Sentry vs. Hulk: Who Would Win & Why?

sentry vs hulk

The world of Marvel Comics is home to some of the most incredible beings that are almost unimaginable in terms of how strong they are. We know that the Hulk is one of the most well-known powerhouses in Marvel Comics as he easily has a strength level that is almost unmeasurable. Meanwhile, we have someone like Sentry, who is newer to Marvel compared to the Hulk but is already one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. So, in a fight between Sentry and the Hulk, who would win?

Sentry will win in a fight against the Hulk. While it might be true that the Hulk’s strength is on par or even greater than Sentry, he doesn’t have the powers and abilities, and durability that Sentry has. In that regard, the godlike powers of Sentry are almost unmatched on Earth, and that’s why he will beat the Hulk.

For a very long time, the Hulk has been one of the most unstoppable powerhouses in Marvel Comics, but Sentry is on a different level. In fact, they fought during the World War Hulk storyline, where Sentry forced the Hulk to revert back to Bruce Banner. While the battle between them was evenly matched, Sentry was still stronger. Now, let’s look at this battle in greater detail.


The true limits of Sentry’s strength are yet to be measured but what we do know is that he is immensely strong and can easily lift over 100 tons with ease. In that regard, he can match the strength levels of powerhouses like Thor or even other characters that can lift 100 or more tons. Sentry’s strength also depends a lot on his mental state, as he is much stronger when he is mentally stable. Still, he is strong enough that he could give some of the strongest characters in the Marvel Comics universe a run for their money.

When it comes to the Hulk, the one thing he has always been known for is his strength. That’s because the Hulk is as true a powerhouse as any powerhouse can be, as he has extremely dense muscles that allow him to become incredibly strong. In fact, the true limits of his strength are unknown because the Hulk gets stronger whenever he gets angrier. As such, his strength is said to be limitless, and that is why he is often considered one of the strongest characters in the entire Marvel Comics universe.

hulk rage smash

While Sentry can match the Hulk’s strength, as seen in their clash during the World War Hulk storyline, the thing about the Hulk is that he gets stronger the angrier he gets. In that regard, it is possible that he can eventually exceed Sentry’s strength.

Sentry 0, Hulk 1


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Sentry is said to be nigh-invulnerable, and that means that he is almost completely impervious to harm. In some of the different storylines that he was involved in, Sentry only dies whenever he wants to die, and that’s when he becomes vulnerable to attacks. That means that he is almost impossible to kill, as the only characters that could possibly hurt him are the ones that are cosmic in terms of their power level. For example, Knull was able to rip him apart in The King in Black storyline, and that’s because Knull is a primordial god that’s stronger than even the Celestials themselves.

sentry thor

The Hulk has incredibly dense muscles that make him almost impossible to hurt, injure, or kill. He is impervious to conventional weapons, as only the weapons of powerful characters are strong enough to hurt him. This has allowed the Hulk to survive attacks that should have killed other superhuman characters, as not even some of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel universe are able to penetrate his skin. And the Hulk only becomes more durable the angrier he gets.


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While the Hulk can match Sentry’s durability, the thing about Sentry is that he can only be killed whenever he wants to be killed or if someone as strong as Knull kills him. This means that he takes this round.

Sentry 1, Hulk 1


Sentry has the ability to think, move, and react at speeds that are beyond superhuman, as he is fast enough to catch bullets and is able to run at supersonic speeds. In fact, whenever he is in outer space, he can fly from Earth to the Sun in only mere moments, and that means that he can fly at speeds that are faster than light, which requires eight minutes to get from the Sun to Earth. As such, Sentry is so fast, that it is capable of moving at speeds that are unimaginable no matter what kind of standard you use.

sentryrobert reynolds.jpg

The Hulk, due to his incredibly powerful legs, is able to move at speeds that are beyond what the fastest humans are capable of. In fact, despite being as big as he is, the Hulk can run at speeds that make him hard for conventional human vehicles to catch. He is even able to swim at speeds that rival Namor’s own swimming speed, and we know how fast Namor is whenever he is underwater. In that regard, there is no doubt that the Hulk is faster than his size would suggest.

While the Hulk is very fast and faster than a lot of other superhuman characters, he has no way of matching the supersonic speeds of Sentry. That’s why the Sentry takes this round as well.

Sentry 2, Hulk 1


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Sentry is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Comics universe, as his powers are related to matter manipulation. This allows him to manipulate his own molecular composition at will, as he is even able to change back from the liquid that Molecule Man turned him into. On top of other powers like flight and teleportation, Sentry can also generate and control light and use it as one of his main weapons. In that regard, his powers are so unimaginable that he is listed as an Omega-level threat by Mister Fantastic and a Power Level 10 by Nick Fury.

sentry mm

The Hulk’s transformation itself is his power as he becomes an angry green giant with incredible physical capabilities whenever Bruce Banner gets angry. In fact, it is the gamma radiation within Banner that allows him to change into the Hulk. But the thing about him is that there are times when he can overload the gamma radiation within him, and this allows him to release this energy in the form of a powerful blast of gamma radiation.

It might be true that the Hulk has powers that allow him to become stronger whenever he gets angry. But Sentry’s powers allow him to become almost as powerful as a god, for all intents and purposes.

Sentry 3, Hulk 1

Fighting Abilities

While Sentry may have been created using an attempt that wanted to recreate the Super Soldier Serum, he doesn’t have the training and combat skills of a Super Soldier. As such, he isn’t really a good fighter, as Sentry hardly ever needs to use his fighting skills to win fights. That means that he isn’t really a well-trained fighter. So, if he were to fight someone as strong as he is but is more skilled in a fight, he doesn’t stand a chance.


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The Hulk may often be seen as a brute, but he actually developed combat skills over time, especially because he trained and fought with some of the most skilled Avengers. This allowed him to become a brutal and effective fighter in hand-to-hand combat. He could also fight using weapons, as he has showcased his ability to win against tough opponents whenever he also uses weapons, such as spears, swords, and shields.

hulk namor

As strong as Sentry may be, he was never a well-trained fighter, as he never had the same kind of training that the other Earth-based superheroes had. In that regard, the Hulk takes this round from him.

Sentry 3, Hulk 2

Sentry vs. Hulk: Who Would Win?

We did see Sentry and the Hulk fighting in the comics during the World War Hulk storyline when the green giant was at his strongest. In that fight, we saw how close they were to each other’s strength, but the thing about that fight was that Sentry was strong enough to revert the Hulk back into his human form. As such, there is no doubt that Sentry is stronger than the Hulk, although the green giant is going to make the fight tough for him to win.

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