Kōbō” (Japanese: 紙一重の攻防)
Shin’ya SadamitsuAtsuhiro TomiokaDecember 24, 2021
13“World Peace”
Transcription: “Sekai no Heiwa” (Japanese: 世界の平和)
Yūki NishihataShin’ichi InozumeJanuary 7, 2022
14“Two Lights”
Transcription: “Futatsu no Hikari” (Japanese: 二つの光)
Yūsuke KuboAtsuhiro TomiokaJanuary 14, 2022
15“Diffused Power”
Transcription: “Kakusan no Chikara” (Japanese: 拡散の力)
Shigeru UedaShinsuke ŌnishiJanuary 21, 2022
16“World’s Greatest Assassin”
Transcription: “Saikō no Ansatsusha” (Japanese: 最高の暗殺者)
Tsuyoshi NagasawaKatsuya IshidaJanuary 28, 2022
17“The Other Five”
Transcription: “Hoka no Gonin” (Japanese: 他の5人)
Shin’ya SadamitsuShin’ichi InozumeFebruary 4, 2022
18“Last Supper”
Transcription: “Saigo no Bansan” (Japanese: 最後の晩餐)
Seung-hui SonAtsuhiro TomiokaFebruary 10, 2022
19“The Future of Humanity”
Transcription: “Ningen no Mirai” (Japanese: 人間の未来)
Akira ManoShinsuke ŌnishiFebruary 18, 2022
20“The Price of Honor”
Transcription: “Meiyo no Daishō” (Japanese: 名誉の代償)
Ikuhiro Matsui
Kazuya Mihashi
Katsuya IshidaFebruary 25, 2022
21“The Time for Talk”
Transcription: “Taiwa no Jikan” (Japanese: 対話の時間)
Akira ManoShin’ichi InozumeMarch 4, 2022
22“Wings of Determination”
Transcription: “Kakugo no Tsubasa” (Japanese: 覚悟の翼)
TBATBAMarch 11, 2022
Transcription: “TBA” (Japanese: TBA)
Transcription: “TBA” (Japanese: TBA)

Platinum End: The story so far…

In this section, we are going to go over the plot of the Platinum End anime series by recapping the synopses of the episode that have aired so far. This is going to be just a short overview of the plot so it won’t contain any major spoilers.

The story begins as Mirai Kakehashi plans to kill himself on her college graduation day, but the angel Nasse saves her life and grants her wings and arrows. Mirai initially refuses, but he begins to regain hope after receiving them. Mirai decides to go to school. People who arrive see the appearance of a Metropoliman hero, recognized by the police. Metropoliman announces to people that he is a new hero.

They broadcast his efforts when arresting a thief, earning him public support. He is one of 13 candidates to become a god. He also states that he has killed one of his enemies and will finish off the others. Mirai, who was witnessing all this, is shocked. When Mirai returns home, he has doubts that if he comes out, he might be unmasked by Metropoliman.

Despite all the warnings, he still decides to attend the opening ceremony. As he walks to school, Mirai sees an angel who unmasks him. Mirai is now a high school student when April rolls around. On the day of his entrance ceremony, he enters the school and sees an angel flying above his head and is shot down by the Red Arrow of love from his childhood friend Saki Hanakago (in as an arrangement).

Mirai is willing to lay down her life to protect Saki after she falls into Revel’s trap, the angel’s deception. He chooses to sacrifice himself in order to eliminate another candidate, but… Meanwhile, Metropoliman, the veiled candidate, springs into action, and the crisis enters a new phase.

Mirai and Saki leave Jinbo’s stadium with just helpless emotions on their minds. It’s hard to think that the two of them could face Metropoliman, the most formidable strategist in the world. However, Mirai and Saki are approached by a new candidate. His name is Nanato Mukaido. Mukaido warns Mirai and Saki that Metropoliman should not become the next God, and suggests that they undertake the task together.

Girl “A”, a college serial murderer, escapes from the center where she is being held. Mirai’s group deduces that Metropoliman helped her escape to attract other God Candidates. Mirai despises Metropoliman’s willingness to get himself into trouble. Mirai and Mukaido use their wings to get to the Great Tower, where a terrible trap has been set.

Their adversary Metropoliman emerges from the smoke haze. Mirai ends up confronting Metropoliman, who dismisses him as a little brat who lacks the confidence to fight. But when Mirai is surrounded, he takes an unexpected turn. Mirai puts her life in danger in order to shoot an Arrow. The Great Tower battle casts a shadow over Mirai and the others in many ways.

Saki, who was unable to participate in the fight, seems to be disturbed by something. Metropoliman begins plotting his next move. Mirai discovers the truth and then asks Saki to make a certain choice. Meanwhile, high school student Kanade Uryu, who was actually Metropoliman, also seems to be plotting his next move.

A new candidate for God sets a trap for Mirai and his companions. The long-haired, handsome man, a god aspirant who wields swords as well as wings and arrows, is named Hajime Sokotani. Hajime, who has led a tragic life so far, worships Metrpoliman, who is his exact opposite, and wants to become his faithful servant. To achieve his goal, Hajime targets Mirai and his companions and goes to a certain place.

Mukaido’s wife and daughter are taken hostage by Hajime. He is so intent on rescuing them that he falls into a trap from which there is no escape. Mirai also goes into the trap to rescue them.

Meanwhile, Saki, who only has a red arrow, stays home because she can not help in a fight. Although she cannot fight without wings, she still tries to help Mirai and Mukaido. When Revel, the angel, sees her, he thinks about his own powerlessness… and for the first time, tears run down his cheeks.

Revel is promoted to first rank angel and Saki receives her wings. They rush to the park where the battle is taking place, and she manages to shoot Hajime with a Red Arrow.

Through the power of the Red Arrow, Hajime experiences love for the first time in his life. After a fierce inner conflict, what decision will he make…? Meanwhile, Kanade has a trump card up his sleeve that he has hidden. He throws their fight into chaos and turns it into a roller coaster ride of fights.

Fuyuko, one of Kanade’s subordinates, is a researcher who develops killer viruses. Fuyuko threatens Mirai and his companions by telling them that she will carry out an indiscriminate terrorist attack and spread her killer virus.

She demands that they allow her to test her latest drug on them if they are to prevent the attack. Kanade names Mirai as the first guinea pig. Mukaido and Saki desperately try to stop him, but Mirai does not listen to them, not wanting anyone to die, and instead confronts Fuyuko face to face. The needle is getting closer. What will Mirai’s fate be?

Mirai and Metropoliman agree to a fair fight, taking turns firing arrows at each other. During their duel, Metropoliman reflects on the past and his own values.


Is Platinum End Good? An Honest Review of the Anime and Manga

Mirai and Kanade are unaware that their duel is being streamed online by someone. As people all over Japan and even the MPD watch the stream and spring into action, their duel nears its end. A Red Arrow seeking his fortune against a White Arrow who will grant him his wish. What fate awaits the two fighting for their lives?

In exchange for Mukaido’s life, his actions finally end their long battle with Metropoliman AKA Kanade. Mirai, however, notices that Kanade has been secretly shot with a red arrow by someone else… Who was controlling Kanade? The MPD begins to investigate the identities of the God candidates and the situation moves to the next phase. And then a new God Candidate begins to act.

God candidate and elementary school student Susumu reveals information about the new god selection process in a live broadcast on TV. As a result, people around the world begin searching for god candidates.

Mirai and Saki are under great stress. The whole world is looking for them and their identities must not be revealed under any circumstances… But one day, on the way home from school, an MPD detective named Hoshi approaches Mirai.

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