‘Rana Naidu’ Ending Explained: What Happens Between Rana and His Father?

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Rana Naidu, a new crime thriller show that arrives this weekend on Netflix. The show is an Indian adaptation of the cult classic Showtime TV series Ray Donovan. The series takes the same premise and adapts it to the city of Mumbai. The result is a new palette of colors that manages to adapt the story of the first season of the original show in a very authentic way. All the characters, the setups, and, of course, the problems are all here because what would Ray Donovan be without a bit of bad luck in his life?

The first season of Rana Naidu offers a solid level of production value. The way the series uses the city of Mumbai is quite effective. Sometimes it paints it in a very bad light and won’t make you want to go there, but as the setting of a crime thriller, it seems like the perfect den for criminals and the like. However, Rana Daggubati, who plays the character of Rana, the Indian version of Ray Donovan, doesn’t manage to capture the charisma the character had while being played by Liev Schreiber

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Rana Naidu. Read at your own risk.

Why Is Rana Angry With His Father?

The series begins with the introduction of Rana, our main character. He is an all-serious, no-nonsense type of character. He and his friends work as fixers for the entertainment industry. This means that for every scandal and problem that celebrities see themselves involved with, at least ten others never saw the light of day, thanks to Rana and his group. He is very good at what he does and is respected in the industry. Rana has a wife, Naina, and two children. They love each other very much.

Rana sees his world being turned around when his father, Naga, is released from jail earlier than expected. Naga is very different from Rana. He is jovial and fun, but behind that façade, something lurks in the darkness. Naga is not a very good man, and all their kids hate him for some reason or another. Mostly because he neglected them and wasn’t there for them when they needed him the most. Rana has never forgotten about his father. So, when Naga tries to reconnect with his family, he sees himself being pushed away.

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Rana and Naga have a confrontation, and Rana is resolute in wanting his father out of his life. Naga moves with his younger son, Jaffa, but his attitude remains the same, and this becomes quite annoying to Jaffa, until he also tells his father that he needs to go. It is quite a mess, and not long after that Naga sees himself without somewhere to go. So, he tries to get closer to her daughter-in-law, Naina, and there he comes across a revelation that explains why Rana hates him so much.


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When they were little, Rana and his brother Jaffa were cared for by a Maharaj. The holy man ended up being abusive, and he sexually abused Jaffa. This results in Jaffa having clear developmental problems even as an adult. Jaffa tries to become independent, but his trauma makes it difficult for him. Naga discovers that whatever happened to Jaffa also happened to Rana, and the fact that he, who should have been their protector, was not there for them, was something that never left Rana’s mind.

What Happens Between Rana, And His Father?

Towards the end of the season, Rana sees himself involved with a mafioso called Surya. Surya has gone into hiding after doing some business, but Rana exposes him to the media, revealing that he is somewhere in Mumbai. Surya has been hidden from public view for years, but now his cover is blown. Surya also has a lot of problems when one of his henchmen, a man named Salim steals from him and leaves him. Surya cannot believe that his luck is finally running out.

Meanwhile, Rana and his associate, Marcos, track Salim, and a chase ensues in the middle of the docks. Salim is captured, and Rana interrogates him by hanging him upside down and dropping him into the water several times. Salim gives up Surya, of course, but it seems like Rana wastes no time and kills him by drowning him. Rana sends Marcos in the direction Salim gave them while he deals with his own issues with his father and family. Rana has become strained with his wife, Naina, who lives in a hotel.

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Things take a bad turn when Marcos arrives at the site. He starts doing so recon, but he is caught by surprise and captured. Surya calls Rana and explains that in order for Marcus to live, he will need a couple of passports, a plane, and the money Salim stole from him. Surya already knows that Rana caught Salim and has the money. They arrange a meeting place to make the exchange. This is when Rana has his conversation with his father, and then Naga has this conversation with Naina, revealing the truth about Rana’s past.


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Rana arrives at the meeting place for the exchange only to discover that his father, having run out of options, is now planning to leave the country with Surya. Rana feels betrayed once more. Rana gives the money and the plane to Surya, and he releases Marcus before shooting him in the back. Shooting starts, and in the end, Naga betrays Surya, protecting his son. Father and son see eye to eye for the first time in the series, and Rana takes Marcus to the hospital. The season ends with Naina finding Rana all bloody. She lays down next to him, and it seems Rana has his family back once again.