Rataalada Answers: The Batman After-Credits Website, Riddles, and File Explained

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One of the most interesting ways that The Batman used to give us a sneak preview into the next chapter for the film is through a post-credits scene that gives us the URL to a website called Rataalada that will allow you to answer a few riddles. For those who aren’t particularly talented at answering riddles, we have the list of answers for you as well as information regarding what the website has in store for those who answered the riddles correctly. 

When you open the Rataalada website, you will be given a chance to choose whether or not you want to proceed with the questions of the website. Take note that the website uses an old-school 80s or 90s type of black and green interface that is quite similar to the style that the Matrix uses.

If you want to proceed with the questions, you can simply press Y and then press enter to proceed. Then you will be given three questions that may or may not follow the order that we have below. It can be a random order, but the fact is that all three of those questions will be given. Answering a question correctly is the only way to proceed to the next one.

Answer To “I Am First A Fraud Or A Trick. Or Perhaps A Blend Of The Two” Is “Confusion”

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The first question is, “I am first a fraud or a trick. Or perhaps a blend of the two.” Taking too long to answer this question will reveal a message that goes, “Those who take shortcuts will never win.” Don’t worry about that message because it doesn’t really matter when it comes to the end goal.

Simply type “confusion” and then press enter so that you will be able to get the right answer to this question. This will allow you to proceed to the next riddle.

Answer To “What Was New, Is New Again” Is “Renewal”

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There are certain instances where the second riddle will be “What was new, is new again.” Again, if you take too long to answer the riddle, you will get a message that will say, “How sad I am for you. Search harder for the truth, I dare you.”

The answer to the riddle is “renewal.” Simply type it and then enter to proceed to the last question.

Answer To “Fear He Who Hides Behind One” Is “Mask”

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In some cases, the final riddle in the Rataalada website is “Fear he who hides behind one.” The one that the question is referring to is “mask,” which is the right answer to the riddle. Simply enter that answer to complete the trio of riddles.

“Thomas Wayne Lies” Password

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After you’ve completed all of the three riddles, you will be given a message that says, “Now that you’ve achieved the highest score, here’s something you’ve never seen before.” The message will also include something that goes [CLICK FOR REWARD].


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Simply click that message, and you will be able to download a zipped file. Double-click that zipped file so that you will be able to unzip it. However, you will need to enter the answer to the final riddle, which is “What am I.”

The answer to that riddle is “promise,” which you should type in small caps. Entering the password will reveal a video file entitled “Thomas Wayne Lies,” which reveals the true post-credit scene of The Batman.

Hush: The Batman’s Next Villain Confirmed

In The Batman, one of the things that the Riddler wanted to reveal to the city of Gotham was the series of lies that Thomas Wayne was keeping hidden from them during his campaign for mayor. The Riddler believes that those lies were very important because they will allow the people to see the hidden truth behind what seemed like an honest and honorable man like Thomas Wayne.

The video entitled “Thomas Wayne Lies” shows us a sample campaign video of Thomas Wayne during the time he ran for the mayoral seat of Gotham City. However, the video also includes the word “Hush” over Thomas Wayne’s face in one of the frames.

For those who haven’t read the comics or the animated movie, the word “Hush” might not mean anything. However, this is actually a preview of the next villain of The Batman, which is the mysterious man called “Hush.”

In Batman: Hush, we are introduced to a mysterious villain called Hush, who was actually tailing Batman in his missions against various villains. At one point, he shot Batman while he was in the air, and this led to the hero falling and getting his head seriously injured. The injury required him to see his childhood friend, Thomas Elliot, a renowned brain surgeon in Gotham City.

Thomas Elliot in Batman Hush.jpeg

Hush, later on, uses the Joker in an attempt to lure Bruce Wayne into a trap while he and Thomas Elliot were attending the opera. Thomas got lured outside, where Hush killed him while Joker was around. This made Batman think that it was the Joker who killed his friend, and that forced the hero to nearly killing his archnemesis.


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After that incident, Batman deduced that the fact that Hush targeted Thomas means that he is aware of his identity as Bruce Wayne. But Bruce and Selina eventually discover that Hush is simply a reborn version of the Riddler in the film version after he healed himself of his brain tumor in a Lazarus Pit. However, he is actually Thomas Elliot in the comics.

Seemingly reborn and armed with vigor and the knowledge behind Batman’s personal life, Hush targeted Bruce Wayne’s family in an attempt to destroy Gotham’s hero once and for all.

It would be interesting to see whether or not The Batman would be using Elliot or simply a rebranded version of the Riddler, especially considering that Hush became a product of the Lazarus Pit, which isn’t something that has been revealed in the current continuity of the film series. 

Then again, using Hush as Riddler and as the next villain will close the chapter on the Riddler arc of The Batman, considering that Riddler, despite being behind bars throughout the ending part of the movie, actually defeated Batman when his final plan of flooding Gotham was put into motion. As such, having him as the next villain will allow the story between Batman and the Riddler to go full circle.

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