‘Salvage Marines’ Ending, Explained: What Happens at the End of Salvage Marines Season 1?

Salvage Marines

Salvage Marines is a new science fiction series developed for the streaming platforms Popcornflix, and Crackle that you can watch for free right now. The series is an adaptation of the Necroscape series of books. The books are written by Sean-Michael Argo, and tell the story of Samuel Hyst a factory worker who decides to enlist in the Salvage Marines. He believes that by doing so, he will be able to pay off his wife’s and future child’s debts in a world ruled by mega-corporations engaged in real-life stake wars.

The premise of the show is really cool, and the world-building is actually superb. The show takes inspiration from genres like cyberpunk and pulls a lot of military imagery and atmosphere from the Warhammer 40k universe. Sadly, the budget for the show is so low that it is one of the ugliest shows in recent memory. The series looks more like a fan project than anything that is actually made to be broadcast on a proper streaming service.

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Salvage Marines had a lot of potential, even managing to get Casper Van Din to play the main character, but the lack of resources brought it down. The following paragraphs contain spoilers for season 1 of Salvage Marines. Read at your own risk.

What Happens At The End Of Salvage Marines Season 1?

During the entire season, the main conflict of the show has been how the Reapers, how soldier squad, where the main characters posted, feel about their job, and how the company treats them. It is really a wonderful take on military fiction. We often see this fracture between the higher ups and the soldiers as a subject of morals, loyalty, honor, and things like that. However, Salvage Marines presented the situation as a simple transaction between employer and employee. It really makes the show feel different.

Our main character, Samuel Hyst, entered the Reapers, and the Salvage Manrine squad in general, as a way to get rid of the debt that he inherited from his father. A debt that he could end up passing to his future son if he stayed working in a factory job. Sam enlisted the help of his best friend Ben, and together they got into the marines. Only to find that there is no honor, or discipline inside the organization, only money.

Salvage Marines

The Salvage Marines fight in the name of a corporation, not a country or an ideal, but only in the name of corporate standing and the future of the company as a profitable enterprise. During the show, the corporations remain emotionless and soulless entities that are willing to sacrifice the lives of the marines as much as they want with no repercussions. Sam manages to rise up the ladder and reaches the rank of “Boss” a nod to Metal Gear, maybe?

The fact is that being a salvage marine is a lot tougher than our characters realized, and the shock of living killing other people in the same situation as them doesn’t really leave a good taste in their mouth. In a wonderful scene, all the main characters tell the reason they are there in the first place, and most of them find themselves in the same situation. Getting rid of the debt is, of course, the main one, while others are there just for the adventure, and the opportunity to see the galaxy.

Samuel Hyst is married and has a child on the way, so he is not as special even when he is our main character, which makes it rather compelling. We are following the life of someone that doesn’t have anything special happening to him. He is just like everybody else.

Does Sam Come Back To Earth At The End Of Season 1 of Salvage Marines?

What started as a job that would only last for two years, ended up going for almost five. And with Sam rising in the ranks and becoming an important leader among the Reapers, it seems that Sam might be getting trapped in the same trap he tried to escape from. Sam and his superior in the organization, Boss Marsters, are ready to go to the next level, and they warn the corporation that they might start a union to defend their rights as workers.

The Reapers promise they will be loyal to the corporation, but they are going to need monetary compensation. Saying that they are striving for a higher goal as a family isn’t enough to maintain loyalty towards the company. Marsters even explains to Sam that he is from a family that for nine generations has sent someone to the marines so that the rest of the family doesn’t have to. Sometimes there is more than the job, and the corporation should respect that.

Salvage Marines

Sam spends more years than planned on the organization, and he establishes a romantic relationship with Jada Sek, a badass woman under his service. The pair seem to be a match made in heaven, and their relationship truly feels like something that could work out after they leave the Reapers. After one massive battle where Virginia, one of the oldest members of the team, dies, Sam manages to get wounded, and he is going to be sent back to his family.

Jada and Sam say goodbye. Maybe in some other place, in some other time, they could have been together, but now Sam needs to go back to his wife and meet the son he hasn’t met. With his debt paid in full, Sam comes back to Earth and the last we see of him is getting to his wife’s cabin in the woods, as his son recognizes him in the distance.

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