‘Secret Headquarters’ Ending, Explained: How Does Owen Wilson Get Superpowers in the Movie?

Secret Headquarters

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Welcome to Secret Headquarters ending, explained where we will talk about the new Paramount Plus movie, starring Owen Wilson, Jesse Williams, Michael Peña, and Walker Scobell. The film is directed by Henry Joost, and Ariel Schulman. The film tells the story of a young kid who discovers that his father is actually the greatest superhero on Earth. In the movie, the young kid and his father must join forces to defeat the villains, and rekindle their relationship.

Secret Headquarters is a family film by all the definitions of the term. It doesn’t really include a lot of violence, and the main protagonist is a group of kids. Paramount sells the movie with Owen Wilson as the biggest character on the poster, but in reality, he is barely in the field, so this might disappoint some fans of the actor. Nevertheless, the film is good family entertainment, and it is mostly aimed at little kids, who are still in the process of getting into the superhero universes of Marvel, and DC.


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The following paragraphs include spoilers for Secret Headquarters. Read at your own risk.

How Does Owen Wilson Get Superpowers In The Movie?

The movie starts in the past with Jack and Lily Kincaid, along with their son Charlie, camping out in the woods. Suddenly, they see a plane crashing from the sky, along with another unknown aircraft. Jack goes to investigate, and he meets Captain Sean Irons, who tells him the other ship is of alien origins. A strange ball of light comes out of the alien ship and gets ready to choose a “Guardian” for the planet. Irons is rejected, while Jack is chosen. The energy explosion hurts Irons, as the screen fades to black.

Ten years have passed, and the world is a better place thanks to the efforts of one superhero called “The Guard” crime has gone down, and people around the world are happy that The Guard is around. On the other hand, Charlie, now a teenager, is nearing his birthday, but he is sad. He knows his father won’t be able to attend the celebration as he is always busy with work. Charlie’s relationship with his father is quite strained, and even when Jack manages to spend one day with Charlie, he then leaves because he has an emergency.

Secret Headquarters

Charlie is disappointed. Alone in the house, he calls his best friend, Berger, who brings two girls to the house, Lizzie and Maya. Charlie likes Maya a lot. They start messing around the house, and before Charlie gathers the courage to ask Maya to be his date to the school dance, they discover Jack’s entry to his secret headquarters. It is there that Charlie and his friends discover that Jack is The Guard. Charlie is in denial.

It is at that moment, that we are introduced to Captain Irons. He has been looking for The Guard all those years and is now working for Ansel Argon, a billionaire who is trying to get the power of The Guard to use it for himself. The kids go around the secret headquarters, and each of them grabs a piece of technology. Charlie grabs a bracelet that makes him stronger, Berger grabs a portal machine, etc. They also borrow a superpowered van and go for a ride.

What Does The Villain Want In Secret Headquarters?

The days pass and the kids have become closer as friends. Irons has also been following the energy signature from the kids’ devices and following it right to Jack’s house. He knows that he has finally found The Guard. The kids try to take out Iron’s mercenaries, and they almost achieve it, but they are captured in the end. Argon manipulates Charlie into giving him the energy source in exchange for his friends’ lives. Argon says that he only wants the power to make the world a better place. Maya and the others don’t trust him.

Jack arrives at the scene to see Argon getting a superpowered suit. Charlie gives the power source to Argon, but it is a fake; the real one is in Berger’s locker at school, so Argon kidnaps Berger. Jack and the kids get ready to go to school and save Berger. On the road, Jack and Charlie open up about their feelings, and they realize they have both behaved badly towards each other. They forgive each other and promise to start again once they save the world.

Secret Headquarters

Jack and Charlie arrive at the school, and Jack fights Argon in his super-powered suit. Meanwhile, the kids are helped by Irons to get the energy source and dispatch Argon’s mercenaries. In the end, Argon gets the energy source, but Charlie shoots a grenade at it. The explosion activates the energy source and sends Argon to a different dimension.

The school dance finishes with Jack dancing with his wife and Charlie dancing with Maya, as they kiss each other. Later, we see father and son together, their relationship fixed now that they are hiding no feelings or secrets from each other. Irons is now part of the team, handling mission control. Charlie and Jack fly in the new van on their way to a new adventure.

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