Samuel L. Jackson Posted An Image From ‘Secret Invasion’ Set With Terrific Hashtag

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One of MCU’s biggest legends, Samuel L. Jackson who played the role of Nick Fury since the very beginning in 2008, made a post on Instagram, revealing that he’s back for his next MCU project, the Secret Invasion mini-series.

And of course, Sam wouldn’t be Sam if he didn’t do it in his own style. He posted the picture of his characters’ disintegration from Infinity War printed on a t-shirt with three hashtags; #secretinvasion, #backwithfury, and the best one: #fu**thatsnap.

Just like he referenced in the post, Fury didn’t survive Thanos’ attack on the universe from Infinity War, but he returned following all the events in Avengers Endgame. Jackson reprised the role in Spider-Man: Far From Home, but in the post-credit scene it was revealed that Fury was actually a shapeshifter Talos who we met in Captain Marvel movie, while the real Fury was somewhere… who knows where.

Now, all that will be tangled (typical for MCU) in the mini-series Secret Invasion where Jackson will return as real Fury, and Ben Mendelsohn will return as Talos.

The series will consist of six episodes, and the premiere is expected next year.

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