Servant Season 4 Finale Review, Recap, & Ending Explained

Servant Season 4 Episode 5 Review Recap Ending

Welcome to the ending explained for the final episode of Servant. Episode 10 of season 4 is supposed to be the show’s final episode, meaning it should have resolved everything and brought the story to a somewhat satisfying conclusion. However, we didn’t get that as the ending is highly underwhelming, leaving more questions than it answers them. The story ended in a “happily-ever-after” tone and on a major cliffhanger. And when it comes to Leanne’s overall redemption arc, it was extremely rushed. But let’s save all the juicy details for the summary. Without further ado, let’s check out how the Servant’s final season resolved.

Dorothy avoids making the final decision

The last week’s episode ended up on a cliffhanger, and the first scenes of the final episode greet us with an image of a broken Dorothy avoiding making the final decision. It’s revealed that the baby in Leanne’s arms is not a real baby, only a doll.

Dorothy sends Sean and Julian back to the car. She seemingly wants to deal with Leanne alone. There are a few protests from Julian’s side, but Sean decides he should start trusting Dorothy since she was the one who started all this mess. She should be the one to finish it.

There are traces of panic on Leanne’s face. Even though the last week’s episode ended with a great display of confidence when it comes to Leanne, she is most likely aware that it was a huge gamble to basically blackmail Dorothy with Jericho, now that she is aware that her son is, in fact, dead. The only hold she had over Dorothy is gone. The only thing that can put her in Dorothy’s good graces is Dorothy’s mental instability and the fact that she can’t deal with the loss of her child as a normal and balanced person would.

But this is not what happened. Dorothy gave Leanne the cold shoulder and went to the nursery to mourn her dead child. Leanne started outright panicking and emotionally blackmailing Dorothy.

Dorothy mourns jericho

Leanne losses control with devastating consequences for the rest of the city

As Leanne’s emotional state worsens, we can hear the reports on the TV about how the storm is ravaging the city, causing massive damage. Leanne goes to the house’s roof to participate in yet another cringy screaming match with the god.

Leanne screaming match with god

Leanne wonders why she can’t have anything good in her life. The answer to that question might lie within her psychopathic tendencies, but this is analysis for some other day. While she is standing at the roof’s edge, she is being watched by a grown man and what appears to be two children.

Dorothy makes her way to the rooftop. She admits that she is aware that Leanne gave her son back to her, but she can’t do it again because the pain that she feels now after figuring out what she lost is part of her love for her son too, and she needs to feel it. Leanne decides to open her heart to Dorothy and admit that the blame for the death of her parents can be traced back to her. She recounts how she “died” and how George brought her to do miraculous things, but instead, she used her power for evil, and now she is beyond redemption.

Dorothy comforts her and says that the only thing that’s important is that they are able to forgive each other. She manages to talk her into getting back to the house, just after they are almost killed by antennae that broke off due to violent winds.


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Sean and Julian are getting impatient, and Dorothy is out of time

Back in the car, Sean and Julian wait for Dorothy, who seemingly forgot about them. The matters are further complicated because Sean again started bleeding through his stitches. Just as Julian is about to return to the house, Dorothy and Leanne appear next to the car. Julian explains that it’s time to go to the hospital before the roads are closed due to the extreme flooding.

Dorothy says that Leanne should go to the hospital with them, and surprisingly everyone in the car agrees. Leanne says she needs to grab something of Uncle George’s from the house before they depart. Before she leaves, she sends Julian a cryptic message that he should care for Sean and Dorothy.

Leanne starts the ritual to end her life

Leanne returns to the house and goes to the tunnels beneath the house. She talks to the dead body of uncle George, making her amends at last before she proceeds to pour gasoline all over the house in an attempt to burn it down along with herself in it.

Leanne talks to the corpse of uncle george

As the fire is consuming the house, Leanne returns to her room to Facetime Tobe. She wants to feel like a normal girl before she dies, and she lets Tobe plan their date over the call despite knowing that it won’t happen. After her brief conversation with Tobe, Leanne talks with a mannequin in the room, pretending to have a conversation with her dead mother, who also died in a fire.

Leanne Facetimes tobe

Back in the car, Julian is tired of waiting for Leanne and decides to go to the house to investigate. Dorothy follows Julian, and they realize the whole house is engulfed in flames. As they realize that it’s too late to save her, Julian despairs before noticing two shoes left on the ground.
Meanwhile, Sean confronts the man and two children that were watching Leanne while she was on the rooftop. He accuses them of setting the house on fire, but they deny it. Saying that they tried to murder Leanne before but failed, and what’s happened today is all her doing.

In the next scene, we see Leanne dancing in the attack while fire approaches her. The only way through which Leanne can kill herself, due to her supernatural nature, is through an elaborate ritual. She proceeds to blind herself with the perfume and cut long streaks with the ceremonial dagger across her arms. Soon after that, she is engulfed in flames, screaming as the floor of the house collapses.

Leanne Burning


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The storm has cleared, but the damage has been done

After the night has passed, we can see that the house has completely burned down, leaving the surrounding houses almost intact. The police question the Turners regarding the events that happened overnight.

Turner house burned down

Julian asks about the remains, but the policeman claims that they haven’t found any remains yet and wonders whether anybody was in the house at all.

Dorothy also talks to Officer Stephanie Reyes, who was present when Jericho died. She now remembers everything and has a touching conversation with her about the importance of remembering the dead that were close to our hearts. Reyes shares her own story of when she was medically dead but managed to pull through due to some miracle. The miracle turns out to be the Church of the Lesser Saints. Dorothy realizes that Reyes is one of the cultists as well.

Officer Reyes cultist

After sharing one more look toward the house, Sean and Dorothy exchange some touching words. Both of them are grateful that they made it out of it alive. Dorothy is grateful that Sean never gave up on her, and Dorothy is grateful that Sean stuck around through the worst of it.

Julian realizes that the story is not over for him

Julain is doubtful that Leanne died in the first place, but he decides to move on for his family’s sake. Soon after leaving the scene of the fire, Officer Reyes catches up to him, seemingly having something urgent to talk about. Reyes explains that his life will about to get complicated, and she reminds him about the event that took place just a few months prior. During the Christmas party, his heart stopped due to an overdose. We knew that he was miraculously brought back by Leanne.

As it turns out, by bringing him back, Leanne turned him into a fallen angel, as George did to her. He now has a place within the Church of the Lesser Saints and a purpose to fulfill.


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Reyes parts with him by reminding him that they are family now. Julian turns around and sees a symbolic mural of a white dove painted over the wall.

Julian painting

The fourth season of Servant is supposed to be the final one, but with the upcoming revelations that Julian is still not done with the Church of Lesser Saint, we might wonder whether the showrunners are planning season 5. At the time of writing this, nothing has been confirmed, and if this is truly the finale of the show, it’s rather disappointing due to leaving a huge part of Julian’s story unexplored.

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