Reports Suggest Janelle Monáe Could Join the MCU in a Significant X-Men Role

janelle monae cast as storm

Despite Disney’s plan to reduce output, Marvel Studios continues to develop numerous projects. Among the most anticipated is a live-action reboot of the ‘X-Men’ franchise.

The idea of rebooting the ‘X-Men’ series has been in the works since Disney acquired Fox properties, including X-Men and Fantastic Four. While it’s not confirmed whether the rumor we’re about to share is directly linked to the X-Men reboot, it certainly aligns with that possibility.

Per information from MyTimeToShineHello, a reasonably dependable source for leaks and scoops, discussions are ongoing for Janelle Monàe to become part of the MCU family, potentially portraying Storm.

While many fans have hoped for Halle Berry’s return to her iconic role, it’s unlikely given the MCU’s preference for a younger cast. Janelle Monàe emerges as an excellent choice for the part, showcasing exceptional talent in both music and acting, backed by an impressive array of awards and projects. Monáe is widely recognized as a highly acclaimed American artist, excelling across various fields including singing, songwriting, rapping, and acting, with a notable list of achievements including ten Grammy Award nominations, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and a Children’s and Family Emmy Award.

She has expanded her career into acting, garnering acclaim for her performances in notable films like ‘Moonlight’ and ‘Hidden Figures’ in 2016. Her portrayal of engineer Mary Jackson in ‘Hidden Figures’ even earned her a nomination for the Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Supporting Actress.

In subsequent years, she has continued to impress with roles in films such as ‘Harriet’ (2019) and ‘Glass Onion’ (2022), along with a memorable appearance in the television series ‘Homecoming’ (2020). Notably, she clinched her first Children’s and Family Emmy Award in 2022 for her part in the TV series ‘We the People.’ Moreover, Monáe ventured into the music industry with the launch of her own record label, Wondaland Arts Society, in collaboration with Epic Records in 2015, where she has nurtured talents like Jidenna, Roman GianArthur, and St. Beauty.

What are your thoughts on Janelle potentially portraying Storm? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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