Hyperion vs. Sentry vs. Gladiator: Who Will Win In A Fight Of Marvel’s Supermen?

hyperion vs sentry vs gladiator

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Every comic book publishing company has its own version of Superman, who is one of the most iconic characters of all time. As such, all characters that tend to have super strength, super speed, invulnerability, and the powers of flight are essentially called Superman expies (exports). Marvel actually has a lot of them, but the most prominent are Hyperion, Sentry, and Gladiator. So, who would win in a fight among the Supermen of Marvel?

Hyperion already lost to Gladiator, so that rules him out. This boils down to Gladiator and Sentry. While Gladiator can fight him on par physically, Sentry has the power to essentially manipulate matter and reality. In that regard, his powers are godlike, and that could mean he is the winner of this battle.

Sentry is one of the most powerful characters in all of Marvel as he simply has powers that are close to what the cosmic entities in the Marvel multiverse are capable of. In that regard, he may not be the most physically imposing out of the characters in this battle, but he may prove to be too much for both Hyperion and Gladiator.


Hyperion is one of the characters who were directly copied from Superman but to a lower degree. He is still incredibly strong, but his strength isn’t even ranked at the top of all of the Marvel characters. It is estimated that the upper level of his strength is somewhere around 95 tones. In comparison, beings like Thor and Hulk can carry well over 100 tons, and that means that Hyperion isn’t close to their strength levels.

Sentry is immensely powerful because he can basically will himself to be incredibly powerful as his strength level, on its own, can rival the Hulk’s own strength as long as he is mentally stable enough. But the real catch here is when he is fused with the Void, as this allows him to be much stronger than almost any other character in Marvel Comics. The fused Sentry was able to easily defeat the Avengers that had strong characters like Thor, Captain Marvel, and She-Hulk.

sentry hulk

Gladiator has some of the most impressive feats of strength in the entire Marvel universe, as he was strong enough to easily beat Hyperion and break his back. In fact, whenever he is at his most confident, Gladiator’s strength levels are right at the top. He is even described to be powerful enough to shift planets in their orbit, and that makes him Superman-like in terms of his overall strength.

Sentry, when fused with the Void, should be the strongest here. However, Gladiator is already quite strong on his own. And his strength allows him to move planets.

Hyperion 0, Sentry 0, Gladiator 1


Within Earth’s atmosphere, Hyperion is fast enough to be able to move at Mach 4. He is also capable of moving faster than lightning whenever he is in flight, as there is no arguing against the fact that he is fast. In many ways, he is a lot like Superman in the sense that he has all of the Man of Steel’s abilities. But the fact is that he is not as strong or as fast as Superman is.

Sentry is one of the fastest characters in the entire Marvel universe as he is capable of moving from Earth to the sun in just a matter of moments. He is faster than light because light takes eight minutes to get to the sun, whereas he can do it rather quickly. On top of that, his speed is so great that it could basically bend space because he can rather quickly between places that are separated by light years of distance.

semtry fly

Gladiator is also incredibly fast and is capable of moving at more speeds of 760 miles per hour whenever he is on foot. While in flight, he is capable of flying faster than even the fastest starships in the Marvel universe. In that regard, it is safe to say that he can fly at incredible speeds. On top of that, he can move so fast that he was able to beat up the Guardians of the Galaxy before any of them could even react to his actions.

Both Hyperion and Gladiator are incredibly fast, but they can’t hold a candle to the fact that Sentry basically bends time and space whenever he moves.

Hyperion 0, Sentry 1, Gladiator 1

Fighting Skills

Thanks to the fact that he is an Eternal, Hyperion was trained in the art of hand-to-hand combat. He was never really that great of a combatant, but he does have some training in it. Hyperion almost always gets through his fights due to the fact that he has immense physical capabilities that allow him to easily overpower most of his opponents. Still, his fighting skills aren’t anything to scoff at. 


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As powerful as Sentry is, his fighting skills need some work. He never trained in the art of hand-to-hand combat because he was always so powerful that he never needed to learn how to fight. In that regard, a character that could match Sentry’s physical capabilities but with advanced fighting skills may have a chance against him in a straight-up fight.

Gladiator, as his name suggests, is an expert combatant. He was trained in the art of military combat and has the discipline to match his already advanced skill levels as a fighter. In that regard, he is quite scary because of the fact that he is not only incredibly strong, but he is also a great fighter that can easily overpower anyone who might be just as strong but doesn’t have the fighting skills that he has.


There is no doubt that the best fighter among the three of them is Gladiator, as his skills as a combatant have been honed ever since he started training as an Imperial Guard.

Hyperion 0, Sentry 1, Gladiator 2


In terms of his powers, Hyperion is as Superman as any Superman expy can be. That’s because he has the power of flight and can shoot cosmic energy from his eyes. He also has enhanced vision and other senses that are similar to Superman’s enhanced capabilities as well. As such, he is basically a Superman clone that was exported to the Marvel universe but is weaker than the Man of Steel.

Sentry is basically godlike in terms of his powers because he has the ability to manipulate molecules and matter. That is why he was ranked as an Omega-level threat by Mr. Fantastic and is regarded as one of the most powerful beings that Nick Fury has ever encountered in his life. He can fly, teleport, project light, use psychic and psionic abilities, and absorb energy. Sentry is basically a god that is yet to truly manifest into one when it comes to how awesome his powers are.

sentry powers

Gladiator is also quite like Superman in terms of his powers. That’s because he can fly and has the ability to shoot lasers from his eyes. However, instead of having X-ray vision, he has microscopic vision that allows him to see objects that are at the subatomic level. On top of that, his healing factor is also much more advanced than any of the other characters with a healing factor.

Yes, it is impressive that both Hyperion and Gladiator have Superman-like abilities. But they really can’t hold a candle to the fact that Sentry can manipulate matter. There is a chance that Sentry can kill them if he really wants to because he can just simply manipulate matter.

Hyperion 0, Sentry 2, Gladiator 2


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While Hyperion may not be as strong as Superman, there is a good chance that he is just as durable as the Man of Steel. Hyperion’s body is nearly indestructible because it can withstand incredible amounts of damage without even showing any scratches. He can survive from powerful energy beams, extremely high levels of heat, attacks from the Hulk, and the void of a destroyed universe.

hyperion 2

The thing about Sentry is that he can only be killed if he wants to be killed. That’s simply one of the things that make him an unfair character, as he is invulnerable to any kind of damage as long as he wants to be invulnerable. Not even characters like the Hulk and Thor are strong enough to damage him. And Nick Fury has stated that he hasn’t found a way to kill Sentry.

Gladiator is also quite invulnerable in his own right as well as he can withstand damage that most other superheroes won’t be able to survive. He has seen his fair share of blows and attacks from incredibly powerful characters without showing any damage. Gladiator was even able to survive the energy of a supernova, and that means that he is incredibly difficult to kill.


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Despite the fact that Hyperion and Gladiator are incredibly durable to the point that it is very difficult to find a way to damage them, Sentry just can’t get damaged as long as he doesn’t want to get damaged. That is simply unfair.

Hyperion 0, Sentry 3, Gladiator 2

Hyperion vs. Sentry vs. Gladiator: Who Would Win In A Fight Of Marvel’s Supermen?

The one thing that we know of in this battle is that Hyperion doesn’t stand a chance in a battle against Sentry and Gladiator. He should be the first one to lose in this three-way fight, as Gladiator has even taken him on and defeated him without exerting a lot of effort.

As such, the battle is essentially between Sentry and Gladiator. In terms of his physical abilities, Gladiator should be able to defeat an unfused Sentry if we are only talking about raw physical attacks. But when Sentry has fused with the Void or when he harnesses his unfair powers, we don’t see how Gladiator could defeat him. That’s why this three-way fight will go Sentry’s way.

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