20 Best Scorpio Anime Characters Ranked by Likability

20 Best Scorpio Anime Characters Ranked by Likability

The makers of anime are incredibly magnificent and exact, and we get to admire their work whenever we see these fictional characters – even though some of them took place decades ago. Some of the creative works include giving them characteristics that correspond to their Zodiac signs and there are many Scorpio anime characters.

Scorpios have a sharp tongue and, as the name says, a powerful sting. Their ruthless honesty can lead them into difficulty at times, but they are nearly always able to use their skills to get out of problems. So, let’s stick around as we look at 20 of the best Scorpio characters ranked by how die-hard anime fans love them.

When Are Scorpio Born?

The eighth sign of the zodiac, Scorpio, dates in astrology are typically from October 23 to November 21 and thus represent people who are born under these dates.

Best Scorpio Anime Characters

Scorpios have a talent for reading people, which they may employ for good or ill. Additionally, this sign has a wicked jealous streak, so keep an eye out for it. If you want to discover more about the anime characters, check out our list of the 20 best Scorpio anime characters ranked by likability.


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20. Hinano Kurahashi – Assassination Classroom

20 Best Anime Scorpio Characters Ranked By Likability

Hinano is ecstatic and almost enthusiastic about whatever she does, whether it’s schoolwork or assassination, and she does it with a smile on her face. She desires friendship from everyone in the class, although she is quite dim-witted and is occasionally taken advantage of because of her good nature.

Hinano is extremely resourceful, which comes in useful for class 3-E as they work towards killing their favorite instructor. 

19. Hikaru Hiyama – Kimagure Orange Road

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Hikaru Hiyama is a reluctant participant in a tangled love triangle involving her closest friend in the realm of Kimagure Orange Road. On the surface, she appears to be a rude tomboy, yet she is actually a highly sensitive and sympathetic person.

Hikaru has a bright, powerful presence that can make her the focus of attention in any setting. Despite her juvenile naiveté, she is capable of fierce commitment to her friends, as do many Scorpios.

She also has a tendency to use harsh words without apologies, which is a flaw shared by many people born under this sign.

18. Kuga Sakurai – Maid Sama!

20 Best Anime Scorpio Characters Ranked By Likability

Kuga is a great example of a Scorpio with two personalities. As a pop singer, he aspires to be adored, but his genuine personality has darker components. His politeness is completely self-serving, and he does it in order to earn favor.

As seen by his interactions with Misaki, he is distrusting and quickly bored. He has the potential to make his fun and games violent, and he doesn’t seem to care who he harms, making him a highly unpredictable character.

17. Subaru Saotome – Maid Sama!

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Subaru is the ultimate employee; she chooses not to focus on gossip and rumors and avoids any workplace problems. Subaru is serious, and she understands that Maid Latte is her source of income, therefore she must do everything she can to ensure its success.

Her independent demeanor is evocative of her Scorpio sign, and she is a loyal friend when she is needed the most. She does not, however, display any of the bad characteristics of the zodiac and prefers to adhere to facts rather than becoming secretive and envious.

16. Azusa Nakano – K-ON!

20 Best Anime Scorpio Characters Ranked By Likability

Azusa Nakano is a rising guitarist. Despite the fact that she is a very skilled musician, she is quite modest and maintains her desire to develop her talents no matter how far she advances. 

Her determination to improve her art extends beyond mastery — indeed, she refers to herself as a novice even though she is plainly a better guitarist than others.

When you consider Asuza’s star sign, her ambition makes perfect sense. This sign possesses the determination to succeed in their pursuits and professional undertakings. 

Scorpios, like Asuza, are eager to work hard for what they want and are not easily deterred once they have made up their minds to achieve anything.

15. Tohma Seguchi – Gravitation

20 Best Anime Scorpio Characters Ranked By Likability

Tohma Seguchi is the head of the big label N-G and the keyboardist for the popular band Nittle Grasper. Even in informal situations, he is exceedingly courteous and formal, and he is highly charming. However, underneath his sugary facade lurks terrifying cruelty that is shown only when he displays his true colors.

Tohma is another example of a determined Scorpio. In all of his professional pursuits, he has high expectations of himself and others, which has assured his success.

At the same time, he may be exceedingly jealous, and this combustible enviousness can quickly evolve to vindictiveness. Tohma Seguchi is a wonderful example of a Scorpio to be on the lookout for.

14. Rio Futaba – Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

20 Best Anime Scorpio Characters Ranked By Likability

Rio is a bright young lady who attends Minegahara High School. As a result of the Adolescent Syndrome, her divided perception of herself caused her to separate into two completely distinct people.

She examined her own symptoms as well as those of individuals around her to arrive at reasonable conclusions about why this was happening. Rio is resourceful and obstinate when it comes to her science, which is typical of a powerful Scorpio.


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She, on the other hand, does not display any of the more negative characteristics, and she has an intrinsic desire to be right and to be devoted to her friends.

13. Nunnally Lamperouge – Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

20 Best Anime Scorpio Characters Ranked By Likability

Nunnally Lamperouge is the sister of Lelouch, the protagonist of Code Geass. She, like her brother, was born into the luxury of royalty, but this princess isn’t as fortunate. After all, she can’t walk or see.

Despite the bad luck she’s had, she has a bright attitude and is always giving and caring to others.

Nunnally is diametrically opposed to her brother in this regard. She is exceedingly compassionate and empathic – and although kindness is unquestionably a virtue when carried to extremes, this Scorpio quality can also be a severe weakness.

Though Scorpios are compassionate, if they are overly trusting, it is quite easy to deceive and manipulate them.

12. Alois Trancy – Black Butler

20 Best Anime Scorpio Characters Ranked By Likability

Alois Trancy is a difficult figure to nail down. His conduct is unpredictable and unstable, which is most likely the product of a terrible background.

He may appear joyful on the outside, but he is merciless and nasty on the inside. His sole permanent loyalty appears to be to Claude Faustus, his demon butler.

Alois Trancy is especially cruel. This is one of Scorpio’s ambition’s shadows. When this sign succumbs to darker temptations or lacks empathy, as Alois does, they may inadvertently harm others while pursuing their desires.

This Scorpio looks to be largely incapable of comprehending the consequences of his actions, making him exceptionally hazardous.

11. Souma Yukihira – Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma

20 Best Anime Scorpio Characters Ranked By Likability

In summation, Suma Yukihira reflects everything that is good about Scorpio. Despite the fact that he meets with many people, he would never put anyone in a bad position. 

His father is obstinate about his relationship with him, and he is devoted to his cuisine. As Suma arrives at Totsuki Academy, he is considered the underdog, still, his ingenuity is evident.

10. Shigure Sohma – Fruits Basket

20 Best Anime Scorpio Characters Ranked By Likability

Shigure Sohma is one of the Sohma family’s elder members. He is typically nice and optimistic, despite being a highly complex character — he does things that may be deemed nasty, but his heart is always in the right place. Throughout the process, he is frequently highly manipulative.

Shigure is an excellent mentor since he is exceptionally observant. He is also very excellent at knowing how to persuade others to do what he wants and utilizing this talent to manipulate results in his favor. Both are the product of Scorpios’ inherent ability to read people, which Shigure has.

9. Uro – Karneval

20 Best Anime Scorpio Characters Ranked By Likability

Uro is a fascinating character. It appears that he is polite to those in positions of power above him, but disrespectful to those below him. He shows different personalities depending on who he is conversing with.

He can create or destroy scenarios with the help of his two personas. He shows the trusting and fearless side of Scorpio to those he admires and looks up to. On the other hand, he becomes angry, secretive, and distrustful when it comes to individuals he considers beneath him.

8. Maho Hiyajo – Steins; Gate 0

20 Best Anime Scorpio Characters Ranked By Likability

Despite being an adult, Maho is frequently misidentified as a kid. This misperception causes her a great deal of rage and frustration, which frequently leads to her striking out at others around her.

She has high regard for her coworkers, particularly Makise Kurisu. As deeper sentiments develop between her and Okabe Rintaro, she seeks advice from her friends.

Maho is bold in her own right, but she is not the great example of the Scorpio that we need. However, this does not prevent her from becoming a beloved character in our hearts.

7. Setsuna Meiou – Sailor Moon

20 Best Anime Scorpio Characters Ranked By Likability

Setsuna Meiou is a member of the Outer Senshi and one of the oldest sailor scouts. She is the keeper of space and time, a position she takes extremely seriously. 

She strictly guards her station and takes whatever steps are necessary to guarantee that order and justice are followed.

Scorpios may be extremely solitary — they do not require the company of others to be happy. Though Sailor Pluto is a sorrowful figure, her grief is unlikely to arise from her solidarity.

Her desire for order and morality, as well as the ruthlessness with which she defends these beliefs, is consistent with the Scorpio ethos.

6. Mikako Satsukitane – Heaven’s Lost Property

20 Best Anime Scorpio Characters Ranked By Likability

Mikako may appear innocent on the surface, but she is everything but. Mikako has much power in her life as president of the student council and the heiress of a Yakuza family.

She is extremely clever and resourceful, making her even more deadly. Her incredible ability to be stealthy and clandestine makes her an ideal Scorpio who relies on her darker tendencies to wield the most power. These characteristics place her high on our list, but she is hardly a persona to model yourself after.

5. Kyouka Izumi – Bungo Stray Dogs

20 Best Anime Scorpio Characters Ranked By Likability

Kyoka’s demeanor first appears dull and aggressive. She knows neither kindness nor sympathy since she is just used as a weapon. Her personality continues to flourish after meeting Atsushi and being introduced to the real world.

Through the Armed Detective Company, she is given a sense of purpose and is no longer forced to dwell on her earlier errors. 


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Her previous experience has made her courageous and resourceful, yet because of her newfound attitude, she might be suspicious and envious of new individuals. Because of these characteristics, she is a perfect Scorpio character.

4. Athrun Zala – Mobile Suit Gundam Seed

20 Best Anime Scorpio Characters Ranked By Likability

Athrun Zala is a soldier who takes his commands seriously. He is a brilliant technician and an expert mobile suit pilot. Despite his tight attention to directions, his compassion frequently undermines his ability, sometimes leading to bad decision-making.

He is another Scorpio with a faint power aura. Scorpios will not tell you that they are talented; rather, they will demonstrate their ability to you. This sign is often quite critical since they hold themselves and others to such high standards, and Athrun is no different.

3. Armin Arlert – Attack on Titan

20 Best Anime Scorpio Characters Ranked By Likability

Armin Arlert is a member of the Survey Corps, humanity’s final hope against the giants’ cruel rule in Attack on Titan anime. His diminutive height and emotional sensitivity make him an odd soldier, but his tactical brilliance gives him an advantage on the battlefield that compensates for his flaws.

Armin is devoted to his friends and shows them a great deal of care. He is exceedingly sensitive, and while this empathy is normally a Scorpio quality that works to his advantage, it is also a vulnerability for him. Despite his innocence, he has a strong will that becomes stronger as the story progresses.

2. Chi-Chi – Dragon Ball Z

20 Best Anime Scorpio Characters Ranked By Likability

Chi-Chi was well on her way to becoming Goku’s wife as the princess of Fire Mountain in Dragon Ball anime. Her demeanor is fiery, and she possesses the violent inclinations that Scorpios are known for.

While she is strong and passionate, her fire attitude may easily lead to her being secretive and envious. Chi-Chi is well-meaning, but her approach of demonstrating love to her family and friends may be harsh.

Chi-fiery Chi’s attitude wins her a place near the top of our list, as well as our affection for her and her family.

1. Miia – Monster Musume

20 Best Anime Scorpio Characters Ranked By Likability

Miia is a lamia, which means she is part snake and part human. She has moved in with the series’ protagonist, Kurusu, and numerous other monster girls.

Lamias have been described as being sexually obnoxious and akin to succubi. Miia has a special attachment to Kurusu, which causes tension and laughter throughout the series.

Though many of Monster Musume’s females are drawn to Kurusu, Miia’s Scorpio star sign causes her to be the most possessive and jealous. She is not afraid to strike out to safeguard what she considers to be hers.

Her devotion to her human companion, on the other hand, isn’t all negative for Kurusu — one aspect of her compassion is a resolve to protect him from harm.