Servant Season 4 Episode 5 Review, Recap, & Ending Explained

Servant Season 4 Episode 5 Review Recap Ending

Welcome to the recap and ending explained for Episode 5 of the fourth season of Servant. We’re halfway through the final season of M. Night Shyamalan’s hit series, and Turners are slowly coming to terms with the notion that the solution to their problem is far more destructive than the problem itself. In episode 4, we’ve seen Sean finally realizing what danger Leanne presents, and in a sense, his character has come full circle, the downfall of his marriage made him realize that he was right about Leanne all along. His intentions toward Leanne became a little more fleshed out in episode 5.

Following the dramatic Halloween-themed episode 4, the series is once again back on track in the more usual and uncomfortable setting. Sean and Dorothy are once again on the same team, and Sean confirms that he seriously wants to get rid of Leanne by any means possible.

Sean and Dorothy are finally on the same side

We see Dorothy coming to terms with her disability as she finally accepts the wheelchair and gains a bit more mobility. She can barely hide her disgust toward Leanne, and Leanne, in turn, is not happy to see Dorothy strolling around. This is completely in character; however, as we’ve seen previously, Leanne thrives on control. As soon as she losses, things start taking the wrong turn.

Dorothy in a wheechair

Dorothy’s first trip downstairs and her first taste of freedom in a long time results in her spotting an unusual letter. The Church of the Lesser Saints sent the letter as they revealed their plan to reclaim Leanne on Thursday night. The Church of the Lesser Saints simply wants an opportunity to get close to Leanne without the Turners meddling in their plans.

myteryous letter

The scene when Dorothy discovers the letter is highly unrealistic and absurd as Leanne spent the majority of the time over the last few seasons jumping on every sound and reacting to all possible threats, be they real threats or imagined ones.


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Sean and Dorothy are ready to get rid of Leanne and quickly come up with a plan to host a cocktail party for their neighbors in order to give an opening to the cult to ambush Leanne. Meanwhile, Dorothy is just now becoming aware that their local park turned into a camp for the former runaway member of the Church of the Lesser saints. All homeless people around their block are basically drawn to Leanne. Leanne shows them her notebook, filled with macabre drawings, all of which have come through in one way or another. She tells them that anything is true as long as they wish it hard enough. This line alone shows that Leanne is not actually aware of what kind of powers she has a what kind of danger she presents for the Turners, the house, and the city.

Former members of the Church have, so far, proven to be a useless plot device that contributes nothing more than a looming sense of threat every time they are shown. Contributing nothing of substance to the story.

Further, Leanne is aware that something is wrong and makes some thinly veiled threats toward Sean. Sean makes his way around the block inviting the neighbors to the upcoming cocktail party. He tries to figure out which of the newcomers to the street are members of the Church of the Lesser Saints.

Both Dorothy and Sean realize that they have one more problem when it comes to dealing with Leanne. Due to Leanne’s and Julian’s bizarre relationship, they realize that they have to get rid of Julian as well during the cocktail party. They offer him tickets for a sports event, but he figures out that the two are up to something when only one ticket is offered to him instead of two for his girlfriend as well.

Letter from the church of the lesser saints 1

Julian is direct and straightforward and tells them that they are making a terrible mistake, that Leanne is part of the family now, and there’s no getting rid of her. Both Sean and Dorothy just now realize what kind of hold Leanne has on Julian, and they have trouble making sense of it.
Sean tells Julian that Leanne obviously has some kind of supernatural powers. Julian accuses him of being insane.

The fact that Julian is still oblivious to everything that transpired in the family since Leanne appeared is incredible to me. Even the biggest skeptic would eventually become suspicious and would start considering that something supernatural is taking place.

What happened at the cocktail party?

The night of the cocktail party is here, and neighbors have filled the Turner house, which looks more wretched as the days pass by. Leanne is livid and is trying her best to terrify the neighbors. Meanwhile, Dorothy and Sean are making fools out of themselves by trying t figure out which of the party attendees belongs to the Church of the Lesser Saints. This makes for plenty of awkward conversations, and Dorothy eventually comes to the conclusion that an aging photographer is a member o the Church. She sends him and Leanne into the dark backyard, hoping he will take care of her. The photographer turns out to be just a pervert, and Leanne quickly takes care of it. Leanne confronts Dorothy for setting her up, and Dorothy tells her that she is not afraid of her anymore and that she feels nothing for her.

Former cult members

However, Leanne still hopes that Dorothy will have a change of heart and accept her as her daughter. No matter how much Dorothy treats her like trash, Leanne is so damaged beyond repair that she still looks for love and acceptance in all the wrong places. Leanne is hurt but does nothing.

In the next scene, Dorothy wants to play a game with the guests. At one point, the house goes dark as the electricity is cut off to the house. This is probably a setup as Church cultists are finally making their move to grab Leanne. Sean shows up with light and words of assurance that everything is under control. The guests make their way toward the kitchen, and Sean and Dorothy are left alone in the dark. They exchange a few encouraging words and touching moments, unaware that Leanne is watching them. They start discussing the fact that they need to get rid of her tonight. Leanne is pissed beyond belief.

Leanne’s powers manifest themselves in full destructive glory

At that moment, the cultists make an appearance and grab Leanne. Fight breaks out between them, and Leanne is incapacitated. The house starts shaking, Jericho starts screaming from upstairs, and the glass is breaking. It’s an earthquake, and chaos breaks out. This earthquake is not of natural origin. However, Leanne’s influence upon the house and general area demands to be seen. As the house is crumbling, the Cultists that were holding Leanne are hit by falling bricks. Sean almost gets killed by the falling chandelier.

As soon as Leanne breaks free, the earthquake stops. Leanne looks at Dorothy and Sean with deep disgust in her eyes and tells them basically that it won’t be easy to get rid of her as they have hoped. This scene pretty much sums up what detestable human beings all of them are.


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Meanwhile, a huge sinkhole has opened up on the street, with Leanne’s drones gathering around it. They are in awe of her powers, and Leanne herself is almost in disbelief that she managed to cause this.

Leanne will most certainly punish Sean and Dorothy for trying to get her taken away; the only thing left to see is how. We’re going to find out next Friday, February 17, when the sixth episode of the Servant airs.

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