Rumors: ‘Nova’ To Be Released as Feature Film Instead of a Series

Rumors ‘Nova to Be Released as Feature Film Instead of a Series

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Marvel Studios has a robust lineup of over 20 projects in development, spotlighting both prominent and lesser-known characters from the comics. Recent rumors suggest that executives are exploring additional characters to expand the Disney+ show offerings.

Despite the industry-wide impact of the historic SAG-AFTRA strike, causing delays and uncertainties for some previously announced and speculated projects, occasional updates or rumors assure fans that progress is still underway. Over the past seven years, a Nova-centric project has been heavily rumored. The initial plan was for it to be a movie, but later speculations hinted at a Disney+ series. Now, according to the reliable insider Daniel Richtman, it appears the Nova project is destined to be a feature film after all.

Limited details are available about the upcoming show, but it’s confirmed to feature one Nova character, potentially either Richard Rider or Sam Alexander. Fans are divided on their preferences for the portrayal.


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Considering the narrative perspective, there’s a prevailing sentiment that introducing Nova in earlier phases when the MCU had fewer cosmic-powered superheroes would have been more logical. However, if rumors hold true, and with more cosmic heroes joining the fray, introducing Nova through a movie might be a more impactful choice compared to a Disney+ series.

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