Producer Confirms MCU’s Echo Will Differ in Superpowers From Comic Counterpart

MCU vs Comics Echo Powerset

Yesterday, the Disney+ show ‘Echo’ dropped its trailer, stirring up a buzz despite its troubled production and multiple delays. The excitement is fueled by heart-pounding action scenes and nods to Maya’s Native American heritage.

Initially, fans questioned why Echo was getting her own series, considering she wasn’t a top-tier hero in the comics and her powerset wasn’t particularly unique, resembling Taskmaster’s photographic reflexes. This makes her a potential standout in Marvel’s hand-to-hand combat scenes.

Surprisingly, producer Sydney Freeland wasn’t a fan of Echo’s faithful powerset, deeming it “lame” in her Variety interview. As a result, the series will take a completely different direction with Echo’s abilities.

Her power in the comic books is that she can copy anything, any movement, any whatever. It’s kind of lame. I will say, that is not her power. I’ll just kind of leave it at that.

Sydney Freeman for Variety

Fans swiftly pointed out that such disregard for the source material often signals the


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While the exact details of her powers remain unknown, a reliable leaker, CanWeGetSomeToast, shared a while back that Maya’s abilities will primarily draw from her Choctaw heritage. She is expected to possess diverse powers linked to various ancestors who precede her.

Freeland collaborated closely with the Choctaw Tribe to guarantee the utmost accuracy in every aspect.

We’re here to create a dialogue so that we can get your input and create a more authentic portrayal of the Choctaw people and culture.

Regardless, we’re looking forward to ‘Echo,’ slated to premiere on Disney+ on January 10, 2024.

What are your thoughts on the alterations to Echo’s powers in the MCU? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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