Sentry vs. Goku: Who Would Win & Why?

sentry vs goku

There is no doubt that the world of fiction is full of powerful characters that all have their own abilities and unique powers. In the world of Marvel Comics, one of the strongest characters we’ve seen is Sentry, who has godlike powers. Meanwhile, in Dragon Ball, we also have an incredibly powerful character in the form of Goku, who also has the power of a god. So, in a battle between Sentry and Goku, who would win?

It is likely that Goku will win in a fight against Sentry. While Sentry is incredibly powerful and has the durability that allows him to survive a lot of different attacks, we know that Goku is stronger and faster and has better fighting skills. But this battle could still go either way due to Sentry’s powers and durability.

A lot of comic book fans might not like the fact that we are talking Goku over Sentry but we all know that Sentry could still win this fight because of how he has godlike abilities and nigh-invulnerability. Of course, we are still taking Goku here by a slim margin. So, with that said, let’s go over the details so that you would understand why Goku would defeat Sentry in a fight.


Sentry is basically someone with the strength of a hundred thousand Steve Rogers because of the fact that the Golden Sentry Serum that he took is a hundred thousand times stronger than the Super Soldier Serum. This allows him to have the strength that’s on par with or even greater than the Hulk. He has shown numerous times that he can overpower the likes of the Hulk and Thor. As such, he is also one of the greatest powerhouses in Marvel Comics as he can overpower two of the strongest powerhouses that fans often remember when it comes to strength.

Goku hardly shows his lifting strength but his base level is said to be able to lift over 100 tons with relative ease. So, if Goku were to use any of his transformations, he would be able to reach higher strength levels, as his Super Saiyan transformations and his Ultra Instinct state can increase his strength exponentially. It is possible that lifting an entire planet would be something that Goku can do as he has shown that he has enough strength to level entire mountains and cause distortions with his punches.

goku lift

While Sentry may be strong, Goku is simply stronger because he has access to power levels that allow him to further increase his strength. That said, we are taking Goku in this conversation as he is simply stronger.

Sentry 0, Goku 1


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Sentry is known to be able to move faster than the speed of sound and is able to think and react at superhuman speeds as well. He may not be known as a speedster but he has the speed that allows him to outpace powerhouses like Thor and Hulk. Meanwhile, when he is in outer space, he can move from the Earth to the Sun in mere moments, and that means that he is a lot faster than the speed of light whenever he is outside the Earth’s atmosphere.

We’ve seen Goku moving faster than the eye could see when he was still a lot weaker than he is now. However, the current Goku is capable of moving much faster than before because his base form benefited from the training he received from Whis. When he enters his Ultra Instinct state, Goku is capable of moving at speeds that allow him to instantly react to incoming moves from characters that move faster than the speed of light. And even without Ultra Instinct, he still moves at speeds faster than light.

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Sentry may be fast but he is limited to supersonic speeds whenever he is not in space. On the other hand, Goku is capable of moving faster than the speed of light regardless of whether or not he is encumbered by gravity.

Sentry 0, Goku 2


One of the things that make Sentry special is his ability to basically withstand almost any attack. He is so durable that he is nigh-invulnerable, as he cannot die or get defeated if he doesn’t want to get defeated. This is due to the manipulation of his molecules, which allow him to survive attacks that could kill or injure almost any other character. The only time we ever saw him getting hurt was when Knull, a primordial god, killed him by ripping him in half.

sentry thor

Goku’s vulnerability is also one of the strongest abilities of the characters as he is capable of withstanding attacks that are capable of destroying entire planets. He survived onslaughts from godlike characters like Jiren and Broly. Of course, when he enters his powerful transformations, he becomes strong enough to survive some of the most intense attacks imaginable. And his resiliency only makes him more durable.

Even though Goku can survive attacks that can destroy entire planets, it is hard to contend against the fact that Sentry can only get killed or hurt if he wants to. And while Sentry has died at the hands of Knull, Goku has gotten himself killed numerous times.

Sentry 1, Goku 2


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Powers and Abilities

On top of his superhuman physical abilities, Sentry’s strength is focused on his ability to manipulate molecules. On top of the fact that he can fly, teleport, and manipulate light to a certain degree, he is capable of manipulating darkness as well. His powers are basically godlike because of how unfathomable some of his skills are. This is why Sentry was listed as an Omega-level threat by Mister Fantastic and is one of the characters that Nick Fury isn’t sure about how he can get killed.

sentry hulk

Like almost all of the characters of Dragon Ball, Goku’s powers revolve around his ability to utilize his ki or his inner energy to produce energy-based attacks that are so powerful that they can destroy entire planets. Most of Goku’s attacks are ki-based, as he often uses his trademark Kamehameha attack to destroy his opponent without leaving a trace. And he can become stronger by accessing his different transformations, as his ki-based attacks are enhanced to extreme levels.

Even though Goku’s ki-based attacks are incredibly impressive and are capable of destroying planets, the thing is that Sentry’s own attacks are also incredibly powerful due to the fact that he can manipulate molecules. This is why Sentry takes this round.

Sentry 2, Goku 2

Fighting Skills

Unlike Steve Rogers, who already received combat training before taking the Super Soldier Serum, Sentry has no background in combat or fighting whatsoever because he was just an ordinary man before he took the serum that transformed him into Sentry. As such, while he may be a powerhouse with physical capabilities and powers that are beyond imaginable, he isn’t a threat as far as his fighting skills (or lack thereof) are concerned. Nevertheless, he never needed to hone his fighting skills due to how powerful he is. 


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Ever since he was just a young boy, Goku was already a martial arts expert as he trained intensely and obsessively to become the greatest martial artist. So, aside from the fact that he could overpower and outpace all of his opponents, he could also defeat them using his martial arts skills. That is why Goku has been able to defeat opponents that may have the edge in terms of physical abilities but not in terms of martial arts skills.

SSB goku vegeta

This shouldn’t even be a debate because Goku’s martial arts skills are superior to almost any other character in the world of fiction. On the other hand, Sentry doesn’t even have martial arts skills at all.

Sentry 2, Goku 3

Sentry vs. Goku: Who Would Win?

This is an incredibly tough debate due to how both Sentry and Goku are incredibly strong in their own right and have their own unique powers and abilities. But while Goku may be the better physical beast due to his superior strength and speed, Sentry is simply a lot more durable and has a host of powers and abilities that are basically godlike. Nevertheless, Goku’s expertise in martial arts gives him the edge in this debate. Of course, we are not saying that Goku will always beat Sentry as there is a good chance that the Marvel hero could defeat the Dragon Ball protagonist due to his nigh-invulnerability and godlike powers.

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