15 Scariest Horror Movies About Creepy Dolls

Horro movies with dolls

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Dolls are some of the most common phobias among people and at the same time one of the most beloved horror movie characters. They have been featured in various horror tv series but there have also been movies that gave us nightmares after watching them, mostly due to these disturbing and human-like toys often responsible for the worst things happening there. This is the list of the 15 scariest horror movies about creepy dolls, some directly dealing with them and some partially, having them as menacing and sinister supporting roles. 

Annabelle (2014)

annabelle 2

Annabelle is a rare vintage doll that wears a beautiful white wedding dress and it seemed a perfect gift for John Form’s pregnant wife Mia. Soon, Mia begins to realise that there is something wrong with her gift, especially after the night she and John are attacked by members of a satanic cult.


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The invaders have left something terrible behind them, a malevolent entity that has been hidden inside Annabelle that is now connected with terrifying supernatural occurrences beginning to torment and threaten the married couple. 

The Boy (2016)

the boy

When Greta, a young American woman arrives in a remote English village to be the nanny to an eight-year-old boy, the surprise that awaits her will be more than she could have ever bargained for. She finds out that she is going to take care of a life-sized doll that is being treated as a real boy.

Its “parents” are dealing with the grief of losing their son twenty years ago and this is the way they are coping with their sadness and loss. When Greta doesn’t follow the list of strict rules, a series of unusual and disturbing events will make her believe that the doll is alive. 

Poltergeist (1982)

Poltergeist 1982

This scary movie is about a young family who is tormented by domestic ghosts in their home. At first, everything seemed pretty benevolent, the ghosts appeared friendly and were amusing everyone by moving objects around the house.

But very soon it all started getting pretty nasty and they wouldn’t stop terrorizing and harassing the whole family, until one day they decided to kidnap the youngest daughter. One of the most terrifying parts and characters in the whole movie is the clown doll that served as a distraction so that the ghost could kidnap the girl.  

Magic (1978)


Sir Anthony Hopkins plays the leading role in this Richard Attenborough’s masterful horror about Corky, a magician’s assistant who fails at his first solo appearance. In order to improve his act and successfully perform in front of the public, he is given a ventriloquist dummy called Fats to practice on.

After a few years, Corky is one of the best ventriloquists there is but as it turns out, Fats has developed a mind of its own and it has decided to control its master. He will become Corky’s biggest nightmare, especially when he finds out that Corky wants to renew his relationship with his high school sweetheart. 

Saw (2004)


Saw, an excellent horror franchise introduces us to the infamous Jigsaw Killer with the sinister idea of capturing people and watching them while they try to free themselves from the traps he has put them in. In the first and most interesting and intriguing part of this franchise, two men, Adam and Dr Lawrence Gordon wake up in a big, dirty bathroom and discover they have been captured by Jigsaw.

Handcuffed and alone, with time running out, they will realize they don’t have much time in front of them and that when the clock ticks they will have to face deadly consequences. 


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Child’s Play (1988)

childs play

One of the most sinister and terrifying horrors of all time is this gruesome story about a doll that has been brought to life by a voodoo routine. Charles Lee Ray is on the run from a police offer and in order to escape him, he decides to take his soul and bury it into a seemingly playful doll named Chucky.

But Chucky is soon to be given to a boy Andy Barclay who will quickly realize there is something terribly wrong with his new toy. Charles will confide with Andy, but numerous murders will be committed and it will be too late before adults believe in Andy’s story and figure out the truth. 

Dead Silence (2007)

dead silence

There have always been ghost stories going around every town and Ravena Fair has its own folktale that used to scare generations. It is the story of a ventriloquist named Mary Shaw who was accused of kidnapping a boy in 1940 when the townsfolk caught her, they cut out her tongue and killed her.

In the present day, a young widower returns to his hometown of Ravena Fair to search for answers to his wife’s murder and soon he will start wondering whether everything is connected to the ventriloquist’s death. His wife’s murder is not the only one that’s happened recently and everyone is starting to believe that there s something sinister going on in their town.

Dolls (1986)


This chilling horror tells the story of five adults and a child who are stranded by a storm and forced to spend the night in the mansion of an elderly couple who work as dollmakers. Soon, the child will figure out that there is something weird and unusual going on around these dolls.

They will realise that the dolls are evil humans who have been caught and miniaturized into doll-size by the weird and crazy married couple.

Pin (1988)


Leon and Ursula are siblings who were left alone after the murder of their parents. They had to carry on with their lives and their home soon grows bigger with a new member, a sentient doll named Pin. Pin was once used by their father as a medical prop doll.

Pin is extremely strange and Ursula soon starts feeling very uneasy around it, while Leon quickly grows more and more attached to it. Unfortunately, Pin doesn’t share Leon’s enthusiasm and soon begins to take over his and his sister’s life.

Dead of Night (1945)

dead of night

One of the first horrors with the topic including dolls is this horror drama about a group of guests who are invited to a weekend in the country to share their supernatural stories. One of them is architect Walter Craig who accepted to come only because he thought there would be some work at a country farmhouse.


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But soon he will find himself trapped inside his recurring nightmare that turns into reality. Dreading its terrible ending, Walter is forced to wait for it while all the guests tell their own bizarre stories. 

Deep Red (Profondo rosso, 1975)


Dario Argento, the master of horrors and one of the greatest directors of Italian cinema presents us with a story connected to the murder of a psychic who can read people’s minds. After picking up the thoughts of a murderer he himself becomes the victim.

 A jazz pianist and a journalist are the ones who will be involved in this dreadful web of mysteries after one of them witnesses the brutal murder of the mentioned psychic. They will be served with so many unexplained situations that they will soon start questioning themselves what is real and how can the murderer track his movements so closely.

Suddenly in the Dark (1981)


South Korean cinematography is most of the time covered in a mysterious aura and usually hides secrets and things that are giving the audience chills while watching their movies. This is the story Kang Yu-jin, a wealthy biology professor who takes in a new housemaid, Mi-ok, a daughter of a shaman who has recently died in a house fire.

Kang and his wife welcome the young girl but his wife Seon-hee very soon starts feeling uneasy about the creepy wooden doll she has brought to their home. After beginning to have nightmares about the same doll, Seon-hee is convinced that the young girl is trying to kill her and take over her household. 

Trilogy of Terror (1975)

trilogy of terror

This is a movie about three stories that are connected in a certain, bizarre way. The first is a tale about a college student obsessed with his teacher. The second is a paranoid tale of two sisters, one good and one evil.

The third is the story of a Native American tribal doll that comes to life and starts terrorizing a woman in her apartment. Actress Karen Black plays four different characters in each of these three disturbing and sinister stories. 

Coraline (2009)

Is Coraline 2 happening in 2022?

This isn’t a full-blooded horror but is one of the most disturbing cartoons ever, full of evil and menacing doll-like characters. Coraline is a young girl who moves to an old house where she feels bored and neglected by her parents. One night she finds a hidden passage that leads to a parallel universe where everyone seems completely different from her reality. 

Everyone has buttons instead of eyes and lives with loving and caring parents who make all their dreams come true. But Coraline soon realizes that this is just an illusion and tries to escape this world that is trying to capture her for eternity. 

May (2002)


May was a strange and lonely little girl whose only friend was a weird, homemade doll kept in a glass cave. May didn’t change while growing up and she ended up as a lonely young girl who now works at an animal hospital, assisting veterinarians in surgeries and sewing operated animals.

May falls in love with a mechanic and starts dating him but soon pushes him away with her strange behavior. A series of events after that and a disaster when her doll accidentally breaks will be the trigger for a seriously deranged May. She decides to build a new one, a new friend of hers and for that, she is going to need the best parts her acquaintances can offer.

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