Shanks vs Kaido: Who Is Stronger and Who Would Win?

Shanks vs Kaidou: Who Is Stronger and Who Would Win?

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The Four Emperors (Yonko) in One Piece are considered to be among the most powerful characters in the whole franchise. Their roster didn’t change much over the years, and they are considered to be a formidable force by practically everyone. In this article, we are going to compare two of the Emperors, Shanks and Kaido to determine who the stronger one is and who would win.

Shanks and Kaido are equally strong, which has been acknowledged by Kaido in the manga. Since we haven’t really seen Shanks fight, it is possible that his powers might surpass Kaido’s but we don’t know that yet.

The rest of this article will further elaborate on the above-given answer, as we are going to compare Shanks and Kaido in more detail. Through several categories, you are going to see who the stronger of the two is and why our answer is like it is.

Origins & Overview

Shanks’ actual abilities remain largely unknown, as he has yet to be seen seriously engaged in battle. However, as a member of the Four New World Emperors, his raw physical power is believed to be immense, and he is known to be one of the four most powerful pirates in the world.

Shanks did not fear Whitebeard, the strongest man in the world, and even had enough strength to stand against him, while some pirate captains trembled at the mere mention of his name.

one piece kaido shanks diventano terribili giganti un epica fan art v5 550626

Being one of the Four Emperors, Kaido is one of the most powerful pirates in the world, renowned as “The Mightiest Creature in the World”. He tried to take out Whitebeard’s life, something very few people dared to do, and he crossed swords with Shanks.

He once faced Gecko Moria, one of the 7 Great Corsairs in his prime, and emerged victorious by killing his entire crew. It has also been indicated by the 5 Star Council that Kaido is one of the few people able to kill Blackbeard. Emperor Charlotte Linlin also recognized his strength by declaring to Luffy that he could never defeat this “thing”.

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Since both of them are very powerful characters and members of the Four Emperors, they are equally strong at a glance. We shall, of course, analyze it further through several categories in the remainder of this article, but these points go to both characters.

Point: Both (1:1)

Physical Abilities

Even with only one arm, Shanks has enough power to effectively counter Whitebeard’s naginata with his sword, although the latter was a large man capable of easily overpowering giants and platoons of marines.

With strength alone coupled with the Ambition of the armor, he also defended himself from Sakazuki’s magma fist, although he was powerful enough to kill Ace and severely injure both Jinbe and Whitebeard himself.

Due to his muscle mass, Kaido has enormous physical strength. He managed to capsize nine giant prison ships. Kaido is powerful enough that his simple cry caused visible damage to the area around him.

And while both are truly strong, it is obvious that Kaido is more physically imposing just by looking at him, which is why this point goes to him.

Point: Kaido (2:1) Shanks

Devil Fruit

Shanks is the only one among the Four Emperors that doesn’t have Devil Fruit powers, as he has never eaten one; from what we can gather, it seems that Shanks never had any desire to eat a Devil Fruit whatsoever.

Kaidou27s Dragon Form

Kaido ate the Uo Uo no Mi, Seiryu model, a Mythical Zoan type Devil Fruit that allows him to transform into an oriental dragon, in the same way as Momonosuke, the main difference being that Kaido has a gigantic size in dragon form and he seems to be in control of his transformations.

He can’t maintain that appearance, however, if he takes too many powerful blows to follow like the ones Luffy landed on him. He is also capable of causing lightning by roaring loud enough. Kaido has also been shown to be able to lift the entire island of Onigashima and appears to be able to move it to the Flower Capital.

This point certainly goes to Kaido, since he possesses a Devil Fruit, unlike Shanks. But, despite us giving this point to Kaido, you have to consider the fact that Shanks is on his level, despite not having a Devil Fruit, which speaks for itself.

Point: Kaido (3:1) Shanks


Shanks can use all three types of Haki. Even Whitebeard complimented him on his Haki when he used it during his “visit”. He demonstrated the use of the Haki of Kings and the Haki of Armament.

Shanks can use Haoshoku Haki. His ability to use Haoshoku was first brought up shortly after his creation, using Haoshoku’s intimidating factor to scare off a Sea King with just one angry look. Shanks is very good at Busoshoku Haki. During the Marineford Summit War, his haki-riddled sword easily blocked Akainu’s magma-enhanced blow. strong enough to burn more powerful enemies like Ace, Jinbe, and even Emperor Whitebeard. Shanks has the ability to use Kenbunshoku Haki.

Shanks27 Haoshoku Haki

Kaido masters the Haki of Observation and the Haki of Armament. He also masters the Haki of Kings, as he has shown during his fight against Charlotte Linlin, another user of this Haki.

Now, while both have almost identical abilities in this aspect, we give this point to Shanks because the power of his Haki is above that of Kaido’s Haki; in fact, Shanks is possibly the most powerful Haki user in the franchise.

Point: Shanks (2:3) Kaido


So far, Shanks has only wielded a sword in combat. His sword, Grifon, is a large saber with a single edge blade. Shanks has wielded three different swords at difShanks is usually depicted with a sword.

Although his use was only briefly displayed, the fact that he was able to match a Whitebeard hit with just one arm is a clear indication of the strength of his attacks. Shanks is also powerful enough to stop Akainu’s Magma Fist using his sword and the Armament Haki.

Mihawk is classified as the greatest swordsman in the world, and Shanks is a former rival of the latter which makes it possible to judge his mastery of the weapon. Shanks appears to have favored the use of his left arm before losing it, as we always see holding his sword with his left hand during flashbacks. He is presumed to have been left-handed.

Shanks Bringing Out His Sword

Kaido has a Kanabō, which is suitable for his height; in conjunction with his immense strength, he was able to use it to send one of his subordinates out of his lair and onto Luffy. His known weapons techniques include Raimei Hakke, Hakai, and Kozanse.

And while both are enormously powerful, Shanks’ swordsmanship skills are on par with Mihawk’s and Zoro’s, which makes him one of the most formidable fighters in the whole franchise, and certainly more skilled than Kaido in this aspect.

Point: Shanks (3:3) Kaido

Shanks Vs. Kaido – Who Would Win?

Shanks vs Kaidou: Who Is Stronger and Who Would Win?

As you can see, the score is tied and we honestly think that this is the best assumption at this moment. Namely, Kaido himself has stated that Shanks is one of the few people that could fight him on equal terms, and their encounters in the franchise never showed Kaido’s superiority over Shanks.

The main issue is that we don’t know much about Shanks’ true powers, so he might even be stronger than Kaido, but since he’s on equal terms without anyone knowing the true extent of his powers, we are certain that he is very, very powerful.

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