Psychological Thriller ‘White Night’ Sets Lead Cast With Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Chloë Grace Moretz

White Night

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White Night” is an upcoming film about one of the biggest murder-suicides in history. The film will tell the story of the occurrence commonly known as The Jamestown Massacre which resulted in the death of more than 900 people.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt will portray cult leader Jim Jones while Grace Chloë Moretz will portray a member of the People’s Temple founder’s inner circle. The events to be portrayed by the movie will be about the deaths which resulted from people following the Christian Socialist preacher and faith healer to Guyana where in the hopes of creating a religious utopia, it turned into an abusive nightmare.

The film will be financed by FilmNation and produced by FilmNation in association with Archer Gray. It will be based on Deborah Layton’s best-selling memoir titled ‘Seductive Poison.’ White Night will be directed by Anne Sewitsky who directed A Very British Scandal. The script was written by William Wheeler.

The psychological thriller follows the story of Layton (portrayed by Moretz) as she rises through the ranks at People’s Temple in this haunting true story. As the events unfold, she turns on Jones and fights to expose the truth about Jones to the world before it’s too late.


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In reaction to the project, FimNation’s president of production Ashely Fox said, “…. Anne’s urgent, thrilling vision for the film will make White Night a propulsive, immersive experience for this moment, while being the definitive portrayal of this timeless story.” Archer Gray’s CEO, Amy Nauiokas said, “Debbie’s incredible journey with the People’s Temple deserves an audience across generations. It should serve as a warning about the power a certain type of charismatic leader can have and the very real lessons to be learned from our history.”

In her most recent work, Moretz starred in Mother/Android for Netflix with Algee Smith. Her other works include Kick-Ass, The Miseducation of Cameron Post and voice work in Bojack Horseman. Levitt has extensive acting credits including Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, The Trial of the Chicago Seven, 500 Days of Summer and most recently Mr. Corman, a TV series for Apple TV+.

Production for White Night begins this spring.

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