Reshoots in Progress for Season 2 of ‘Andor’ in Bristol

What is the meaning of Andor

In February 2022, Stellan Skarsgård hinted at a second season for ‘Andor’, saying filming would begin later in 2022. In April, cinematographer Adriano Goldman mentioned plans for five seasons had changed, and now the series was expected to last three seasons.

At the Star Wars Celebration in May, Lucasfilm confirmed a 12-episode second season. Gilroy explained that the original five-season plan was too ambitious due to the series’ scale, so they opted for one more season leading directly into the events of Rogue One.

The second and final season of ‘Andor’ faced significant challenges due to the SAG-AFTRA Strike. Filming initially concluded in February, but Bespin Bulletin reports that the show is currently undergoing reshoots in Bristol, likely due to the strike’s effects and to refine additional details.

Season two of Andor is currently being filmed at the Bank of England building on Wine Street in Bristol. ‘Pilgrim’ signs (the production title for ‘Andor’) are visible at the site, though they’re on basic A4 sheets instead of the usual pink signs. Fences have been set up to block access to the building’s basement, where generators from hired companies are located outside. The duration of filming at this location and the length of the reshoots remain uncertain at this time.

Not much information is available about season 2, except that it will have a faster pace compared to the previous season. The challenge lies in condensing several years of plot into a single season. Recent reports suggest that ‘Andor’ season 2 will adopt a unique structure, largely involving significant time jumps, posing challenges for the entire crew.

Production faced additional hurdles when Tony Gilroy departed in May 2023. Filming continued without him, but in July 2023, production abruptly halted due to the onset of the Strikes, leaving only a few weeks of filming remaining.

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