Sentry vs. Thanos: Who Would Win & Why?


There are a lot of different powerful beings in Marvel Comics, and most of them seem to have power levels that are unimaginable no matter what scale you use. Arguably the strongest human in the world of Marvel Comics, Sentry is a powerhouse on his own and is cosmic in terms of how powerful he is. Meanwhile, Thanos has always been a thorn in the side of the Avengers and is one of the most powerful beings in the universe. So, in a fight between Sentry and Thanos, who would win and why?

Sentry would win in a fight against Thanos, even though this could be a difficult win for him. That’s because Sentry is far too strong and powerful for the Mad Titan due to how he has powers that are basically as godlike as they can get. Meanwhile, Thanos is no slouch due to his intelligence and fighting skills.

This should be a fun fight to watch, especially because we know how powerful Thanos is in Marvel Comics. Still, Sentry has been one of the strongest characters the world of comics has seen ever since his introduction. Now, with that said, let’s look at this battle in greater detail so that you would understand why Sentry would win in a fight against Thanos.


Sentry’s strength depends largely on his mental stability, but he is actually capable of feats that are beyond the likes of the Hulk and Thor due to how he can easily carry over 100 tons without much effort and was able to lift an entire cruise liner easily. He was even able to rip Ares, a powerful Olympian god, in half without showing much effort at all. When he combined with the powers of the Void, he was able to break the Hulk’s limbs and has always been more than a match for Worldbreaker Hulk.

Thanos’s godlike physiology allows him to have immense strength that is almost immeasurable, as he can subdue the likes of Thor and keep up with the strength level of the Hulk. He has always shown the fact that he has enough strength to be able to fight the Silver Surfer on par as well and is capable of fighting the Phoenix Force hand-to-hand. In that regard, Thanos’s strength was always one of his greatest assets, as he can easily match the strength levels of some of the strongest beings in the Marvel galaxy.

This one should be tough to judge because both Sentry and Thanos are capable of lifting more than a hundred tons without much effort. However, the fact that Sentry matched the strongest version of Hulk gives him a slight edge.

Sentry 1, Thanos 0


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One of the things that make Sentry an unfair opponent is the fact that he has almost complete control over his molecules and is basically invulnerable to any kind of damage. Nick Fury once said that he is yet to find a way to neutralize Sentry if ever he needed to do so, and that’s because he is simply a very durable character that cannot die unless he wants to or unless he ends up facing an opponent that’s much stronger. One case in point was when he got ripped in half by the powerful primordial god Knull, who is one of the strongest beings the Marvel Comics universe has seen.

Thanos is nigh-invulnerable to almost any kind of damage as he has always had a high degree of resistance to physical injury. That means that even powerful weapons like Mjolnir struggle to hurt Thanos as he is able to withstand attacks that are supposedly strong enough to destroy planets. In fact, he survived point-blank attacks from more powerful beings, such as Odin and Galactus, and lived to tell the tale. Simply put, Thanos is one tough cookie and is almost impossible to kill.


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Both Sentry and Thanos are almost impossible to kill due to how durable they are. But the truth is that Sentry takes this round because he cannot get injured or killed unless he actually wants to. Thanos, meanwhile, can get injured by characters that aren’t that much stronger.

Sentry 2, Thanos 0


Despite the fact that he was a drug addict before he became Sentry, Robert Reynolds was a smart man that possessed knowledge in fields like robotics, computers, cybernetics, architecture, and machinery. As Sentry, he still possesses those specialties, but he is often limited by his mental instability. Nevertheless, he is known to use his powers to detect all of the substances that a single object is made of, as his power over molecules is incredibly useful in certain situations.

Even though Thanos is known as the Mad Titan, he is actually incredibly smart and is a super-genius in terms of his intellect. It has always been said that Thanos’s mind is his most dangerous asset, as he can think of plans and use different tactics and strategies to gain an advantage over his enemies. In most cases, he uses his mind to find ways to enhance his powers so that he can obtain his goals. And because of his intellect, he is a master in almost every field of knowledge in the known universe and has an intelligence level that can even be considered cosmic.

Even though Sentry is a smart man, Thanos is simply a lot smarter. To be fair, not a lot of characters are actually able to match Thanos in terms of intellect, as the Mad Titan may be a huge brute but is an incredibly smart one.

Sentry 2, Thanos 1

Powers and Abilities

It is said that Sentry has the powers of a million exploding suns and is capable of manipulating matter and molecules really well, such that he can basically kill a man without even putting a finger on him. Sentry also has powers that focus on his manipulation of light and darkness, and that’s why he has a lot of versatile attacks in his arsenal. Of course, he also possesses limited psionic abilities that are powerful enough to allow him to enter the minds of different people but not to the extent that Professor X is capable of.

Thanos may often be portrayed as a brute that uses his physical abilities more often than any of his abilities, but he actually has powers that were not shown by the MCU version of the character. For example, Thanos actually has concussive energy blasts that he can project from his eyes. The same control over energy can also be used by the Mad Titan to create energy fields that are capable of protecting him from incoming attacks. On top of that, Thanos also has limited psychic capabilities that allow him to communicate telepathically with different people.


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While Thanos may have powers and abilities that his MCU counterpart never showed, the fact is that Sentry’s powers make him one of the most overpowered characters in the world of Marvel Comics. As such, Sentry takes this round once more.

Sentry 3, Thanos 1

Fighting Skills

Unlike Captain America, who already had fighting skills before he became a super soldier by taking the Super Soldier Serum, Sentry never had any combat training before he became Sentry as he simply took the Golden Sentry Serum by mistake. Of course, when he became Sentry, he no longer needed to develop fighting skills because he was already so strong that he could basically rip people in half without effort. As such, while he never needed to learn how to fight, he isn’t a really good fighter.

Thanos is actually a skilled hand-to-hand combatant that could overpower the likes of Thor, who himself is a well-trained fighter. He might be a brute, but he is a very skilled brute that can even match the combat prowess of the Hulk. On top of that, he has already had thousands of years of combat experience under his belt. This gives him the advantage over characters that may be his equal when it comes to physical strength but are not close to his fighting capabilities.

Of course, Thanos takes this round because he is a trained fighter. As such, if he could find a way to neutralize Sentry’s powers, his fighting skills could prove to be a way for him to bridge the gap between him and Sentry.

Sentry 3, Thanos 2

Sentry vs. Thanos: Who Would Win?

This should be a very hard-fought battle on his part, but we don’t see why Sentry wouldn’t win in this fight against the Mad Titan, as he simply is stronger in terms of his physical abilities and his powers. Of course, Thanos is not a slouch because he is smarter and has better fighting skills. It’s only that Sentry is simply far too overpowered for a human being. Then again, things are going to be in the Mad Titan’s favor if he had the Infinity Gauntlet in his arsenal, as not even Sentry is more powerful than all of the Infinity Stones.

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