Shanks’ Daughter Uta in One Piece: Who Is She?

Shanks' Daughter Uta in One Piece: Who Is She?

If you’ve seen the recent trailer for the upcoming One Piece Film: Red movie, set to premiere in August 2022, you’re probably shocked, confused, and in search of some answers. Now, we had already known that the movie would be focusing on Shanks, but when the trailer revealed that the supposed female villain of the series is actually Shanks’ daughter, everyone went mad. In this article, we have decided to introduce Shanks’ daughter Uta and reveal everything we know about her so far.

As was revealed in the trailer, the mysterious female villain from the One Piece Film: Red movie is named Uta. And while we initially did not know much about her, the trailer revealed the shocking fact that Uta might be Shanks’ daughter. Shanks is a major character with a mysterious past so we don’t know whether the information about Uta is true or not, but we are going to see it in August.

The rest of this article is going to further introduce Uta, Shanks’ supposed daughter to you. You are going to find out some details about her, her story, and her importance to the world of One Piece. We are going to give you some known biographical details about her, and we are going to answer some questions relating to her role in the story.

Who is Uta, Shanks’s daughter, in One Piece?

Uta is a world-famous diva and a major character in One Piece Film: Red. She is the daughter of Pirate Emperor Shanks. For some reason Uta wants Luffy to retire from piracy. Uta has excellent singing abilities, which are said to take the listener to another dimension, it is unknown if this ability is due to a devil fruit. Thanks to her singing ability, she has gained recognition and fame throughout the world, being a well-known diva, and attracting a large audience to her performances.

Is One Piece Film: Red Canon?

Sadly, this is all we know about Uta at this moment. She is an original character that is set to debut in the movie, so we don’t have any sources to draw from. We know that Uta is going to play a major role in the movie but in what way and how – we still don’t know yet.

Is Uta really Shanks’ daughter?

The question of whether Uta really is Shanks’ daughter is closely related to whether One Piece Film: Red is canon or not. If the movie is not canon, then the situation is quite clear – Uta won’t be Shanks’ daughter and it will all turn out to be a trick played on us by Oda and the guys who edited the trailer. There is no way that Oda would create an (alternative) timeline where Shanks has a daughter and then not make it canon.

If the movie proves to be canon, then Uta might just be Shanks’ daughter. This, of course, doesn’t have to happen even if it turns our that the movie is canon, but the chances are certainly bigger. So, how likely is it that the movie’s canon?

The recent manga revelations about Luffy and his Devil Fruit changed our perception of the One Piece canon in a major way. In addition to that, Shanks is a very enigmatic character and we really do not know much about him in the first place. This means that his story is certainly open to interpretations and it is possible for the movie to be canon.

With the recent success of the Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen movies, both of which are canon, One Piece might also be heading in previously uncharted territories, which might work out for the best for everyone.

What does Uta look like?

Uta is a youthful-looking woman with long white hair on her left side and red hair on her right; the colors are perfectly separated in the middle. Her hair is arranged in two long tails with two circular braids at the end; these circular braids are also seen on the top of his head. Her eyes are purple and her left eye is hidden by her hair. It is sometimes seen with a pair of feathered wings on the back: pink right, and white left.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. She wears a short white dress that ends at the top of her thighs; the dress has a ruffled neckline and a black bow and buttons in the middle. On his left arm, he wears a light blue sleeve that covers his entire arm. He also wears headphones on his ears. In one of the posters in the film, he was also shown wearing a multicolored jacket with numerous scattered designs.

What is Uta’s role in One Piece Film: Red?

At this moment, we don’t really know much about the plot of One Piece Film: Red. Namely, the movie is not going to be a direct tie-in to the manga, but an original story that will see the Straw Hats participate in a “music festival” on a yet unidentified island. As you can see for yourselves, nothing has been officially revealed, which also means that information on Uta is quite scarce.


Is One Piece Film: Red Canon?

As for her role, it was initially revealed a new female character will also appear in the film, which, as Oda said, was a departure from the older male characters who had starred as villains in four of the last five films. The teaser poster showed the woman, who appeared to be a resident of Sky Island, in a strange costume, while the trailer confirms that she was, indeed, going to be the villain of the movie.

The second trailer revealed more information about the female villain, Uta, who seems to be Shanks’ daughter. As far as we know, the two of them were very close, and she became depressed when he left her. This is probably going to be the main narrative trigger for the film, but we still don’t know much about it so we cannot speculate.

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