20 Best Anime Capricorn Characters Ranked by Likability

20 Best Anime Capricorn Characters Ranked By Likability

Each new month brings with it a slew of new horoscopes. While reading about our own personalities and forecasts is thrilling, we seldom think about anime characters having birthdays outside of the sporadic birthday episodes that we see here and there. For the time being, let us concentrate on the astrological sign of Capricorn.

Capricorns have a strong desire to attain their goals. It is no surprise that the goat is the emblem linked with this sign — they are tenacious, sometimes to the point of being obstinate. Read along as I show you the best 20 anime characters who have their Zodiac sign as Capricorn.

When Are Capricorns Born?

Capricorns – the tenth sign in the zodiac, represents folks born between December 21st and January 21st. Those born under this earth sign are best known for their hard-working, tenacious approach to life.

Best Capricorn Anime Characters

Capricorns are intellectual beings that carefully analyze their options, and despite looks, they can be quite sensitive. You might be shocked to find out which of your favorite characters was born under this sign. Let’s get started with the best anime Capricorn characters.

20. Yukari Sendo – Rosario to Vampire

20 Best Anime Capricorn Characters Ranked By Likability

Yukari is initially portrayed to be whiny and irritating. Her character, however, grows well above her stature when she realizes she is a strong witch. Yukari is amusing and, despite her little stature, proves to be a useful buddy to have.

She is also not found to have a preference when it comes to picking pals. Because Yukari is young, they want to keep her pure in a harem anime. Yukari demonstrates her power by using her magic to save herself and her allies multiple times during the series. Yukari is a powerful and ambitious woman.

She may not be the coldest-hearted person, but she possesses the wonderful characteristics of a Capricorn.

19. Utena Tenjo – Revolutionary Girl Utena

20 Best Anime Capricorn Characters Ranked By Likability

To say the least, Utena Tenjo is a strange character. She met a prince as a youngster whom she liked and looked up to. She eventually resolves to pick up a sword and put on a costume to defend a girl at her school from an abusive relationship and become a princess herself.

She has a strong sense of right and wrong and would go to any length to protect her views.

Utena is a typical Capricorn personality. Despite the difficulties that are thrown in her path throughout the series, she remains steadfast in her pursuit of her goals.

Though she is focused on her objectives, she also possesses the emotional depth associated with her zodiac sign. Utena, like other Capricorns, has a fairly traditional view of justice.

18. Allen Walker – D.Gray Man

20 Best Anime Capricorn Characters Ranked By Likability

Allen Walker is a skilled exorcist. Regardless of his age, he is a force to be reckoned with. In addition to his achievements, he possesses extra talents such as a cursed eye and a weaponized arm.

He needs every edge he can get since the group he joins is fighting a struggle against demons to preserve the planet from impending annihilation.

Allen comes from a terrible background, yet he utilizes it as a source of power in a very Capricorn way. However, he frequently puts himself in harm’s way to aid his organization’s aims – an example of this sign’s work ethic gone too far.

Capricorns are obstinate, but that doesn’t mean they can’t adapt and adjust, which Allen does pretty well.

17. Erenfried – Neo Angelique Abyss

20 Best Anime Capricorn Characters Ranked By Likability

Erenfried is a Capricorn who is tough to place. He aspires to be a leader and achieve success, but when his ideas are put into effect, he frequently fails. Erenfried desires achievement for strictly selfish motives, which causes conflict in his family.

To reach success equivalent to that of his older brothers, he embarks on schemes that he has not fully considered, threatening the lives of many people.

Only at the end does he realize what he is fighting for and what is essential, making him an admirable member of his family. Throughout the anime, we witness him transform from an ambitious and selfish guy to one whose leadership is revered and regimented in the same way that his family members are.

16. Marik Ishtar – Yu-Gi-Oh!

20 Best Anime Capricorn Characters Ranked By Likability

Marik Ishtar is the head of the Rare Hunters, a card-stealing criminal organization. Marik and the Rare Hunters serve as the series’ major villains for a while.

He employs a variety of strategies to manage people he commands as well as to influence others to achieve his goals. He has been through a lot in the past, which has resulted in his cold and vicious demeanor, as well as the development of an even darker alter ego.

Marik has ascended to a position of enormous power and prominence at a young age. This level of achievement is not exceptional for a Capricorn. While people of this sign are exceptional goal achievers, their attention can occasionally become tunnel vision.

Marik’s actions cause harm to many others, exemplifying the negative side of Capricorn’s ambition.

15. Tsukushi Makino – Hana Yori Dango

20 Best Anime Capricorn Characters Ranked By Likability

Tsukushi Makino is from a low-income family, which is why her family is pleased when she gets accepted to Eitoku Academy, a prominent high school. Tsukushi, on the other hand, is less than thrilled because she will have to leave her previous life behind.

When she arrives, she quickly finds herself on the wrong side of the in-crowd and is viciously abused. She decides to stay for the sake of principle, launching a war on her captors.

Her name is a Japanese term that means “weed.” Given her Capricorn characteristics, this name is a fantastic suit. She is strong-willed and tenacious, and these characteristics help her thrive at her new school.

However, her stubbornness may bring her into problems at times; gradually, she learns to handle her Capricorn shadow and achieve equilibrium.

14. Gaara – Naruto

20 Best Anime Capricorn Characters Ranked By Likability

When you are loathed by everyone, it might be tough to find strength in friendships. It can also cause a certain level of timidity to emerge. When Gaara is vanquished by Naruto, his whole outlook on life transforms for the better, and he begins to appreciate and love people who formerly despised him.

Gaara learns to tolerate and even defend individuals who were formerly harsh to him by letting go of his grievances towards the villagers.

While Gaara is not the most ambitious figure, he is one of the most intriguing because he is able to overcome his own flaws of shyness and stubbornness to make peace and prosper with the people. These characteristics make him an excellent Capricorn who should not be overlooked.

13. Saki Morimi – Higashi no Eden

20 Best Anime Capricorn Characters Ranked By Likability

Saki Morimi is one of the most thoughtful persons, at least on the Capricorn list. Rather than being the stereotypically chilly Capricorn, she exhibits compassion, especially toward strangers.

She is ambitious and wants her brother’s business to thrive. Saki expects that by relocating to Washington, D.C., he will be able to begin working there and contribute to the company’s success. She is a wonderful and devoted friend.

Saki possesses all of the positive characteristics of a Capricorn but is not as talkative as the other Capricorns

12. Masato Hijirikawa – Uta no Prince Sama!

20 Best Anime Capricorn Characters Ranked By Likability

Masato Hijirikawa attends Saotome Academy, a training school for budding idols. He is a gifted and disciplined pianist who comes from a noble family. Masato often maintains a solemn demeanor as a result of his solemn and rigorous upbringing.

Capricorns are frequently accused of being overly serious. Masato is a prime example of a Capricorn personality that may benefit from some lightheartedness. Fortunately, the series’ protagonist, Haruka, is able to assist him in this endeavor.

Capricorns may let free and have fun, but they occasionally need a nudge in the right way from someone else.

11. Karma Akabane – Ansatsu Kyoushitsu

20 Best Anime Capricorn Characters Ranked By Likability

Karma Akabane is the perfect example of a self-centered leader, proving that not all Capricorns are quiet. His aggressive conduct leads him to become one of class 3-E’s most renowned members.

While he is frequently alone, he occasionally enlists the help of the other pupils in his insane plots to murder Koro-sensei. Karma, being an exceptionally self-sufficient pupil, appears to be the greatest at all things assassination.

However, his self-centeredness causes him to elevate himself above the other pupils and regard himself as superior to them.

10. Hades Aidoneus – Kamigami no Asobi

20 Best Anime Capricorn Characters Ranked By Likability

Nothing can instill greater ego in you than the status of being a god. When you think of a Greek deity, you immediately think of leadership. For example, Hades would be the ruler of the underworld and would need to command everyone in his domain.

In this anime, however, Hades has grown bored of his obligations and considers his work to be tiresome and repetitive. His tenacity and ambition are fading, and we can see a more self-centered side of him emerge.

Hades is a perfect example of a Capricorn’s more hedonistic side. Yui, the protagonist of Kamigami no Asobi, appeals to Hades’ better side and encourages him to find purpose in his situation.

She persuades him that he is suited to leadership and that immortality does not imply an unending and worthless existence.

9. Misa Amane – Death Note

20 Best Anime Capricorn Characters Ranked By Likability

Misa Amane is a one-of-a-kind character. She is a well-known model who has a unique interest in the macabre. It’s hardly a surprise that she becomes obsessed with the notorious serial murderer Kira after he murders the guy who murdered her family.

It’s no surprise that she develops affections for Light Yagami after finding he’s Kira. Misa will do all in her power to assist Kira once she has made up her mind to do so.

In true Capricorn flair, she seeks Light brutally and lovingly. This devotion to Light and Kira, however, forces her to abandon any genuine sense of self-preservation as a martyr, a real potential flaw that members of this sign would do well to be aware of in Death Note.

8. Krista Lenz – Shingeki no Kyojin

20 Best Anime Capricorn Characters Ranked By Likability

Krista Lenz graduated from the 104th Training Corps at the top of her class after changing her name from Historia Reiss. Krista is concerned with how she seems to others and strives to be kind in all of her acts.

She is, however, incredibly ambitious and wishes to reclaim her previous name and reclaim her proper place in her family. She wants acceptance from others in all parts of her life, including her death. She is a powerful and ideal soldier who develops as a character as she gains confidence in herself.

Krista is an ideal soldier and leader, as Capricorns are bred to be, and she aspires to be both while preserving her generosity throughout.

7. Koala Suu – Love Hina

20 Best Anime Capricorn Characters Ranked By Likability

Koala Suu is a peculiar character. She is an exchange student from an undisclosed nation. Her history is originally unclear, and she prefers maintaining a shroud about herself. Despite her free-spirited personality, she has serious professional goals.

While Capricorns have a tendency to do things the way they feel is right, they can also find themselves on the periphery of society, and others may discard them when they act outside of cultural standards. 

While Koala isn’t your typical lady, her eccentricities and objectives are unmistakably the expressions of balanced good Capricorn features.

6. Rin Okumura – Ao no Exorcist

20 Best Anime Capricorn Characters Ranked By Likability

Rin Okumura has a lot to live up to with Satan as a father. Rin, on the other hand, is eager for the challenge and hopes to one day overcome his father in a fight. While he is supportive of his buddies, he aspires to be greater than everyone and govern in his father’s place one day.

Growing up with no pals teaches him to appreciate his present connections and to make sound judgments. Surprisingly, given his fiery father, Rin has a very kind and nurturing attitude, which distinguishes him from other self-centered Capricorns.

5. Mei Tachibana – Say “I Love You”

20 Best Anime Capricorn Characters Ranked By Likability

Mei Tachibana had been burnt far too many times. She now strongly believes that she is better off on her own than trusting others. She is stern and solemn, and she stays to herself. at school

Yamato Kurosawa, a kid trying to take her out of her shell and defrost her frigid heart, comes across her one day.

Mei exemplifies two crucial Capricorn characteristics. On the one hand, she is very serious, sometimes to a fault, at the start of the series. Capricorns, with all their energy, may give a lot in relationships – often too much.

When they get depleted, they sometimes require the assistance of another person to recharge; fortunately for Mei, Yamato appears to do exactly that.

4. Haruki Sagae – Akuma no Riddle

20 Best Anime Capricorn Characters Ranked By Likability

Haruki Sagae, a strong and ambitious man, wants to be the one to kill Haru Ichinose. She is determined to help her family and would put the money to good use.

She is shown as a character who will do everything for her family, even if it costs her death. Haruki is also proven to be a slacker in class. Her genuine character would be one of selflessness and courage.

While Capricorns are not known for their selflessness, it is an amazing attribute that may show in the sign.

3. Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV – Cowboy Bebop

20 Best Anime Capricorn Characters Ranked By Likability

Edward is the final protagonist of Cowboy Bebop, and she is a funny little hacker girl. She speaks in witty phrases and words, and her distinct charm makes her a fascinating figure.

It may be difficult to take her seriously at first, but make no mistake: if you need anything done in cyberspace, this intelligent young prodigy will be able to do it.

Edward is not your average Capricorn. The world is her playground, and she embraces almost everything with a casual attitude. She is, however, very serious about hacking and computers – these are her areas of expertise in which she has chosen to thrive.

This commitment, paired with her emotional sensitivity, is unmistakably Capricorn’s characteristics.

2. Ritsu – Ansatsu Kyoushitsu

20 Best Anime Capricorn Characters Ranked By Likability

Ritsu is a great asset to class 3-E even though she is not strictly a female human. Initially, she possesses the goal-oriented mind of a machine and will go to any length to murder Koro-sensei.

Soon after entering class 3-E and being reprogrammed by Koro-sensei, she accomplishes the seemingly impossible for a machine: she acquires a personality and awareness. This enables her to become kind-hearted and a genuine learner in the classroom.

She is grateful and assists in leading the class in repeated attempts to kill the instructor. Ritsu is a powerful leader who helps the entire class move one step closer to conquering their favorite professor.

1. Levi Ackerman – Shingeki no Kyojin

20 Best Anime Capricorn Characters Ranked By Likability

Levi Ackerman is supposed to be the most fearsome member of the Survey Corps, humanity’s only true hope against a menace that threatens to wipe it off the face of the world. He may be a bit of a control freak and isn’t afraid to say what he thinks. He has a startlingly forthright demeanor and is well-liked by his fellow soldiers.

Levi is the quintessential Capricorn character: cold, calculating, and austere. He is a natural leader and a very skilled soldier. He is determined and makes thorough measured judgments. He has a somber demeanor and is rarely seen displaying any emotion. Levi is the epitome of a true Capricorn.

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