Rumors: Sony, Feige & Holland in Ongoing Debate Over Whether ‘Spider-Man 4’ Will Embrace Street-Level or Multiversal Narrative

Rumors Have It That Sony Is Reportedly in the Process of Developing an R Rated Spider Man Film

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is currently immersed in its ‘Multiverse Saga,’ a narrative arc spanning Phase Four, Phase Five, and Phase Six, which began with ‘WandaVision’ and is slated to culminate with ‘Avengers: Secret Wars.’ This saga is defined by its exploration of the Multiverse concept, which serves as a central theme across various projects.

However, while the Multiverse plays a significant role in the overarching narrative, its prominence varies among individual projects based on the focus of the superheroes involved. For instance, ‘Echo’ and the upcoming ‘Daredevil: Born Again’ are expected to center more on street-level heroes and villains, with minimal or no connection to the Multiverse.

The inclusion of Daredevil in the rumored ‘Spider-Man 4,’ initially suggested a continuation of the street-level narrative for Spider-Man, which garnered a positive reception from fans. Yet, the Multiverse theme was already prominently featured in ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home,’ leaving fans curious about how Spider-Man’s storyline will navigate between street-level and Multiverse elements.


Vincent D’Onofrio Reportedly in Talks To Appear as Kingpin in ‘Spider-Man 4′

According to rumors, Kevin Feige, Tom Holland, and Sony are currently in talks to determine the direction of the ‘Spider-Man’ franchise’s future. The speculation originates from Alex Perez, a well-known insider and source of information on X.

Considering other Spider-Man projects like those featuring Miles Morales, ‘Madame Web,’ and the upcoming ‘Spider-Man Noir’ show, it seems logical for the Multiverse theme to play a significant role. Additionally, with Daredevil and Kingpin – who is one of the iconic Spider-Man adversaries, set to join the MCU, the potential for their inclusion adds further complexity.

However, details about the plot of the forthcoming ‘Spider-Man’ film remain scarce. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly on February 14, 2023, Kevin Feige disclosed that the film’s story had been finalized, with the writers commencing work on the script. Thus, regardless of the direction chosen, some revisions are likely.

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