Ryan Coogler Reportedly to Direct Key Upcoming MCU Project

Ryan Coogler Reportedly to Direct Key Upcoming MCU Project

In November 2022, Coogler and Feige were said to have talked about making a third Black Panther movie. In January 2023, Wright hinted that they were thinking about it, saying the cast and Coogler needed time to get ready before starting.

Now, after a year has gone by, it seems like Coogler is officially going to direct the third movie.

This hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, but we’re pretty sure it’s going to be announced soon, based on the latest rumors. Along with the announcement of ‘Black Panther 3’, Coogler is also lined up to direct the upcoming live-action ‘X-Men’ reboot.

It’s logical considering that Coogler is arguably one of Marvel Studio’s top in-house directors. The themes in Black Panther and his other films align closely with those in the X-Men franchise. Moreover, his adeptness in managing ensemble casts is a plus.

With Coogler currently involved in various upcoming MCU projects like the ‘Eyes of Wakanda’ animated series and ‘Ironheart,’ adding two more significant productions to his portfolio seems only fitting.

Once again, regarding the ‘X-Men’ live-action project, recent rumors suggest the studio is looking for someone who can handle both humor and drama, preferably a person of color (POC). Once again, Coogler seems like an ideal fit for this role.

Very little information is available about either ‘Black Panther 3’ or the ‘X-Men’ live-action project, so there’s not much more to say at this point.

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