Reports Reveal New Updates on ‘Nova’ Project in the MCU as well as Which Version of the Character To Expect

Rumors ‘Nova to Be Released as Feature Film Instead of a Series

Marvel Studios has over 20 projects underway, spotlighting both major and lesser-known comic book characters, despite Iger’s assertions that creative output would scale back to 2-3 movies annually and 2 live-action shows.

Among the confirmed projects, ‘Nova’ has been in the works for years. Initially envisioned as a series, it was later reimagined as a feature film, and now, it appears to have reverted to being a series once more.

Daniel Richtman, a prominent scooper and leaker, shared on his private Patreon that a project originally slated as a feature film is undergoing a transformation into a Disney+ series. The revamped series will center around a younger protagonist. This decision indicates that the primary Nova in the MCU will likely be Sam Alexander, rather than Richard Rider, a choice that may disappoint many fans. Richtman also mentioned that production is expected to commence next year.

Brad Winderbaum, head of animation for Marvel Studios, recently addressed doubts surrounding the development of the show. He clarified that ‘Nova’ is indeed planned for development, but emphasized that under the new system, being in development doesn’t guarantee a release.

A few weeks back, rumors hinted at Ryan Gosling being in talks to play Nova or another undisclosed MCU role. However, considering the focus on a younger Nova, it seems unlikely that Gosling is involved.

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