‘Prey’ Ending, Explained: How Does The Comanche Fight Against The Predator in Prey?


Prey is the new film in the Predator franchise. The alien hunter has been dormant for a while, but it comes back with a very cool spin. This new Predator is a period piece set in 1719, the time when the Comanche would roam the plains of North America, and when the trappers were decimating the animal population in search of the fine pelts they provided. It is at this time that a new Predator would set foot on Earth to hunt, and face itself against another who would also need to prove itself as a hunter.

The film is directed by Dan Trachtenberg, who has proved to be a great director when it comes to genre, more pulpy kinds of films. The film is beautifully shot and serves as a showcase piece for new talents, including Amber Midthunder, who plays the protagonist, Naru, and Dakota Beavers, who plays Taabe, Naru’s brother. The film also displays some solid VFX, even when it becomes clear that this film leans more on the lower end of a big budget. It can be watched on Hulu


Why Does The Predator Look Different in Prey? Explained

Prey is all about revitalizing the franchise, and it does it very well. The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Prey. Read at your own risk.

How Does The Comanche Fight Against The Predator In Prey?

The film begins with the introduction of Maru, a young Comanche woman who is trying to prove herself as a hunter. As a tribe of hunters and gatherers, in the movie, the tribe divides these responsibilities between men and women. The men are the hunters, while the women are the gatherers. Naru sees herself as a hunter, but at every opportunity, she is not able to bring home the Prey. She displays a great sense of intelligence and the ability to plan, but she lacks execution.

On top of that, she finds herself in a sibling rivalry with Taabe, his older brother, who, unlike Naru is able to bring the prey home every time. Taabe displays great skills for hunting and also proves himself to be a great leader, never really putting his sister’s dream down, but actually pushing her to go the extra mile she needs to go to become a great hunter. Taabe is both cool, and strong, but also kind. However, Naru feels naturally jealous, although she never really admits it.


Naru is always accompanied by her loyal dog, Petsu, and also her father’s tomahawk. Her mother tells her that her father left his tomahawk with Maru, so she could cut herbs. Naru, of course, has other uses in mind. Naru knows medicine thanks to her mother, so when a fellow hunter gets hurt by a mountain lion, she is allowed to go with the hunting party to rescue him. On the way to the wounded hunter, Naru finds strange sights. A lot of skinned animals and giant footprints belong to a creature that she has never seen before.

When the opportunity comes, Naru fails to kill the mountain lion. She falls from a tree and becomes unconscious. Taabe has to take her home and then come back to kill the lion. Naru knows there is something out there, something dangerous. However, Taabe successfully kills the lion, and he gets the title of War Chief. Later, Naru decides to go by herself and find the strange creature. She travels the plains until she comes face to face with the Predator, who manages to kill a bear using its own hands.

Taabe sends a party to find Naru. They do find her, but they also clash with the Predator, and it becomes a massacre. The hunters use arrows and spears, but they are not enough to stop the Predator. The Predator uses homing arrows, and other weapons to kill the entire party, leaving Naru alone. Naru falls into a bear trap, and she realizes the Predator doesn’t want Prey, it wants hunters, so it lets her live. However, she is captured by a group of French trappers that are in the area.

How Does Naru Kill The Predator In Prey?

Naru wakes up to find out that the trappers are also hunting for the Predator. They want information from her to set a trap for the creature. She doesn’t help them. They have also captured Taabe, and because none of them are willing to help them set the ambush, they are used as bait. Naru tells Taabe the Predator will not come for them; it wants hunters, not bait. The Predator arrives but has no interest in Naru and Taabe, so they use the opportunity to cut their constraints while the French trappers fight the Predator.

It doesn’t go well for the trappers. They end up getting killed completely, and the Predator moves on. Taabe goes to find a horse, while Naru and her dog return to the camp to retrieve her weapons. She kills the trappers and gets a gun from one of them. The Predator arrives and fights Naru, but she is saved at the last moment by Taabe who fights the creature and ends up hurting a lot. However, Taabe knows he cannot win completely. Taabe sacrifices himself so that Naru can run. He asks her to bring it home before getting killed.


Naru has seen how the Predator hunts and now has a plan. She has seen how the Predator’s homing arrow follows the laser that comes out of its helmet. She sets a trap and uses a herb to conceal her body heat so that the Predator cannot see her. Naru sneaks behind the creature and shoots it in the back of the head. In the commotion, she takes the helmet from the creature. She also leads the monster to a quicksand where she almost died previously.

During the fight, Naru manages to wound the creature, who, in desperation, even ends up cutting off his own arm. Naru makes the Predator fall into the quicksand, but it still comes out. It gets ready to shoot a homing arrow, forgetting he doesn’t have his helmet on. Naru set the helmet as a trap, so when the Predator shoots the arrow, the helmet is pointing at the Predator, who ends up killing himself.

The film ends with Naru and her dog coming back home to her mother. On her hands, it is the bleeding head of the Predator. Finally, Naru could bring the prey home.

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